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NRG is a uniquely distinct entertainment company with unmatched talent, showmanship, business professionalism, and long standing experience. They have been performing worldwide for over a decade. NRG covers an enormous range of musical styles, offers continuous entertainment, customized theme shows, and configurations for every type of event, large or small. A professional and personal approach to entertaining is what makes every show spectacular. NRG shares your high standards and cares about your audience. It’s clear when you experience the excitement, camaraderie, and cohesiveness of our performances. On and off stage, the warmth and energy exuded toward you and your guests is unparalleled. You won’t find any egos, eccentricity or attitudes… just a genuine love of entertaining, an abundance of talent, and the ability to make your event completely amazing. From Outstanding Band to Breathtaking Orchestra, or Specialized Theme Shows, NRG will have your guest shouting rave reviews for years to come!

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