Night Years did an amazing job! They were so much fun and had the crowd dancing and singing the entire time. This is our second time hiring them and they did not disappoint. We love them!! Thanks for your help!

-Mary Margaret U.-

The Hotel Concord
Concord, NC
Oct 29, 2022

OH MY WORD!!! We loved this band. From start to finish they were electric! They interacted with the attendees and made it fun. The group arrived on time, were set and ready to go at start time. Everyone attending loved them. We want to have them back next year. Bob was great in communication and with details.

-Gail Stephenson-

Marriott Hotel
Raleigh, NC
Oct 15, 2022

The band was GREAT! The family was OVER the top happy with them and their final song of the night “Don’t Stop Me Now” was EPIC!

-Abby F.-

Lowndes Grove
Charleston, SC
Aug 27, 2022

It was an absolute pleasure working with Night Years. They were flexible, talented, and nice! Kept the dance floor FULL the entire night and made for a super fun evening.

-Robin Blazing & Evan Murray-

May 29, 2022

We have used Night Years for almost all of our company spring parties. They bring the whole package of very talented musicians and high energy. Without hesitation, I would recommend them for any event you want to have people dancing, singing along and having a great memorable experience.

-Blum Inc-

Corporate Event
Carrigan Farms
Mooresville, NC
Apr 30, 2022

This band was AMAZING and provided a great experience for our students! They were very easy to work with and we would love to have them back again!

- Adrian - Elon University-

Elon University, Great Hall
Elon, NC
Apr 09, 2022

Night years were AMAZING!!! We had so much fun with them and received compliments on them all night long!! If you want to have a party you need this band!! They made our reception a success!!! Thank you for everything!


Apr 10, 2021

I am so grateful that my friend recommended Night Years as our wedding band. I honestly don't know where to start - being a bride in 2020 I never imagined I could actually have a wedding. Honestly, I was basing a lot of it on the band and whether they were willing and able to perform during such a crazy time. They did, and they absolutely knocked it out of the park! Bob was the BEST! He managed everything leading up to the wedding, and I'm pretty sure him and my Dad became best friends. Keaton was an excellent M.C. and singer, he has the best stage presence! Shavona absolutely killed it with the vocals. My friends and I were mesmerized at the 9-piece band and how every single individual was so damn talented. Every single wedding guest was on the dance floor all night. Thank you all so much for making me feel like a normal bride in 2020. I am forever grateful... and if my husband approves we're hiring you again for our anniversary.


Aug 15, 2020

They were a ten!


Debutante Party
Nov 26, 2019

Night Years was absolutely fantastic. They were generous enough to learn three songs for us (all of which were perfect) and had absolutely amazing energy the whole night. Several guests came up to us and said how spectacular the band was. Thank you all SO much for the perfect night. Also, Bob was a pleasure to work with. This team is the best

-Liz D.-

Aug 31, 2019

This is a great band! They kept us dancing all night long. Everyone was on the dance floor at least once (including our grandparents). Thank you all again, it was amazing

-Courtney G.-

Jun 22, 2019

As we approach our first anniversary, i think its time we formally thank you for being the best band ever. Now, we are a pretty fun group, but we couldn't have achieved the title of 'Best Wedding Ever' without you. Y'all brought the energy, excitement, good tunes & even got our uncoordinated family and friends on the dance floor. Matt and I had an absolute blast and felt like rockstars sharing the floor and stage with you. You are incredibly talented. Thank you for making our wedding spectacular. BTW, our friends got engaged a week later and when they found out you were already booked, they changed the date. So, see y'all in Charlottesville June 15th!

-Shannon & Matt-

Bride & Groom
Jun 01, 2019

The band was great!! Everyone enjoyed the band and had a great time!!

-Kristin M.-

Apr 27, 2019

As Father of the Bride, watching my daughter enjoy her special day will be something I will always cherish. I want to thank you and your band for putting the “icing on the cake”. I had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed the music and their interaction with your band. You even got my brother up there, when you performed “We are family”. My sister-in-law said it had been 20 years since he had been on the dance floor, even if it was just coming out and raising his cane. Also, I appreciate you “sharing” the stage with our family and friends. Be assured, if ever asked about needing a band for an event you will be on the top of that list. If you ever need a reference, would be happy to sing your praises.

-Jim S.-

Father of the Bride
Mar 30, 2019

I can't say enough positive things about having Night Years at our wedding. Working with Bob, the band leader, was easy and like talking to an old friend. I could tell he was genuinely interested in our "wants" for the wedding and was in to the details of how the reception would go. As for the reception performance- absolutely AMAZING. The group are entertainers- not just musicians. The set list, the sound, the lighting and the atmosphere was beyond our expectations. They put on an absolute show that had the dance floor full and people of all ages rocking along with them. If I had to go back and hire a band for a wedding, I'd hire Night Years every single time. The feedback from our friends and family has been all positive, with some friends already booking them for a future wedding. Easily one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process

-Thomas S.-

Jan 12, 2019

We LOVED Night Years!! They truly made our wedding an unforgettable night, and our guests could not stop talking about them throughout the reception. We appreciated that they listened to our comments regarding the types of songs we would prefer, and the song mix was exactly what we were hoping for. Our first dance song, which they learned for us, was BEAUTIFUL. The Band was fun and lively and kept the party going until the end. They were very personable and nice people, even sharing a drink with us at the end. I would HIGHLY recommend Night Years to any bride and groom looking for a fun and talented group to bring their reception to another level!!


Nov 03, 2018

Jay and I are flying back from our honeymoon today and reminiscing about all of the fun we had at the wedding! We could not be more grateful that we had Night Years as our band. You were all so great to work with, and our friends haven’t stopped raving about how much they enjoyed the music and the atmosphere you created. We really can’t thank you enough! We hope your summer gets off to a great start, and hopefully we’ll see you around at some more events in the area. Take care!

-Michelle & Jay-

Bride & Groom
May 26, 2018

Night Years certainly exceeded all expectations and then some. They made the reception unforgettable and it would not have been the same without them. They were professional from start to finish and extremely friendly. Everybody kept asking “Where did you find these guys?!?”. We will definitely recommend ECE, and you in particular, to anyone and will reach out when we need bands in the future. I cannot say enough about how awesome Night Years was! Thank you all your help with everything. All the best

-Greg and Emilee C.-

May 12, 2018

Bob, Keaton + team = Stars of the show! Thank you for providing the ultimate level of entertainment. The guests were RAVING about the band all night. I have never received so many compliments! I look forward to hopefully working with you all again soon. PS. Keaton, all the girls were in love...


Bride & Groom
May 05, 2018

Night Years did a phenomenal job. I keep getting compliments on how much fun the band was at our wedding! I was so impressed that they performed our first dance song live. It made it so much more special. We could not have been more pleased with Bob as well. He was so helpful! They're such a fun group and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Rebecca did such a great job recommending them to us when I talked with her last April about which band to hire. ECE was very easy to work with and I'm very thankful for helping my wedding run smoothly in regards to entertainment. Thank you again

-Kelsie P.-

Apr 28, 2018

Night Years was fantastic! They kept our guests on the dance floor all night and certainly exceeded our expectations. We are still hearing from people about how great the band was. We would definitely recommend Night Years and ECE to others in the future. Thanks so much for all your help throughout the process!

-Gracie C.-

Apr 28, 2018

The band was wonderful! So much fun and everyone was dancing! My only wish is we could have had more time on the dance floor to enjoy them! Their set-up added to the party atmosphere and the band members were so talented, fun and professional! Thanks for all your help in coordinating for Nick and Emily. It was a great day and even better party!

-Madison E.-

Wedding Planner
Apr 07, 2018

Oh my goodness! Night Years was one of the BEST BANDS we have ever booked through ECE! They were WILDLY POPULAR with the attendees. And – just as important – nice to work with. We always get great entertainers through ECE, but Night Years was 100% fantastic with every song they sang. As always, Barry and ECE were wonderful to work with. I know that Night Years will get some future bookings from the managers attending the event. Please tell the band that everyone absolutely loved them.

-Patricia C.-

Country Club Manager
Mar 24, 2018

Night Years was incredible. They had so much energy, worked the crowd and were perceptive to what our guests (and the groom and I) would enjoy hearing. We actually still have guests reaching out to us weeks after the wedding to tell us how much they enjoyed the band. Also, their lights system was pretty spectacular. It really added to the ambience and energy of the night. Overall, they kept the dance floor full and fun the whole night, which was our ultimate goal and vision for our reception. And I appreciated that a few of the band members gave us a call a couple nights before the wedding to talk through everything and make sure we were all on the same page. I loved how they worked with us on the “flow” of the night and were accommodating in the number, length and timing of their breaks. They even were willing to try something that was a special request to do a saxophone procession from the reception venue to the “after party” venue, which was a huge hit with our guests. And if that isn’t enough, the lead male vocalist stopped by our “after party” and provided the groom and I with Night Years swag! Overall, we couldn’t have been happier with Night Years and working with East Coast Entertainment. We knew we were in good hands from day 1 and that feeling carried all the way through until the end of the reception and beyond. Thanks again for everything, Rebecca. You were a gem to work with and we appreciate all your efforts over the past year.

-Ashley H.-

Mar 03, 2018

The ABSOLUTE best decision we ever made! NIGHT YEARS. Rebecca, thanks for guiding us to this band. They were simply PHENOMENAL. All ages, on the dance floor, all night long. We had a 94 y.o. & 90 y.o. stay until the end. Love, Love, Love this BAND.

-Jean C.-

Feb 24, 2018

DUDE!!! They were AMAZING!!! People cannot stop talking about them. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people we have told about you and them, it was perfect. Working with you, as well as them, was the best decision we made, and really put the exclamation point on our wedding. I will DEFINITELY be recommending you to everyone I can think of. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us. And working with Night Years was so easy, it was like we didn’t have to do anything. And they played NON STOP from the start of our reception to the very end with ZERO breaks. The dance floor wasn’t even big enough for everyone. They had everyone there dancing the entire time. If you need my recommendation for them to anyone, or to you, I would be happy to let a potential client know how happy we were that we chose you as well as Night Years. Thank you so much again!

-Brian C.-

Jan 27, 2018

Just wanted to you know the band was totally amazing!! We had such a great time! Would definitely have them again.

-Amy O.-

Corporate Event
Dec 09, 2017

Night Years did a fantastic job, and Bob Craig was really proactive and easy to work with. I appreciate the support from you and Rebecca, and will certainly be in touch for future band gigs.

-Kathy W.-

Event Planner
Oct 28, 2017

Night Years was absolutely awesome. They really brought it and we're GREAT. We received so many compliments about them and since the wedding many have asked the name of the band because they wanted to book them. They were the best wedding/party band I've ever seen and heard, everyone had a blast and they kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night. Thank you!!

-Tom H.-

Sep 15, 2017

Night Years was fantastic. Lots of people asking who they were, and how great they were. Played a wide variety of songs and hits, and was a great event. Would definitely use them again. And the band was very easy to work with and kind. We’ll let you know about the next event. Take care!

-Robb B.-

Aug 26, 2017

Y’all are incredible! Literally the party did not stop the whole time. The entire time, everyone was so full of energy. We could not have asked for anything more. Compared to every other band we’ve had in 4 years, THERE IS NO COMPARISON. Y’all brought the life with every song! Oldies, newbies, songs we haven’t heard before. Y’all were awesome. We’re gonna ask you back every time!

-McCall B.-

School Event
Apr 22, 2017

They were uh-maZING!! We got there just in time to see about 30 minutes of their last set and we were blown away by their sound and energy. We are so excited to book them for our wedding!

-Ashley H.-

Bride To-Be
Apr 22, 2017

Man - you TORE it up at our party!!!! Even today, I'm still hearing about all the fun employees had. It really was the best party we have ever had and alot of that is thanks to the energy from the band's performance.

-Gail B.-

Corporate Event
Apr 15, 2017

The band was so amazing and such a huge hit! They definitely were the star of the event and a lot of girls said it was their favorite Alpha Phi event they've been to. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

-Hannah K.-

School Event
Apr 12, 2017

WOW! Talk about a show band! Everyone enjoyed them - so talented!

-Dawn F.-

Corporate Event
Apr 04, 2017