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Size & Elements:

5 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, Lead Male Vocalist, Keys, Guitar/Bass, Drums. Available Add-Ons: Horns, Vocalist, DJ.

Additional Musicians Available
Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)
Ceremony Music
Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music
Offers Continuous Live Music

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artist bio:

Moon Dance is an ensemble of exciting entertainers who will make your event a spectacular success! From swing to disco and all points in between, Moon Dance has a song list that will entice all of your guests onto the dance floor and keep them there.

Moon Dance is truly a group of all-star professionals. Audrey and Kayla comprise the frontline of this talented band. Add in some of Atlanta’s most seasoned musicians, and you have a group that cannot be matched in range, style, or impeccable harmony.

Moon Dance will work closely with you to tailor their performance and presentation. Every detail, from appropriate attire, to special requests, to announcements and event coordination will be planned and managed so that you can enjoy the party along with your guests stress-free.

Whatever the occasion, be assured that Moon Dance will create an exciting and memorable event for you and your guests.

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