The band was absolutely incredible!! One of our favorite parts about the wedding for sure. They killed it and we will be recommending them to everyone. :)

-Taylor K.-

South Eden Plantation
Thomasville, GA
May 06, 2023

The band was amazing! We received so many compliments from our guests. The three female lead singers brought so much energy to the party. The dance floor was crowded after dinner until the party had to stop. We were so happy with our choice of ECE and Momentum.


Apr 17, 2021

Ellie, The band was amazing! We received so many compliments from our guests. The three female lead singers brought so much energy to the party. The dance floor was crowded after dinner until the party had to stop. We were so happy with our choice of ECE and Momentum.


Apr 17, 2021

Absolutely AMAZING!!!! The sweetest group and also the best all around time!!! I could not of asked for a better experience!!!!


Dec 05, 2020

Momentum Party Band was excellent!! Theo and his team were professional, so talented and a pure pleasure to work with. The crowd loved the show, and the band kept them dancing all night!! If you want a good time, book this band!


Sumter, SC
Jul 11, 2020

The band was great & we had many compliments!! They were energetic & reacted well with the audience. A big thumbs up !!!

-John T-

Event Planner
Dec 07, 2019

They were FABULOUS People never left the dance floor The band were very engaged with the crowd which made it even more fun. I’d highly recommend them.

-Cathy P-

Mother of the Bride
Nov 16, 2019

Wow- what a night- MPB did not disappoint!! Theo and all the band members were easy to work with and cared about what we wanted! They knew exactly what to play and when play it! The dance floor was full all night and the last set was over the top! We can not recommend them enough! Thank you MPB for making this special night even more special!

-Sarah B-

Mother of the Groom
Nov 02, 2019

Y'all were awesome! Just the band my daughter wanted and handled our "special" dance exactly as we wanted it. I would highly recommend you to anyone that really wanted to have a good time.

-Brooks B.-

Father of the Bride
Jun 08, 2019

Momentum Party Band was terrific. Playlist was great. Really loved the way they engaged with the guests. We received a lot of compliments about the band from our guests. Would definitely recommend them to others.

-Ed I.-

Event Planner
May 18, 2019

THIS BAND!!!!! I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’m telling you, this band is an amazing wedding band! They know how to read the crowd and work the crowd. The lead singer dude was actually on the dance floor with his mic bringing it. And the three sassy diva back up singers had it going on too. I mean, can I just be a back up singer?! We had a fun group of people, but Momentum Party Band really brought the party. People whom I have never seen on the dance floor were out there boogieing away. So if your looking for a good time on the dance floor... book them right this minute. Highly, highly recommended!

-Laura J.-

May 04, 2019

They were FANTASTIC!! I have heard so many comments on just how awesome they were. Absolute perfection. Theo was wonderful to work with as well. Will book again and spread the word to others about how awesome they were!!


Event Planner
Mar 16, 2019

They were awesome!! Many people asked about the band and I handed out a lot of business cards. The kids said it was the best winter formal they have ever had. The party always shuts down early because we don’t allow alcohol, but they loved the band!!!

-Ashleigh L.-

Beta Sigma Chi Winter Formal
Dec 22, 2018

I just wanted to shoot a quick email expressing the upmost satisfaction my husband and I got from having Momentum Party Band as our wedding band. From the start, Theo was such a joy to work with. We had a few phone calls beforehand, and he worked with us to make our set list and choreographed first dance perfect! He also kept the band going all night long, and I had about 20 guests saying they were the best wedding band they had ever seen. They honestly were a big part of why I enjoyed my wedding so much, and I just thought you should know :)

-Ronna R.-

Bride & Groom
Oct 27, 2018

Excellent, Tremendous, Spot On, So Fun, and most important...the Bride and Groom had the best time.

-Rest H.-

May 13, 2017

The band was fantastic! Theo was very attentive to every detail. We have had so many people tell us how much fun they had, and the dance floor was still full at the end of the night. They helped us give the bride and groom the evening we all hoped it would be. Thanks for your help with getting them there!


Apr 29, 2017

I just wanted to let you know what a positive response we have gotten from Momentum Party Band's performance at prom last night. The students had such a wonderful night. Thank you for helping to provide wonderful entertainment last night with the band, caricature artists, and mimes!

-Amy M.-

High School Prom
Apr 22, 2017

The Momentum Party Band was awesome. We received lots of great comments, and Theo was a pleasure to work with on the details. I'll write a comment on the web page, and be sure to give you a referral if the opportunity arises.


Father of The Bride
Mar 18, 2017

They were great! They are so easy to work with, really, really nice people. The last set, they really picked it up and were awesome - really awesome - no one has mentioned anything other than they loved them. They are just so nice and so easy to work with - a delight. And the dance floor was packed during the last set.....EVERYONE out there!

-Ann B.-

Wedding Planner
Feb 11, 2017

We want to extend our sincere thanks for getting our guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor Saturday evening!  Your performance was wonderful and our guests were incredibly complimentary.  We appreciate your flexibility with the change in timing of the program and thank you for putting one a fantastic show.  

We enjoyed working with you and thank you for your part in making our event a big success!


Oct 22, 2016

They were great. The client was very happy. Theo is super pleasant to work with. I hope I can get them some more business - they made it very easy.

Thanks for all of your help!

-Laura Lyn-

Wedding Planner
Oct 08, 2016

The band was great in every way. The tent they had requested did not show up and they were very gracious about the mix-up. Thanks so much for everything that East Coast did to contribute to a fantastic wedding celebration. 


Mother of the Bride
Jun 11, 2016

We LOVED Momentum Party Band!!  They had the dance floor packed all night.  My daughter and her husband were up on the stage dancing and the guests were having the best time all night.  I had many people asking who the band was and where they were from.  The band was very important to us because Darby and Tommy love to dance as do their friends.  They also learned a number for the first dance and did a great job.  Both my daughter and I spoke with Theo several times and he could not have been nicer! The band played during cocktail hour (a trio) and was a totally different feel but did an excellent job of that as well....exactly what we wanted and more!!  Couldn't be happier.  Thanks to Ted for all his work.  Please pass on to him!  I plan on posting a note to the bands  Facebook page as well.


Father of the Bride
Tampa, Florida
Mar 05, 2016

The Momentum Band was great-  so nice and easy to deal with and great music-  they will get other jobs in Mobile-  the adults there were talking about them for Mardi Gras events and the teenagers at the ball loved them.


School Ball
Fort Whiting Armory
Mobile, Alabama
Jan 23, 2016

The Momentum Party Band did an Excellent job at my daughter's wedding last night. They were very easy to work with and kept the crowd going all night long. We received many compliments during the night on our choice of the band and how Awesome they were. If you need a Band for any type event..this is the Band to Pick!!!! Thank you Momentum Party Band for helping make my Daughters Special night a Huge Success.. Thank you Steve Harry for guiding us in their direction. Will definetly recommend you to all our friends.. You helped make it a night to never forget for the new Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Lamb


Great Band - Mother of the Bride
Sacred Heart
Augusta, Georgia
Jan 09, 2016

The band was great! The dance floor was crowded all night long. The only complaint I heard was that there were no slow songs! Imagine!

Seriously, although I hardly got to talk to them, they were polite, professional & performed beautifully!


Wedding Planner
Savannah Golf Club
Savannah, Georgia
Oct 10, 2015

Momentum was great!  Everybody loved them.  And they were wonderful to work with.  I would recommend them VERY highly to anyone looking for a wedding band.


Oct 11, 2014

Hi Scott and Steve - Thanks so much for your email. Momentum was a wonderful choice for our wedding. They touched base with us several times throughout the evening to make sure that the entertainment was what we were looking for...really great people. Everyone had a great time. They learned \"Islands in the Stream\" for us! Thanks again for reaching out and for recommending them!

Kim T. (Oct. 26th, 2011)


Jan 01, 2013

The event coordinator we had did a horrible job. He was suppose to announce the people as they entered and some other things but I think he just forgot. The good news was the band took over and did the introductions and everything was perfect. They were one of the best bands I\'ve seen at a wedding in while and everybody gave a ton of compliments about a job well done. My sister and her husband were extremely pleased. If you ever need a recommendation or anything feel free to let someone shoot me an email and I\'ll definitely contact you in the future with band concerns.



Jan 01, 2013

Thank you for a great night of entertainment! Momentum played for my retirement party that was held at Morgan Creek Grill on the Isle of Palms, SC on October 16th. The music was perfect, from the softer tunes played while people were eating, to all the great dance tunes you played when people were ready to dance.

My wife, Cynthia, and I have been questioned countless times about where we got the band. We have given out your contact information numerous times, so I do hope that it brings you some more bookings. Everyone we spoke to loved your music, and we could not have been more delighted with your choice of songs, or with the enthusiasm shown by your band. Momentum puts on a great show!

Thank you for a great night and we look forward to hearing Momentum in the future..

Phil A.
October 16th, 2010


Retirement Party
Jan 01, 2013

They were so Good!!!! Everyone had a great time and did not want to leave. Thanks for the suggestion and all of your help. I handed out a lot of business cards too so hopefully they will be back in this area again. I am putting all of there info in the book for next year. Thanks Again!!

Mary Beasley S.
Social Chairperson, Kappa Delta


Fraternity Event
Jan 01, 2013

It was a wonderful party, and we enjoyed Momentum very much. I would recommend them to others. I appreciate your help!

Gayle B.
St. Simons Cotillion Club


Jan 01, 2013

Hey Steve,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. The band was AWESOME. All of our guests had a blast. I would be happy to be a recommendation should you need one.


Tim K. (March 15th, 2013)
Country Club Event


Country Club Event
Jan 01, 2013

Hi Steve,
I left you an exuberant voicemail about Momentum band. They were terrific. Throughout the party, people were coming up to me to say how great the band was. I thought they had terrific energy and sounded great. They were perfect and Theo was more than willing to work with us with special numbers. It was a wonderful wedding with an enthusiastic party and a terrific band that channeled all of the good feelings of the wedding into a fun-filled wedding reception. Thank you for your help in getting Momentum for us.
Alice B. (Aug 25th, 2012)


Jan 01, 2013

Married life is going well. We just got back from a two week cruise in the Mediterranean, so I'm still trying to get caught up from being jet lagged. The band was great! Everyone loved them. We couldn't have asked for a better entertainment. Both EastCoast and Momentum were very easy to work with and we were very pleased! I will definitely keep you all in mind whenever any of my friends are needing any bookings.

Thank You,

Patrick C. (July 14th, 2012)


Jan 01, 2013

Hi Teddy- Thank you so much for everything. Momentum was amazing and made the night so much fun. You can always tell how good a party was by the crowd on the dance floor. Judging from your pictures, I think everyone had a magnificent time.

Where are we able to write a glowing recommendation? Will East Coast send to us? We want to fill out for you all.


Bridgett M. (May 4th 2013)


Jan 01, 2013