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Mixtape ATL

Size & Elements:

7 to 10 piece band.

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artist bio:

MIXTAPE, has made quite a name for themselves time-hopping all over the Southeast and captivating audiences with their stirring live performances. The band has become known for their “Las Vegas” style shows themed to an era of music and painted with production quality that rivals that of any professional touring act. They have performed at just about every concert space, event facility, and festival in the Southeast, thrilling their audiences and helping them jump back in time.

  • Mixtape performs as a 7 to 10 piece band. There is something for every budget.
  • For public show and festivals, Mixtape can perform a tribute to the 60’s thru 90’s with costumes and audience participation. They guarantee to be your “That’s My Jam” band.
  • Whether a corporate event, festival, gala, wedding or private party, Mixtape perform your favorites and guarantee to be the soundtrack of your life!

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