88 Licks Dueling Piano – Mike Renna
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88 Licks Dueling Piano – Mike Renna

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Introducing Dueling Pianos:
Dueling pianos is a sing-along, clap-along, unique musical event and no one can bring it to you like 88 Licks. Staffed by some of the best players in the industry, 88 Licks Dueling Pianos will wow you with the staff’s musical ability, huge repertoires, comic wit and energy. Want to do something unique this year instead of the another dance band? Part music, part comedy and all fun, the team at 88 Licks ensures that every audience member has the time of their life.

No other show is as interactive. The piano players engage the audience at every turn, starting with the song choices. Dueling pianos is an all request show and your guests get to drive. Audience members throw out songs from all genres and time periods and the players knock them out of the park. Sometimes they do a spot on impression, sometimes they do an outrageous interpretation, but in either case, it’s pure entertainment. It doesn’t stop there though. Dueling Pianos is a sing-along show, and they’ll get your guests singing at the top of their lungs. Dancing, stomping and clapping are all hallmarks of the show. Add to that, what we refer to as “call-downs”, which are skits, dances and humorous songs designed to poke fun. Imagine your CEO being coaxed into dancing to “I’m a little teapot” and you’ll start to get the idea. And most importantly, the show is tailored to your audience. It can be as docile or rowdy as fits your event.

The Right Players
After spending years as part of a large family of duelers, Mike Renna hand-picked some of the most talented and most requested players to create 88 Licks. It is that emphasis on the right performers that has made the show so successful and resulted in an exhaustive list of satisfied clients. Our word of mouth business is stronger than the rest and our return business is even stronger.

The Right Gear
Having selected the right players, Mike went to work outfitting the act with the right equipment. 88 Licks travels with full grand piano “shells”, lights and sound. This ensures that the show is visually and aurally top notch every time.

The Right Attitude
Professionalism is a hallmark of 88 Licks in every aspect of our business. Our players show up on time, prepared and enthusiastic, every time. Each player dresses appropriately for the event and is an expert at reading the crowd so that the dialogue is fitting for the style of event.

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