MOD was a big hit with everyone that attended our wedding; they were lively and fun. We really enjoyed the large variety of music the band has at it's disposal. We would recommend MOD to any event that is looking for live music!


The Wilcox Hotel
Aiken, SC
Jan 28, 2023

Where to begin?! My first conversation about song selections went splendidly with David Kitchings. He is knowledgeable, friendly and professional! As the wedding date neared we made a few selection changes…no problem at all. At the last minute we changed the song for last dance - done! I didn’t think they would have the song…silly me, they know EVERY song. Wedding reception night - can I tell you how many people said “Who is that band!” “ What’s the name of this band!” “This is the best band I’ve ever heard!” No, I can’t tell you how many people asked because I lost count! Men of Distinction knocked our socks off! Every member of the band had a really cool vibe and magically connected with the crowd of 350+ I’ve had texts telling me people are SORE from dancing so much. Soul, Hip Hop, Beach, Motown - no matter what Men of Distinction played, our dance floor was packed. What an awesome New Year’s Eve WEDDING for our daughter. THIS IS THE BAND YOU WANT. THIS IS THE. AND YOU NEED.

-Tara B.-

Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club
Dec 31, 2022

They were great!! Everyone had such a good time :)

-Lillie S.-

Gibbes Museum of Art
Charleston, SC
Dec 03, 2022

We loved the Men of Distinction and have heard great things about them from the Gala attendees!

-Brianna S.-

Charleston Marriot
Charleston, SC
Nov 19, 2022

Men of Distinction were simply AMAZING and surpassed our expectations. The bride and groom and our guests are still talking about what an incredible wedding it was and especially the band.

-Jacklynn L.-

Omni Grove Park Inn
Asheville, NC
Jun 26, 2022

I cannot say enough good things about working with Men of Distinction. They were professional, they were kind, gracious, generous, wonderful team players. They made my life easier. At one point I was having trouble getting the guests back in the room and David said, “do you need my help?” he grabbed his trumpet and went outside and played the derby music and those guests were back in the room in less than 30 seconds. I had so many guests come up to me and tell me this was the best wedding band they had ever heard. The couple was positively glowing at the end of the night they had so much fun. It is clear that they have been doing this for a long time, nothing shakes these guys.

-Jacklynn L.-

Omni Grove Park Inn
Asheville, NC
Jun 18, 2022

It was a fantastic wedding and the band added so much to the evening! I don’t think anyone sat down after 8 PM!

-Susan P.-

Mother of the Bride
Citadel Beach House
Mar 26, 2022

Good morning! Men of Distinction was fantastic! They had everyone out on the dance floor the whole night and we received so many compliments on the band! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

-Arrington M.-

Mother of bride
Mint Museum Uptown
Charlotte, NC
Dec 31, 2021

We had the best time with Men of Distinction! They were AWESOME!!! I'm so glad we chose them for our epic party! All of our guests commented on how good they were. Their version of Proud Mary brought the house down and now it has become a new family favorite (and the dance we made up to go with it)! The trumpet and trombone players were crowd favorites as well!! I told the band how much we enjoyed them after the reception, but please let them know our crowd is still talking about them :)! We hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year! We will definitely recommend them to friends and family!

-Kimberli J.-

Mother of the Bride
River Course
Kiawah island, SC
Dec 18, 2021

WOW!!!!! They’re fabulous.....everyone was on the dance floor. Can’t thank you enough for all your help. Wish we could do it all over again this week. Dave was great to work with. Thank you again


Mother of the Bride
Apr 10, 2021

Everything was great! The band did a fantastic job and got rave reviews. They were professional and so easy to work with. I would definitely use them again. The photographers loved them so much she has already recommended them to another of her brides. Many thanks to you for walking a first time mother of the bride through band selection and a pandemic! You made it easy!


Mother of the Bride
Jul 25, 2020

They were amazing!!!!! And you were incredible to work with. Will be recommending to everyone. Thanks so much

-Adry J-

MUSC College of Dental Med.
Jan 17, 2020

Saturday went great, the Men of Distinction were one of the best bands we have had in a while for Formal. Thank you again for all your help with booking them as well as other bands this year, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday season!

-Jessica S-

Event Planner
Dec 14, 2019

WOW! Hard to even begin to explain how INCREDIBLE this band was to work with. Every single step of the process was flawless with them- they are easy to communicate with, have great ideas of what to do, and are absolutely tremendous musicians/performers. This band is sure to make any event or wedding extremely amazing! We heard so many of our guests say that this was the best band they have ever heard at a wedding. They had all of our friends and family out on the dance floor for hours. They also made the two of us feel so special the whole entire night. We are still dancing through our honeymoon thinking of all the great times that this band facilitated during our reception. We feel so lucky to have worked with them. Thanks again!

-Susannah F-

Nov 10, 2019

Men of Distinction was THE MOST amazing addition to our wedding reception. Easy to communicate with, easy to work with and flexible was our experience before the wedding. At the wedding we were BLOWN AWAY by how great this band was. We knew they would be fun from the videos we watched but no idea how awesome they would be in person. Their performance was unbelievable and I danced the entire night with all of my guests. Every single person I spoke to after our wedding said they were the best wedding band and I couldn't agree more. Sound was on point, lights were fantastic, just can't really say enough good things! Thank you Men of Distinction and David for making our reception so memorable and fun!

-Kathleen M-

Oct 19, 2019

Always a pleasure to work with and such a crowd pleaser! Thank you again!


Corporate Event
Oct 27, 2018

The Men of Distinction played for our daughter's wedding reception at the Greenville Country Club in Greenville, SC, this past Memorial Day weekend, May 27. I am writing to thank you for this awesome booking!! I cannot tell you how great they were. And so many of our guests have told us what a super band they were! Please let them know we are so glad to have had them. I can't find Mr. Kitching's phone number or I would tell him myself!! Among other things, they weren't too loud for guests to enjoy the party. And songs were just right; we had a blast!

-Hannah and Mel D.-

Parents of the Bride
May 26, 2018

Everything was great and the band was fantastic. They were the talk of the evening!

-Stacia C.-

Nov 18, 2017

Thank you so much for playing amazing music at our wedding last Friday! The band was phenomenal and made our reception even more special for us and our guests! Everyone has been saying how great y'all were and that no one wanted to leave the dance floor! It's been great working with you throughout this process! Thanks again!

-Katie & Scott-

Bride & Groom
May 20, 2017

Have had the pleasure of witnessing their performances for decades. Had the joy of the Men of Distinction performing at our wedding. Our personal requests were honored ,from downloaded songs played in interim moments ,to our choices from their list being performed in a high energy serendipitous manner. The balance of slow and dance songs were phenomenally sequenced. They even took time to learn my bride's favorite wedding song. Thank all of you for a magical night.

-Kent B-

Charleston, South Carolina
Apr 23, 2017

I just wanted to tell you how amazing you and the Men of Distinction are. We had the BEST time on Saturday because of YOU! Everyone can not stop raving about you and how amazing you all are. I have already referred you to so many people. You are all truly so wonderful. I can not thank you enough for making our day so special.


Apr 01, 2017

They were great and everyone enjoyed themselves. They were very professional and did a great job of interacting with the crowd. The playlist also was good with starting with the older slower songs during dinner and then cranking it up a little after dinner. We still have a problem with getting people to dance till the end but we did have more people on the floor until around 11:20. Thanks for your help and look forward to working with you for next year.

-Park S.-

Let's Dance Social Club
Jan 27, 2017

I am absolutely certain you get this from everyone, but Men of Distinction were absolutely phenomenal and made our wedding!!! They were professional, courteous, fun, engaging, and extremely talented. We must have had 90% of the guests tell us how awesome they were. David took the time to make sure we had songs and genres we were happy with and even let us pick most all of their set list. One guest said it best "these guys aren't just musicians, they're entertainers!!!". Thanks so much for the recommendation and all your help in the process. Our wedding was absolutely perfect and they were a very large part. Have a great week!


May 28, 2016

There is only one word for the band's performance Saturday night: Fabulous! We knew Men of Distinction would deliver based on your confidence in recommending them. Thank you for listening well to what we wanted and for giving us great direction! Men of Distinction was a perfect fit! We love their playlist because they play a wide variety of music genres. They are very engaging of the crowd and they seemed to read the crowd really well. They gave us a terrific dance party which is exactly what the bride and groom wanted! Once the happy couple hit the dance floor, they never left it! We all had a wonderful evening! 

-Jo Beth-

Mother of the Bride
May 14, 2016

Men of Distinction was the best band I could have ever asked for. I attended a wedding a few weeks before that they performed and they were great! I'm not sure if I'm bias, but they were even better at our wedding!! The band members were extremely easy to talk with and get in touch with prior to the wedding date and Dave (I believe was his name) was so helpful in talking through the details. During the wedding the guests were on the dance floor the entire time. I chatted with them during one of their breaks and they were as nice as could be. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a band for an event. 

Parks and I both were so thrilled, we've received multiple calls and texts from friends saying how amazing the night was. It was definitely due to the awesome band and their interaction with the guests and us to make us feel extra special. 

We have nothing but great things to say - thank you Doug for recommending them when we first talked. They did not disappoint! We will be sure to leave a review on the EastCoast Entertainment website, as anyone that is able to have them perform at their wedding or event will be lucky! Let me know if there's another location we can leave a review as well!


Piedmont Club
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Nov 07, 2015

Hello EastCoast Entertainment,

Could you please extend a big thanks to “Men of Distinction”, for the great job they did at the Graham  / Gurysh Wedding reception on October 9th.  They were very professional, entertaining and provided great energy to the wedding celebration!

I did not get to thank them myself, but I believe my wife did get to thank several of the band members. I believe they should have received a nice tip through our wedding planner.


Charleston, South Carolina
Oct 09, 2015

I thought the MOD did a really great job for us. Have seen them several times over the years and this was the best performance of all.  They were on time, pleasant, cooperative and took reasonable breaks.  They played with precision and polish and great energy. But most importantly they seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves and the crowd seemed to sense it and it helped everyone have a really good time.  Many people have commented on how impressed they were with the band.  Money well spent for us.  Thanks for all your help, too.  I will not hesitate to recommend your and the MOD's services in the future.


Social & Member Gala
Charleston, South Carolina
Jan 17, 2015

I just wanted to personally thank you and the rest of the Men of Distinction for putting on such an amazing performance at our wedding on 1/10/15.  You truly transformed the reception into a rocking party, and we all loved every minute of it.  The crowd interaction kept everyone entertained, and the music selection was wonderful - especially loved the Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift!!!!  

We have received SO many compliments on the band, and have even had some inquiries from folks who may be interested in using you in the future!

I know I echo my parent's sentiments as well when I say that we could not be more pleased with the way the evening went.  Thank you and your fabulous band for treating us to such an amazing evening!


Greenville, South Carolina
Jan 10, 2015

They did a terrific job and were perfect for our crowd… David was super to work with and they toned down the sound for the room so no one got blown out… went extremely well for the 100th anniversary in our grand old building.


100th Anniversary of Oglethorpe Club
Savannah, Georgia
Dec 19, 2014

We were SO pleased with Men of Distinction!!! The evening was wonderful in so many ways--the band was such an important part of making it so memorable. We would definitely recommend them AND use them again at a future event!!!

Please give them our best,

-Mary Sue-

Private Party
May 31, 2014

We had Men of Distinction play at our daughter's destination wedding in Charleston last weekend and they were AMAZING! The dance floor was packed all night long. They even played a new song, not on their playlist, for the father-daughter dance and did a great job. I cannot say enough good things about them!

Just wanted you to know.



Mother of the Bride
Oct 05, 2013

When our son got engaged we knew which band to recommend to his fiance's parents. The Men of Distinction made our daughter's wedding reception a memorable event four years ago. They were available and put on the schedule.


Father of the Bride
Sep 14, 2013

The Men of Distinction played a huge role in the fun that was had by everyone. They all are very talented experienced musicians and their female singer is phenomenal!

The band kept people on the dance floor all night long. Everyone, and I mean everyone, had so much fun and gave the band rave reviews!

The Men of Distinction had a lot to do with making the wedding a truly wonderful, fun and memorable event. What an incredible evening of music and joy!!


Mother of the Bride
Pittsboro, North Carolina
Aug 17, 2013

Parents Cocktail went so well. Everyone loved Men of Distinction. They played at our parents cocktail last year and people didn't really remember them because there was no room to dance but, that is not the case this year. I am still hearing fabulous reviews on them. For me, they were very easy to work with, announcing what I needed, when I needed. And for everyone else, they enjoyed that the band interacted with the crowd, including doing silly things such as the can-can. Thanks again for all of your help over the past few months!


Clemson, South Carolina
Jan 01, 2013

Men of Distinction were PHENOMENAL! They were so nice, respectful and professional and were always making sure everything was on time and going smoothly. They were all super nice but David especially was very professional and kind. Can't wait to use them again!


Private Event
Jan 01, 2013

Men of Distinction were beyond fabulous on Thursday!! Everyone raved about them and had such a great time! They really were a smash hit- and perfect for the event! I danced the entire time! Thanks for all of your help and the perfect suggestion for a great band!


College Event
Jan 01, 2013

Men of Distinction performed at our daughter's wedding reception in Sumter on December 27th. They did an incredible job. Not only did the young people enjoy the music & participate until the last song, but the older people as well. David Kitchens called and talked with the bride prior to the wedding regarding her preferences. Their appearance & performance were professional, yet fun. We highly recommend this band. They are perfect for a wedding reception with a diverse age group.


Mother of the Bride
Jan 01, 2013

Men of Distinction - I just wanted to say what a fabulous job you did at our reception. Derek and I have both said how great it was to have such a fun and entertaining band! All of our friends and family (young and old) have raved about your performance. Everyone had the best time. We could not have asked for a better band - as you know music can really make or break a party - you definitely made MADE our reception. We can't thank you enough, but we'll try. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I hope to see you at a friends wedding soon - we will definitely recommend you. : )


Jan 01, 2013

They were fabulous! They had fantastic customer service - checked in with us multiple times before the event started to make sure everything was meeting our needs and they sounded great! The guests really enjoyed themselves.


Charleston Event
Charleston, South Carolina
Jan 01, 2013

As you remember, when giving you my compliments after the party,...... I gave my analogy by telling you that.... "I have seen the seven wonders of the world, the remains of the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Sphinx, the River Nile and the Acropolis. I've been to three goat ropings in Fort Worth, seen the freak shows in Barnum & Bailey's circus, listened to the music in two Ethiopian weddings, and danced with street musicians on Saturday Night in London's Picadilly Circus, but I'm an S.O.B. ...... if I've EVER seen a band as good as the Men of Distinction! They topped off our gala 50th wedding anniversary celebration by making it a spectacular success, with absolutely everyone having more fun than they ever imagined!

They did a great job! I could not have asked for a better band. Nor could I have asked for a better administrative process. Y'all were so easy to get along with. I have dealt with several bands over the years, many of which are demanding, picky, unfriendly, late, etc. You, your company and The Men of Distinction were all great from the beginning to the end. Very professional, yet flexible, friendly, easy going. I would love to work with you again.


50th Wedding Anniversary
Jan 01, 2013

Let me preface this by telling you that I am 54 yrs old and have been to more than my share of parties. Without a doubt, the MOD throw the best reception party that I have ever been to and I have been to lots. They engaged the crowd from the beginning and kept everyone in it to the end. The dance floor was full the entire night. The next day my knees hurt from dancing. At least 10 guests commented that the MOD were the best reception band they had heard and that my daughter's reception was the best party that they had ever attended. We could not be more pleased.


Father of the Bride
Jan 01, 2013

Thank you so much for writing me back. I am in the wedding business and have been to over 100 weddings in the last 4 years and want you to know that the Men of Distinction band is the BEST band I have ever seen at a wedding! Honestly, I have seen A LOT of wedding bands and your quality and fun is untouchable.


Wedding Planner
Nov 10, 2012

EastCoast Entertainment was extremely helpful in targeting which band to get for our July wedding in North Carolina. Based on our venue, number of guests, and preferred music style, they matched us with the band they thought would match our interests best, which ended up being Men of Distinction. They were incredible, and were such an absolute hit at our wedding. They had people dancing all night, and even doing the "Can-Can" at one point- very entertaining group. I appreciate EastCoast's efforts to match us with the perfect band for our wedding.


Jul 20, 2012

They were great, thank you so much! The group loved them and stayed out on the dance floor until the end of the final song. They were such a fun band and David does a great job of keeping the attendees dancing, laughing and having a great time. Thanks again, let them know that we really had a good time. I will keep them in my file and will definitely let colleagues, etc know about them if they're ever in Charleston.



Charleston Event
Charleston, South Carolina
Oct 19, 2011

The band was great and got rave reviews from our guests. The lead singer was especially good. They got the guests involved making for a fun evening. They were perfect for our daughter's wedding reception! Please thank them for us.


Mother of the Bride
Jun 11, 2011

We had a Wedding event July 18, 2009 at the Greensboro Country Club. The band we chose was the Men of Distinction. (We had seen them years before, remembered the horns and how they played great songs.) At the wedding they were simply fabulous.

We printed and looked at their song list on the website. The bride, groom and bride's parents picked the songs we liked. We sent that list to David Kitchings. We made suggestions on the set lengths. We chose songs for the special dances.. first dance, father daughter dance, etc. I even called David a couple weeks before to check in. At that time he said the band had not performed my song choice for the father daughter dance. Then during the call he decided that they were going to practice the song and perform if for us. They did a great job as the professional musicians that they are. Tell David thank you again.

Once the special dances were done the party really started. The dance floor was overflowing ALL NIGHT, except during their breaks.When everyone raved about the band we knew we had made the right choice.

Rodger K.


Wedding/Event Planner
Greensboro, North Carolina
Jul 18, 2009

We loved Men of Distinction! They were so much fun. We have received numerous compliments about the Debutante Ball this year and everyone has commented that the band was the best we have had. I think the usual orchestra type band may be better at the waltz portion of the evening, but if we had not been so rushed to reschedule the event, we could have spent more time working out the presentation details with Men of Distinction. They saved me from what could have been a disaster and made it a wonderful evening to remember!


Carolinian Debutante Club
Aug 01, 2005