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Size & Elements:

8 Piece: Lead Male Vocals, Lead Female Vocals, Guitar/ Lead Vocals, 2 Horns/Vocals, Drums, Bass/Vocals, Keys/Vocals.

Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)

Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

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artist bio:

Men of Distinction’s live performances offer one of the most diverse setlists in the industry. On any given night, you will hear them perform Beach Music, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Country, and Big Band/Swing material. One of their specialties is audience participation. Through careful song selection and skits, the group allows the audience to become a part of the show.

The Men of Distinction have amassed an enviable list of references over the years. They have performed for countless conventions, festivals, weddings and other public and private events. Their 1997 release of the heralded CD “Step It Up and GO” garnered numerous awards including the Song of the Year entitled “It Won’t Be this Way.” At the 1997 CAMMY AWARDS, the CD was voted the best of the year, and the group was voted ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

Men of Distinction offer a polished and diverse show that is appropriate for any event. Whether your tastes are sophisticated, subdued, or wild and crazy, The Men of Distinction are the perfect group for your event!

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