Why Should You Hire Mat LaVore?

-- High-End Magic, Mind Reading, and Hypnosis

Whether you have a small group in a boardroom, or hundreds of people in a large banquet room, your guests and attendees will experience magic that looks like magic, and mind reading that everyone will swear is the real thing. As well, the audience will experience demonstrations of real mystifying hypnosis. Mat LaVore doesn't perform cheesy tricks. He amazes with sophisticated visual magic, mind reading, and hypnosis for the most discerning audiences.

-- Highly Interactive Show

Mat LaVore will give every member of the audience an experience! The audience doesn't just watch the show-they are a part of it from beginning to end.

-- Premium Blend Entertainment

When you hire Mat LaVore, you're not limiting yourself to a performer with only one set of skills for entertaining people. Mat LaVore blends the skills of the magician, the mind reader, and the hypnotist into a unique and entertaining show that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of the entire audience.

-- Corporate Clean Performance

You don't need to worry about any off color humor or embarrassing moments for someone on stage. Mat LaVore provides a clean show and is always respectful of his audience. So audience members can let go and enjoy engaging in the show without any worry of embarrassment.

-- Doing Business With Mat is Easy

Mat will make sure you're comfortable with every step in the process. From booking to follow-up you'll be happy. Mat will arrive early to your event, start on time, and deliver a great performance. You might have a lot of things on your mind the day of your event, but worrying about the entertainment won't be one of them.

-- Money-Back Guarantee

Mat LaVore prides himself on building relationships with his clients, so he's not happy unless you're happy. Mat guarantees your guests will have a great time and will thank you for having him there. If you aren't thrilled with Mat's performance, just let him know and he will refund your money. The only reason he is able to offer such a guarantee is because he is very confident you will love doing business with him. He has never had anyone ask for their money back, and many of his clients hire him year after year.