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From Chicago Illinois, Mars Licciardi has been a full time guitarist, songwriter, singer and musician since the age of 18. With his passion and love for the arts he has made his name in the business working with countless musicians across the country. He has truly built friendships and a community through music that has lasted decades. 

Mars has always been on the cutting edge of newer artists like Beck and Arcade Fire while also embracing the classics like the Beatles and Hall & Oats, to name a few. Mars’ diverse musical interests offer an influence that lends to the unique blending of Rock, Soul and Power Pop. 

Mars brings an impeccable tone and performance to the stage. He has had the honor and opportunity over his career to work with 2 Multi-Platinum/Grammy Award winning producers and share the stage with dozens of national acts performing at some of the Midwest’s premier venues. As a writer and performer, Mars has written 100’s of songs. His work has been featured on an independent film and Non-for Profit documentary. 

In an era of digital music being available at our fingertips, building a connection with the audience is vital. Mars understands and appreciates an audience who unplugs to experience live music and helps them have a fun enjoyable time.
As a versatile guitarist, performer and singer, he is excited for the adventure that Charlotte North Carolina has to offer and the many new opportunities exploring southern artistry.

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