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Hear the Hype

Entertainment so memorable that hundreds of people are still cheering from the stands.

We loved Life of the Party!! And so did all of the guests at our wedding. The dance floor was never empty! The band was extremely talented and very fun! They were also very accommodating and had different musicians to play during our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. It was amazing to not have to worry at all about the music. Jerry was extremely professional and very helpful! Absolutely recommend.

- Beth Southers

(May 06, 2023)

OH MY GOODNESS!! They were fabulous. I was a little nervous but trusted Emily’s team when they suggested the band. Man oh man!!! They were sooo sweet and fantastic!!! My legs hurt from dancing so much.

- Sandy S.

(Nov 05, 2022)

The Schmitz wedding was awesome thanks to Life of the Party! Every band member was very respectful and awesome. We REALLY appreciate all of them and are excited to work with them again.

- Katie O.

(Nov 05, 2022)

The Schmitz wedding was awesome thanks to Life of the Party! Every band member was very respectful and awesome. We REALLY appreciate all of them and are excited to work with them again. Thanks Payton!!

- Katie O'Hara

(Nov 05, 2022)

We are definitely still recovering but Life of the Party was a smashing hit! Every unmarried person there wants them to play for their wedding. One engaged guest asked if they would travel to California next year. They kept the energy level up all night and at the end of the night, the crowd was chanting for one more song! The bride and groom absolutely had the time of their lives. Please pass along to Jerry and the rest of the band how much we appreciate how great they are and all they did to make the night special.

- Beth

(Apr 09, 2022)

This band was the easiest band to work with. Very organized. Your guy on the ground was very helpful and very professional. Jerry, I’ve been in the special events business for 3 decades. You band by far had the best vocals and harmonies I’ve heard in a very long time. The musicians sounded like the original recording, but the vocals were over the top. We were lucky to have one of the best sound engineers I’ve heard. Even your trombone player who came out in the house during sound check agreed that that guy had it ‘tuned in’. His name is Danny, and he works for Hear-See Productions out of NOLA. It was the ‘perfect storm’. Thanks again.!

- Marty

(Dec 31, 2021)

It was fabulous - I'll never recover. Haha! The band was excellent, everyone said so.

- Sallie T.

(Oct 23, 2021)

They were SO happy with the replacement band. The dance floor was packed and everyone had a blast. Elise and Andrew told us they loved them. Thank you so so much for making that happen. We know that involved some last minute scrambling and we so so grateful. We realize without booking through you the scrambling would have happened on our end!

- Modern Vintage Events

(Oct 02, 2021)

We had a fabulous time and loved Life of the Party. Our guests were super impressed with them going for 3 hours straight and said it was one of the best bands they had seen. I really liked how they kept the crowd engaged and played the perfect songs, but it didn't feel like they were trying to make it a concert for themselves. Instead, it just created a perfect fun atmosphere for guests to dance and have a good time. Couldn't recommend them enough!

- Madison

(Jun 05, 2021)

Thank you for reaching out and following up. Life of the Party was the Life of the Party! We can’t say enough good things about their performance. They exceeded our expectations and had compliments from almost everyone in attendance. We were appreciative that they were able to learn the songs we requested in the short period of time. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone, anytime. Please tell all of the band members thank you on our behalf. We will just have to think of another reason to hire them again someday. All the Best

- The Davises

(Oct 26, 2019)

They were FANTASTIC! Played exactly the selection of music we wanted and couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating to our guests. So professional and so much fun. Great recommendation for us and my parents were thrilled!! 

- Mary Margaret

(Oct 08, 2016)


- Lindsay

(Sep 10, 2016)

Terry--I was going to call you....the band was tremendous!  I could not have asked for a better experience.The play list was great, they were polite, professional and engaging.Couldn't ask for a more professional experience.....I hope they felt the same way with our guests...The best quote from a guest is they felt like they were at a wedding concert as everyone was facing the band and dancing with whoever was next to them....Feel free to reach out.Thanks for the follow up.

- Pat B.

(Oct 24, 2015)

The band was fabulous and everyone had a blast including the band I believe. Great partying crowd from the very start until the very end! Having 2 daughters get married within 10 months has about done me in!!!

- Evelyn H.

(Jun 20, 2015)

I LOVE Life of the Party.  Great to work with... all was wonderful!  Thanks for your help!

- Sebrell Smith

(Apr 18, 2015)

I heard many positive comments about the band on Saturday night.  It sure makes my night more fun when I receive that kind of feedback!

- Greg P.

(Feb 07, 2015)

Thank you Mr Roth! They were excellent! In particular that lead singer. I have copied my wife and we will be in touch. Thanks again.

- Hank B.

(Sep 13, 2014)

FABULOUS BAND! It was a great evening - everyone loved the band and wanted to know "who they were"!! My husband was very impressed with their professionalism and desire to please and accommodate. Definitely lived up to their name of "Life of the Party". Thanks for making such a special night for my daughter the best that it could be. We did not want the night to end!! Regards, Julie N. (September 24th, 2013)Mother of the Bride


(Jan 01, 2013)

Dear Jerry, I honestly don't know where to begin. Well, lets start with "Fly Me to the Moon," because that is how high on happiness we were from the beginning of our daughter's reception to the very end. Life of the Party WAS the life of our party this past Saturday evening. From the Bride and Groom's first dance to "Our Love Is Here to Stay," with what appeared to be sung by Louis Armstrong Donna Summer's Last Dance (for the last dance.) every man, woman and child danced for three hours straight which is exactly what we wanted........I have never heard so many inquiries in one place in my life...everyone wanted to know all about you. Every song from every genre was played to perfection! Every musician in the band was completely engaged with our guests. Not only were they the best group of collective talent I have seen in a band in a long time, they were also the most congenial group. Thanks so much for allowing our son, William Moore, to accompany them on bass...he had a blast and felt so privileged to play with such talent and it meant so much our daughter, the bride!!! The ladies in the band were so kind to say..."We're taking Willie back to Atlanta!" Thanks for being a part of our memorable evening...for treating us like family and adding an extra beat of joy to every step we took that night. My best to you always. And please please pass this on to Reather...the best band leader ever!!! Thanks for listening to our every request and delivering it to perfection. You guys can do it all! Music makes the night...thanks for making ours. Simply unforgettable. My best to all of you.Becky M. (October 5th, 2013)Mother of the Bride


(Jan 01, 2013)

Oh my gosh- they were fabulous! They quickly got the crowd engaged; great songs; we heard rave reviews from everyone there!Thanks for the recommendation!Anne B. (November 30th, 2013)Debutante Ball


(Jan 01, 2013)

Hi, Rick!The band was fabulous! Ali and Ben, family and friends had a great time dancing the night away! I would definitely recommend the band to anyone! Thanks for all you did to make the wedding reception so much fun!Rae W. (May 3rd, 2014)Mother of the Bride


(Jan 01, 2013)

Life of the Party was just outstanding last Saturday night. Everyone commented on how great they were. The Driving Club just rocked! Please thank the band for me.Tom M. (May 10th, 2014)Country Club Event


(Jan 01, 2013)

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