Leggz was fabulous. Doug was extremely engaging with the crowd and quickly was calling people on stage by name. The dance floor was packed nonstop for five hours, even during his very in frequent breaks.

-Mike A.-

Jun 10, 2017

LEGGZ were a total hit. I'm really happy with everything they did, the dance floor was amazing all night long. They also exceeded expectations in learning the first dance, father-daughter, and mother-son dances despite us giving them our choices pretty late in the game. They had great energy and had all our guests, young and old, having a great time. I think a few people asked for their contact info. Altogether absolutely amazing band, 10/10 I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Thanks for all your help!


May 06, 2017

Everything was perfect! 

Thank you for being so great!  Everyone enjoyed it! 


Country Club Event
Jul 02, 2016

Fantastic!  We had a great time and really enjoyed the band.  They were a lot of fun.

As always, thanks for the recommendation Ted.


Medical Center Event
Statesville, North Carolina
Dec 04, 2015

Leggz was very good! Doug and band were very accommodating as we didn't finish dinner until 9:30ish -

Music selection was very appropriate for the crowd. Many good comments about the evening!

Thanks for the suggestion -


Jacksonville, North Carolina
Apr 18, 2015

LEGGZ did an incredible job this weekend, thank you so much for setting us up with them.


UNC - Chapel Hill Event
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Apr 11, 2015

Please give my regards to the band Leggz for their phenomenal performance at the 12/31/14 New Year's Eve wedding reception at The Renaissance in Richmond (VA).  What a blast!  They helped make for an incredible, memorable night.  Never a dull moment.  Can't imagine it possibly having been any better.  Well done.

And a special thank you to them for for helping me with my "role" as well.  They played along and made "the gorilla" a huge hit.  Please make sure to tell them hello from me. Oh they'll definitely remember. 


Wedding Reception
Richmond, Virginia
Dec 31, 2014

Lisa and I would like to thank you and the band for an amazing night.

Our wedding would not have been as special if it wasn't for the band making everyone dance, laugh and enjoy the time. EVERYONE ranted and raved about you guys for weeks after our wedding, especially my nephew Brogan. Who by the way found his shirt later that night. Again, many thanks and please share this with the rest of the band. Best wishes to the group and if we have any upcoming events you guys will definitely get our recommendation.

-Joshua and Lisa-

Bride & Groom
Aug 17, 2014

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the Leggz Band. They were absolutely incredible. They made our wedding the talk of the town when we got home. From Elvis to Neil Diamond, no one stopped talking about the Band. Elvis brought the house down. Doug and the crew made the day go so smoothly and great for my wife and me. Please book this band if you are looking for exceptional quality, professionalism and all around fun. Wish we could do it all over again! Thanks again for making our day so special.

-Josh and Lisa-

Amazing Time with an Amazing Band
Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina
Aug 17, 2014

Words are inadequate to express our gratitude for the wonderful performance of LEGGZ Band for Monica & Ike's Wedding, June 7th at Mountain Lake, Virginia. Everyone with LEGGZ was friendly, organized, professional, enthusiastic, responsive, and loving. The Band's attitude, planning, hospitality, music, and atmosphere contributed significantly to a joyous lifetime event for our family ... and especially for Ike & Monica.

The ability of LEGGZ' artists to stimulate and interact with our audience was simply brilliant. They instantly got the dance off to a rousing start … non-stop for four hours. They rocked the house, as well as honoring Ike & Monica throughout the party. It was an evening we will treasure forever.

I have officiated over 100 weddings. Though biased on this one, I can truly say that it was the most beautiful, uplifting, and enjoyable wedding with which I have been involved. It was worth every precious dollar. From all of our guests, we heard spectacular words of praise for LEGGZ. Their compliments continue to flow.

Please be pleased with yourselves ... you earned it. Please forward our praise and gratitude to the band and your prospective customers.


-Rev. Mike & Sue-

Jun 07, 2014

They were incredible. I've been to 10 weddings in the last two years and Leggz was the best, most fun band I have ever seen. Everyone loved it and danced from the first song until the last.


Apr 26, 2014

The band was great! We pretty much had to kick people out at the end of this night. Thank you so much for working with me again this year, especially on such short notice!

Thanks again for all of your help!


American Heart Association Fundraiser
Apr 12, 2014

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Leggz at our party on Saturday! Doug did a great job of getting a tough crowd out on the dance floor. Even the Hope Valley staff said they were surprised to see people still dancing at 11 pm! Putting the band in the carpeted room was a great decision- the acoustics were much better.

Thanks for your recommendation, and please pass my thanks on to Doug. We had lots of compliments on the band, and I think he'll get more bookings from this group!


Country Club Event
Dec 07, 2013

WOW! Great great party on Saturday night! Nancy- a special thank you for recommending LEGGZ. Doug and his band members did a fantastic job. Doug answered all of my questions and followed my comments on their play list perfectly. He kept everyone on the dance floor all night and even stopped playing slow songs to keep the momentum going. I personally danced for 2 hours straight and still have the sore feet and legs to show for it! I have receive many texts and emails from my friends and family about how great the band was. Thank you for your help making my 50th birthday one I will never forget!


-Alison and Kurt-

50th Birthday Party
Bethesda, Maryland
Oct 26, 2013

Kudos to you and the band!!! What an AMAZING night. Everyone loved the music; not one person left early! I cant thank you all enough for making the night extra special.



Private Party
Oct 05, 2013

Just want to say how much everyone enjoyed your band's performance for my daughter's wedding on the 28th. We had a great time (it was pretty obvious wasn't it) and thought you all were great! I have decided in my next life, I will be in a band doing weddings where everyone is having fun, drinking and enjoying themselves!


Father of the Bride
Sep 28, 2013

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you and the band did this past Saturday evening for Barker 50th anniversary. The band sounded great and you were fantastic as Elvis! I have heard great comments and many folks are asking about the band. The dinner music was right on cue.

It was also great to see you and Robin again. I hope to see you soon. We will be looking at our company Christmas party soon.

Thanks so much!!!


50th Anniversary Party
Jun 08, 2013

"Awesome!! The Committee raved about them! They were on MTV from this gig. It was for the Republican election night party and Leggz still made them dance even though their man lost!"


Political Convention
Jan 01, 2013

The band was TERRIFIC!! First off, they were simply wonderful to work with and very accommodating with last minute logistics and setup. Doug was great and our production guy said they were a joy to work with. Second, they put on a great show and got everyone up dancing and clapping. I heard nothing but great feedback and people told me what a great choice I made for the band. The Governor-Elect and First Lady thoroughly enjoyed them as well-especially the First Lady who got to sing and dance with Neil Diamond! She loved it! And Doug said ALL the right things to the crowd and everyone cheered him on. So the bottom line is that they did a great job and we were totally happy with their performance. I promise that if I need another group I'll be sure to get back in touch with you. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to you also for being so helpful and patient while I tried to get it all approved and put together. It worked!!


Gubernatorial Ball
Jan 01, 2013

We had a great event on Saturday night with Leggz. I had concerns that combining a casino with the dance might pull the audience from the dance floor - but the floor was full from the very first song. I have photos of the band and the full dance floor if you would like them. Several things happened by accident that were perfect, and Doug would have had no way of knowing it. He accidentally pulled a graduate of the very first school of nursing class here at hospital for the first Neil Diamond song. She was 82 years old, and that very day, she and her husband (a city council member) were honored in the paper for their work with the county. The second person he pulled onto the dance floor was the shyest woman on the planet - the wife of our board chair. We ran late for dinner, and instead of waiting until we were finished, Doug came out exactly on time, and played dinner music until we were ready for the dance - we got every moment of great entertainment that we were promised. It was a great transition from dinner to dance, and they warmed the crowd up perfectly. I also had great feedback from the technical crew at our facility about the ease of working with Leggz, and Doug honored all of the special requests I made regarding using his mics and recorded dinner music without my even being there to welcome and remind them. Again, you made a recommendation that worked for our event. We had 250 guests who came with high expectations, and left impressed. I will have a difficult time topping this one!


Fundraising Event
Jan 01, 2013

Great band! Book it for next year.

-Marine Corps Birthday Ball-

Marine Corps Birthday Ball
Jan 01, 2013

What a fantastic job Leggz did for us once again! They are such a tremendous crowd-pleaser and a delight to work with.


Shenandoah, Virginia
Jan 01, 2013

Leggz was simply AWESOME! They were so friendly and talented. People NEVER left the dance floor and it was packed all night long. They allowed my husband and son to come on the stage and sing Aerosmith. The female member of the band (sorry, I didn't get her name) was so sweet in trying to keep them on key and on track!!! It was hilarious. They were such good sports with our "special" requests!

Thanks so much for referring us to them. I am going to recommend them to our club manager here in Mountaintop in Cashiers, NC. Would they travel that far? We have great dance parties here.

Thanks again,


Mother of the Bride
Oct 20, 2012

Leggz was great. They were so easy to work with and the members loved them. They got stuck in terrible traffic on their way to the club and they felt terrible. They got set-up very quickly though and did a great job. Hands down, the easiest band I have ever worked with. We will definitely look into using them again.


DC Country Club Event
Washington, DC, DC
May 19, 2012

Leggz was great and I'm so glad I was able to get them!! It was a rough night with this group since the college football game was on - HUGE DISTRACTION! But we were able to keep the party going until almost the end. His Neil Diamond was so good I think I'm in love myself! Thanks for everything!

Association of Independent Welding Distributors


Corporate Event
Nov 05, 2011

Leggz did a great job and everyone was enthused at their playing - "a great band". The younger people stayed late until the end. I had called Doug earlier and discussed a couple possible special numbers. We worked one up once we were all there, which was guitar in the background with me doing a reading. They also did a traditional Jewish wedding dance, at the request of the best man - it was a lot of fun and Doug and Leggz did a great job. Several folks asked where I found the band so I told them about EastCoast Entertainment. Thanks for all your help and if I get any requests for help I will send people your direction.

Thanks again for everything


Jewish Wedding
May 14, 2011

Leggz did a great job. I everyone seemed to have a good time and I only heard positive reviews. You were right about Doug, he really did a lot to interact with everyone, and I think people liked that in addition to a solid set list. They were great off stage as well - very nice group of people, and there were no complications. Let me know if you need me to fill out any formal surveys or anything. Thanks again for your help.


College Event
Charlottesville, Virginia
Apr 11, 2011

We did have an awesome weekend in OBX. The weather could have been better but it was fun to get away from Charlottesville. As for Leggz, they were a great band. They played a good mix of music and I know from comments from other people that the rest of the group enjoyed them as well. Doug was good to work with. They got there on time and were all ready to go by 7:30 which is when we designated for them to start playing. Overall, I was very happy with my experience working with you as well as Leggz


Fraternity Event
Charlottesville, Virginia
Apr 11, 2011

They were extremely impressive, we really enjoyed having them perform. They did well to read the audience and choose what songs to play accordingly, they incorporated the audience, they were lively, extremely fun--I couldn't have been more impressed. And prior to the event the band was really easy to work with--Doug specifically was very kind and upbeat, and he did well to find out beforehand what we wanted out of them, etc. I hope that helps and I'll be getting in touch with you again later down the road for more Fiji events.



College Event
Lexington, Virginia
Mar 06, 2010