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Hear the Hype

Entertainment so memorable that hundreds of people are still cheering from the stands.

Klaxton Brown did well! They sounded great, played until the end, and cleared out their equipment quickly which is appreciated! Overall, a very pleasant experience. Thank you again for helping us get them booked and truly they were a delight to have play for our Club 😊

- Anna V.

(Apr 19, 2024)

We always enjoy your Band, it was a wonderful evening! Thank you so much!!

- Anne McDonald

(Dec 08, 2023)

Klaxton Brown did not disappoint! They offered a wide variety of music and kept the crowd at our event engaged throughout the evening. Bo and his team were fantastic to work with and made the entertainment portion of our event run seamlessly.

- C. Taylor

(Oct 21, 2023)

You guys were the stars of the evening -- thanks so much for a GREAT performance. All our guests -- and most importantly the bride and groom -- were raving about you. We have two more daughters, so hopefully we will see you again! Many thanks. Tom and Jackie Collamore

- Jacqueline C.

(Sep 23, 2023)

Couldn’t have been better! Klaxton Brown did a tremendous job working with us ahead of our wedding then were an absolute blast during the reception. The dance floor was packed start-to-finish and they played songs all of our attendees loved. We so appreciate them learning an extra song for us and for making the night truly special to the last dance. Thanks so much to Bo and the rest of the band!

- Megan & Andrew

(May 28, 2022)

Everything was so fantastic! The band was the hit of the night - everyone kept coming up and telling us how awesome they were. Thanks so much for all your help arranging them for our special night. We will never forget it!

- Claire S.

(Sep 18, 2021)

It was absolutely wonderful. They were perfect and the people loved them. I had an opportunity to chat with Bo and some of the members. We were very thankful to have them on a special day.

- Patrick S.

(Sep 05, 2021)

FIVE Stars all around! Wanted to let you know that we were all thrilled with Bo & the Band. Would use them again in a second. Fantastic music & very professional.

- Meredith & Ryan

(May 01, 2021)

Klaxton Brown was AMAZING! I cc’d you on my email to Bo because I wanted you to know just how happy we were afterwards with the music at our reception. Bo and the rest of the band were so professional, so nice, and just so much fun! We got so many compliments from our family and friends on the band. Ryan and I did not want the party to end. We loved every song that they played and they got people dancing who never ever dance. We wish that we could do it all over again! I also very much appreciated that Bo took the time to talk to me over the phone before our wedding to talk about details and playlists. We had made a timeline for the reception and Bo said that whatever I needed they would follow - so great! Thank you to you and Klaxton Brown for making our day unforgettable! I will be recommending y’all to anyone who needs a band for their event.

- Meredith

(May 01, 2021)

They were SO AWESOME! Everyone loved them and kept telling us how great they were.

- Mary

(Apr 17, 2021)

I don't think we could have picked a better band than Klaxton Brown! They were so amazing and so talented! All our guests made at least one comment on how great of a band they were! I wish we lived near them so we could see them play again! Thank you!

- Lisa

(Sep 06, 2020)

The Klaxton Brown Band was excellent!! Our guests had nothing but great things to say about them. In particular, my parents were thrilled with their performance. And most importantly my husband and I LOVED them!! They brought the perfect combination of fun, funk, and professionalism to their work and I think everyone noticed. We will definitely recommend you as well as the Klaxton Brown Band to our friends and family in the future and we hope to book them again ourselves one day! Thanks again for everything Brad!

- Grace H.

(Aug 17, 2019)

Klaxton Brown was such an amazing choice for our wedding band! I am still getting messages from guests weeks later about how incredible the band was! They kept our guests dancing and having a good time all night.

- Sara H.

(Aug 10, 2019)

You all were outstanding Saturday night. All the guests raved about you all. Thanks for making such a special day even more wonderful!!

- Roz W.

(Jun 15, 2019)

We cannot thank you and Klaxton Brown enough for making our wedding reception an epic party. We are still receiving texts and calls about how awesome the band was - they really brought down the house! There weren't any issues with switching between band and iPod for specific songs and Bo did an incredible job emceeing. Klaxton Brown really made our wedding reception complete. We had high expectations from their reviews and reputation, and they certainly delivered! We have also enjoyed working with you and appreciate your professionalism and support from beginning to end. We have all the confidence in ECE and appreciated you checking in periodically throughout the year. Thank you again for helping make our wedding the best day of our lives. We will absolutely refer you / Klaxton Brown to any of our contacts in the future should they need entertainment.

- Bonnie & Andrew

(Jun 08, 2019)

Excellent band!!!! The dance floor was packed the entire time. All our guests were so impressed!

- Kayla W.

(Jun 01, 2019)

The band was incredible and so fun! They were so personable and full of life! They made our wedding so unforgettable! Everyone was on the dance floor the whole evening. Young and old we had a blast! Would highly recommend Klaxton Brown as your wedding band. Loved them so much!!!!!

- Cora B.

(May 18, 2019)

Klaxton Brown did an awesome job all-around. Bo was great with details leading up to the event, and the band was absolutely awesome on the big day. The dance floor was rocking the entire time. Afterward, I talked to several guests who talked all about how great the band was. Thank you!!

- Russell S.

(May 11, 2019)

Thank you so much for providing the fantastic music for the Bugeye Ball on Saturday. You really helped make such a wonderful event even better! I really appreciate your flexibility, professionalism, and most of all GREAT music – it really takes a great team for such an event to be so successful. I hope you had a wonderful time – I know all of our guests were raving over your wonderful band! Thank you again – I really, really appreciate it!

- Megan P.

(Apr 21, 2018)

Klaxon Brown Band was absolutely amazing. They put their heart and soul into their music and it was evident during all times of our wedding reception. They are professional and easy to work with. Our wedding is forever memorable. Highly recommended for anyone that appreciates talented musicians.

- Jackson W.

(Sep 16, 2017)

We had the best time celebrating our wedding with Klaxton Brown. They were such great musicians and so professional. It was exactly the type of band we wanted for our wedding. Two of our guests are getting married in Montana next summer and are sad that Klaxton Brown can't travel that far for a wedding! Everyone had so much fun.

- Emily E.

(Aug 26, 2017)

Klaxton Brown was awesome. A big hit! Everyone was commenting about how fun the band was. Others said that they want to have an event just to engage the band! Please let them know how much we enjoyed them.

- Pattie

(May 28, 2017)

The wedding was epic! The weather was perfect, not an empty seat and the Band was so fantastic!!!! I honestly have never been in a wedding where so many people commented on the band. It was so much fun they were so great and we will definitely use them again although I don't have another daughter. I am being very candid when I tell you it's the best band experience my husband and I have ever had. All ages were participating it was fantastic. It was a pleasure to get to know you and I will tell you that anyone asks about an Entertainment coordination you will be at the top of our list. Thank you for all your help.

- Linda C.

(May 20, 2017)

Thank you so much for all of your help arranging Klaxton Brown Band for our wedding! It was better than I could have hoped for! Kellie, our wedding coordinator, said they were a easy to work with while setting up and getting settled. And the performance was top notch! Their set list was awesome, all great wedding songs. Our crowd loved them and raved about them for days after. It really was a pleasure! Thank you so much!

- Jennifer

(May 06, 2017)

David and I just wanted to say Klaxton Brown TORE THE ROOF OFF!! I can't begin to tell you how impressed everyone was with the band. I'm confident you will get some new business from the people who attended who without exception were saying to us, "WHO IS THIS BAND AND WHERE ARE THEY FROM??? THEY ARE AMAZING!!!" We can't thank you enough. It was an incredible night we will never forget! 

- Nata B.

(Dec 03, 2016)

They were really GREAT! Our crowd loved them and didn’t want them to stop. We had to signal them to stop because we had to pack up the store. I’m sure they’ve never played a party at a retail store. Hahaha.We had a minor snafu in that their vans did not fit into our parking deck. It meant they had a long distance for loading in and out.I would love to automatically rebook them for next year but we don’t even know the date yet. I hope they enjoyed playing here. We told them on Saturday but please reiterate how much we loved the music.Thanks for making it such a smooth booking and an awesome event. Have a lovely holiday season.

- Mary Katherine

(Nov 12, 2016)

Klaxton Brown is a steal. They are always a crowd pleaser and at a great price. I have seen them many times before and had them for our wedding and once again they did not disappoint. A+

- Will

(Oct 01, 2016)

Klaxton Brown's performance at our wedding was EXCELLENT.  I couldn't believe how great they sounded!  I loved when they played "I Will Always Love You" for the groom and me, and I had some of the songs they performed stuck in my head for days afterward.  We received compliments from numerous people - everyone from my middle-aged relatives to my friends who are in their 20s.  My first day back at work after the honeymoon, one of my coworkers who attended the wedding walked into my office and the first thing he said was, "So, who was that band you had at your wedding?  They were the real deal!"  I just can't express how much we appreciated Klaxton Brown's amazing performance!!!

- Elizabeth

(Jul 30, 2016)

They were so amazing and professional and the set up was seamless. The music they played was absolutely perfect and outlined the most special day of our lives in the most wonderful way! They are so extremely talented and carved in extra special dances for us. We LOVE Klaxton Brown and will recommend them to anyone! Our guests loved them too! We will always choose East Coast Entertainment for our special events. Thank you!!

- Kelly

(Jun 18, 2016)

The children loved the band. According to the dean they just had the best time ever. Please thank Klaxton Brown!

- Carroll K.

(Sep 26, 2015)

Hi StacyI just wanted to touch base and let you know how thrilled we were with Klaxton Brown this past Saturday. They kept the energy up the entire evening and we have had a multitude of compliments! I’m not sure the bride left the dance floor except during breaks. Please convey to Bo and the rest of the band that they truly helped make our reception perfect!

- Beth M.

(Jul 18, 2015)

Klaxton Brown was an absolute hit at our wedding!  Suffice to say that at the end of the night we had guests chanting "ten more songs! ten more songs!" and they have been raving ever since about how fantastic the band was.  We wanted our wedding to be a fun, energetic dance party, and it was just that and more.  We have had countless guests tell us that it was the most fun they've ever had at a wedding - I think that says it all!Bo was really very nice and accommodating.  I appreciated him taking the time to talk to me before the wedding to make sure that we were on the same page.  All of my special requests were taken care of and I of course very much appreciated that as well.  I would definitely highly recommend Klaxton Brown to friends in the future.  And I truly hope that they enjoyed playing at our reception. :)Thanks again for all of your help as well.

- Kelley Z.

(Sep 27, 2014)

We so enjoyed Klaxton Brown! Robert and his group kept the party going from their first song until lights up. They were a joy to work with and could accommodate all of our requests. Thanks for checking in with me this morning.Have a great week,

- Michele W.

(Apr 30, 2013)

Hello Jack. On behalf of NAMME, Inc, I gladly report that Klaxton Brown "set if off!" We received numerous platitudes and positive comments from members. The selections and performance were perfect for our occasion. Finally, I want to point out the level of professionalism the band exhibited. We were very late leaving an evening session. I dropped in to let the band know we were coming down soon. To my surprise/delight the band was already playing selections as though the room were filled. I hope that Klaxton Brown receives future business based on the impression left with our members. I will surely keep them high on my list. All the best.Kevin H.VCU & NAMME, Inc.


(Jan 01, 2013)

Thank you so much for helping make our reception memorable. You guyswere fantastic! Everyone was raving about the band! It was greatworking with you all. Please let us know if you'd like us to provide areview for you or be used as a reference.

- Kristen B.

(Oct 13, 2012)

I cannot thank you enough, or sing your praises enough. My daughter's wedding reception was a smashing hit with everyone who attended. Your band was fantastic and the music made the night. You guys are great and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks so much for putting on such a good show. We loved it!! Kindest regards,

- James B.

(Oct 13, 2012)

Greetings! Thanks so much for coming on Saturday night...Zowie!!! You all were AMAZING ~ We absolutely loved your band. It was so much fun and the sound was over the top. I also loved how you varied your presentation with different songs, the James Brown was brilliant, the vocalists outstanding and the band fantastic. Can't wait to hear you again. Thanks for everything,

- Jean and Ralph P.

(May 07, 2012)

We would all like to thank you for the fantastic musical performances at the Holiday Party! The instruments and the voices came together magnificently during all the great dance hits that were played by the band! The music was truly enjoyed by so many, it was wonderful to see a packed dance floor into the late night! We were thrilled to have you be a part of this evening!We, of course, would especially like to thank you for the wonderful rendition of "We are the World" that was played especially for our "chief's performance"...It turned out great!, and was a memorable part of the evening for us. Thanks for helping to make it special. Wishing you and the band many enjoyable performances to come. Happy Holidays,

- Juliessa, Eileen, and Tony

(Dec 12, 2011)

Klaxton Brown was great in every way. Bo and Al were there to set up early and I enjoyed talking to them as we all got ready. They all really played beautifully and obviously enjoyed it and that comes through. All her Richmond friends and the many UVa kids and Shannon and I stayed on the dance floor and they played a great Happy Birthday version for Ramsey. Thanks for your help.

- Hank C.

(May 13, 2011)

Sorry its taken me a while to get to you! Klaxton Brown was the best band we've had yet!! They were extremely courteous and professional. I worked mostly with Robert and he could not have been nicer and more accommodating. The venue wouldn't let them set up in the room until an hour and a half before the party began, and they didn't complain at all. They played music everyone enjoyed....in fact, they didn't play a song that cleared the dance floor once. Everyone had a great time dancing to their music. I would highly recommend them to anyone.Thanks!

- Carter B.

(Apr 16, 2011)

Klaxton Brown was better than advertised, if that is possible... They were incredible to work with from the beginning to the end. They take pride in not only their music, but the way they treat "the customer". Their music may be "timeless" and you may have heard it 100 times before from a 100 different bands, but until you see and hear them then you really don't know what "Klaxton Brown" is about! They were professionals in every way and I hope to have them back again in the near future.Sammy M., Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce serving Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge CountyFebruary 12, 2011

- Sammy M.

(Feb 12, 2011)

Klaxton Brown Band played at our daughter's wedding reception on August 14th. They were FANTASTIC!!!!! I would highly recommend them...They really engaged the crowd. The dance floor was full all night long, and they were extremely easy to work with. Great choice!Thanks,

- Jenny B.

(Aug 14, 2010)

Thank you very much for helping us out with the Klaxton Brown band. They were a hit, everyone loved them. They were very easy to deal with and hope they enjoyed playing for us. I'm sure the guys would love to have them in the future. Thanks again for your help.

- Sam R.

(Apr 10, 2010)

The band was great. Everybody loved them. People were commenting two days later about how much fun our band was. One guy asked me (I think seriously) if it was true that Klaxton Brown was related to James Brown.Thanks for hooking us up, I'll be sure to pass EastCoast Entertainment on to the next social chairs for future events.

- Michael G.

(Oct 10, 2009)

Klaxton Brown was by far the best band we have had since my time in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Their entertainment pushed our annual Pig Roast to the best it has ever been. Many of our alumni commented on the excellent band and even our campus safety officers wanted to purchase a CD. I know that the brothers and I would enjoy having them back in the future. The band's energy really kept the party alive. The set list was extensive and varied with all of our favorite songs. From all the brothers here at Sigma Alpha Epsilon, thank you for bringing your entertainment to us. And once again, we can't wait till next year so we can hopefully book Klaxton Brown again.

- Arba W.

(Apr 25, 2009)

Good to hear from you. Last weekend went really well-thanks again for all your help. Klaxton Brown blew all of us away. I heard from more than a few people they were the best party band they had ever heard. They were the best band I personally have seen while in Chi Psi, and they really made the event. You knocked it out of the park with that one!

- Jon

(Apr 18, 2009)

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