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Justin Taylor – Guitarist

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Justin Taylor was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He picked up his dad’s acoustic guitar when he was 14 and taught himself to play. By the time Justin graduated from college he was touring with artists as a session musician. He has played everywhere from sofas to stadiums. But Justin is most at home with just six strings and a microphone. As such, he is a signed, award-winning singer-songwriter in his own right.

As a live performer, Justin Taylor is professional and experienced. He uses state of the art equipment and fine-tunes the best sound for the room and event. He talks about having attended a 50th birthday celebration once that had an acoustic performer there. He recalls, “The guy seemed to know so many songs that were full of memory for me, and turned them into tasteful versions, just right for his voice, the guitar and the room. He took me back to where I was when I first heard them. He didn’t interrupt the conversation, but created the atmosphere for the night. It was the kind of thing where you just enjoy the event, but can’t help smiling over your shoulder to say ‘thank you’ every now and then. Whenever I play, I want people to feel what I felt that evening.”

Justin’s voice and finger-style acoustic playing are not too different from James Taylor or John Mayer. These two, and the Dave Matthews Band, are some of his personal favorites. His repertoire is a deep well, drawing from over 100 songs. As far back as Sinatra, dotting the timeline from Beatles, Eagles, Dylan, Clapton and Sting; shooting forward to The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and even some folked-up, stripped-down versions of what you may hear on the radio (see full song list).

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