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Jim Gossett is the most listened to humorist impressionist in the country.

Imagine the following celebrities at your next event: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ross Perot, George Bush, Andy Rooney, James Stweart, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, David Letterman, Keith Jackson, Johnny Carson, and a host of others. All from the masterful mimicry of Jim Gossett, the most listened to humorist-impressionist in the country!

Add topical humor as fresh as today\’s headlines. Jim writes all of his own material, taking what\’s hot in the news and adding his unique humorous perspective. Unlike canned presentations, each of Jim\’s performances is up to date, assuring a different show time after time.

Mix in a little personalization.

Jim works with each client to gather inside information about the group, incorporating names of audience members into his routine.

This personal touch is what sets Jim\’s winning brand of humor apart from the rest.

And you have an entertaining act that\’s a proven crowd pleaser.

From coast to coast, Jim keeps them laughing at corporate functions, conventions, concerts and comedy clubs.
Whether an intimate group of 50, or a concert hall of thousands, Jim Gossett will make your next event a memorable one.

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