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Size & Elements:

7 Piece: 3 Lead Vocalists (1 female, 2 male), Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys. 8 Piece: Add Female Vocalist to 7 Piece. 9 Piece: Add 2 Female Vocalists to 7 Piece. 10 Piece: Add 2nd Keys to 9 Piece. 11 Piece: Add Sax to 10 Piece. 12 Piece: Add Trumpet to 11 Piece. 13 Piece: Add Trombone to 12 Piece.

Additional Musicians Available:
Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)
Ceremony Music
Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

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artist bio:

Jam Nation, sister band to Kustom Made, is The “Kustomizable,” non-stop, Motown-to-Modern party band!

Expanding from a 7-piece band to a 13-piece band by adding vocalists, additional keys, and horns, Jam Nation can accommodate any venue size and any event size. From intimate weddings and backyard gatherings, to galas and large-scale corporate events, this band brings the party. 
Playing Motown, Dance, Pop, Hip Hop, 80s Jams, Beach, and Classic Rock, Jam Nation plays something for everyone to enjoy out on the dance floor. 
Experienced, flexible, and ready to celebrate with you, Jam Nation is bound to make your next event memorable. Inquire about Jam Nation today! 


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