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Looking for a band to bring elegance, class, and a sophisticated sound to your event? With its roots based in World Music, Insonnia blends Flamenco, Brazilian, and Jazz music into a melodic and rhythmic sound all its own, and will help make your affair shine. Led by versatile guitarist and vocalist Curtis Jones, the group also includes Pete Orenstein on Piano, Organ, and Vocals, and Mark Letalien on Drums and Vocals. Joining together in the late Spring of 2010 for an impromptu show, these seasoned musicians, with diverse musical backgrounds, soon discovered a unique chemistry which led to the decision to form a musical project. As rehearsals began, the band’s members soon found that although they had indeed come from a varied background, they shared a similar goal: creating innovative, unique and accessible music. Insonnia strives to bring excitement and intensity to every one of its performances, making no two shows the same. Make your event special with Insonnia!

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