Positive doesn’t begin to describe our experience. Jevon and the entire group was extremely easy to work with and they were super accommodating. In fact, Jevon listened to me and delivered on a special mashup at the last minute. I got so many positive comments from our guests. I Love This Band brought energy and a really wide playlist to the party and never stopped! I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Capital City Club
Atlanta, GA
Mar 11, 2023

I mean, utterly amazing. They looked and sounded like rock stars. Thank you thank you thank you!


Reserve at Lake Keowee
Sunset, SC
Mar 04, 2023

More than positive, it was off the charts fantastic. they had great energy, started out easily and then ramped up to an all-out blast. they played a couple of special requests which were so appropriate throughout the night and loads of fun. I would recommend to any event and am happy to be a reference if they need one.

-Lyle D.-

Father of the Bride
701 Whaley
Columbia, SC
Dec 17, 2022

To say I Love This Band crushed it would be an understatement. They brought the energy, fun and killer music that left all of our guests in total awe. They truly made the party and were incredible. We are so grateful and will definitely pass your information on to any friends and family looking for a band! We actually have friends who were at our wedding and are getting married in Sonoma next year who were every interested in I Love This Band…I’ll share your information with them…not sure if the band would travel that distance but it could be worth the conversation!

-Phil C.-

Kiawah Island, SC
Nov 12, 2022

AMAZING! Everyone loved I Love This Band! I would definitely book them again and again! Their voices are great and we loved how they interacted with the wedding guests! Everyone said it was one of the best receptions they have attended. My son's girlfriend wants to book them as soon as they are engaged! Thanks so much to the band members for making it such an memorable and fun night! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

-Margaret M.-

Greenville, SC
May 28, 2022

They were AMAZING!!! Everyone loved them!!! We had the best time!! Thank you:)


Atlanta History Center
Atlanta , GA
May 21, 2022

Reid, I Love This Band rocked! They crushed it, kept the crowd going, and did everything we asked. Thank you!

-Michael T.-

Lexington, KY
Apr 09, 2022

We loved having I Love This Band at our wedding - they were a huge hit and everyone loved them. From the first dances to the NYE countdown, it was all perfect. Loved having ECE as a part of our day!


St. Regis Hotel
Atlanta, GA
Dec 31, 2021

They were a huge hit and better than we remembered. Everyone loved them and so did we!. Thank you!!!

-Malcolm H.-

Oct 09, 2021

The band was amazing, and really made the party. It was an unforgettable night. It's been a pleasure working with you.

-Michael H.-

Oct 02, 2021

ILTB was amazing. They were great to work with both leading up to the wedding and onsite the day of. I really enjoyed working with them. They read the crowd well and their performances were amazing. I will absolutely be recommending them to any and all future clients who are looking for a large wedding band!

-Cayleigh H.-

Wedding Planner
Sep 11, 2021

Please let the band know they were phenomenal!!!! Exceeding expectations is a huge understatement. We got rave reviews from all our guests. I honestly don’t remember a wedding where more people danced the entire evening . Thank you for working with us on the rescheduling. Again, a million thanks to you and the I Love This Band members.

-Anna M.-

Jun 12, 2021

Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for checking and for your help coordinating. All of our guests and family were absolutely raving about 'I Love This Band' - and still are! The dancefloor was full the entire night.

-Jenny & Zach-

Apr 24, 2021

Continuing on my praises from Saturday night - thank you, thank you for everything you did to make the reception such a fun success for the Theodore-Williams families on Saturday at Debordieu. Y'all were an absolute pleasure to work with in advance and on the day of, in addition to being one of the best bands I've seen in a LONG time! The energy you brought, your amazing jackets ;), the whole thing - thank you. Please pass along my thanks to the rest of the band members, and I will for sure recommend you to other clients in the future. Hope you made it back to Atlanta safe and sound!


Apr 10, 2021

The band was great! Guests had an amazing time and the band was fun, engaging and they put on quite the show.


Nov 14, 2020

They were AMAZING!! I would work with them every weekend if I could. Definitely my new favorite!


Oct 03, 2020

I love this band was the most incredible wedding band we could have ever dreamed of! They were so much fun and kept us and the guests on the dance floor the whole night. People raved about them all weekend! They were so much fun, appropriate, and professional. They came and found me and my new husband after and congratulated us. They were PERFORMANCE masters!!


Oct 03, 2020

They were wonderful, Rick thank you so much for your help with the bands. They made both nights perfect! I will have to send you a video of the service, the ac unit in the basement started burning and setoff the fire alarm near the end. We had planned on a trumpet but it’s 2020! LOL


Sep 12, 2020

The band did an incredible job! I thoroughly enjoyed them and heard nothing but compliments from fellow guests. The dance floor was packed all night.

-Megan D.-

Dec 14, 2019

Great band for our daughter's wedding. Had heard ILTB at another wedding a few years ago. We love their energy and ability to keep everyone on the dance floor. I would highly recommend ILTB to anyone who wants high energy throughout the evening. They kept an eye on whether there were enough people dancing and incorporated songs that guests would get involved in. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

-Renee W-

Mother of the Bride
Oct 26, 2019

It was so so much fun and I Love This Band is INCREDIBLE!!!!! We had a blast. All of my guests were in love with them and wanted their info. Thanks for everything!!!!

-Kathleen T-

Oct 12, 2019

I Love This Band killed it per usual. Blew the clients away. I love them! Whenever they are open for a date I basically force the client to hire them! One of my all time faves. Thank you for everything!!

-Julia D. -

Wedding Planner
Aug 24, 2019

I wanted to let you know that we and so many of our guests thought the band was fabulous and had so much energy! The trio even had our grandchildren dancing and they don’t even dance. If anyone is asking for a reference, give them my email. Thanks again

-Monica G.-

Jul 27, 2019

I love this band was awesome !

-Lindsay @ Toast Events-

Wedding Planner
Jun 08, 2019

Everything was great! Really! The ceremony ran longer than expected so we were trying to make up for the time and the band helped me with that without question. I was very appreciative of their flexibility and ability to deal with me while I was being a bit neurotic! Thank you so so much for such an amazing event. The clients were very happy and the dance floor was packed!! Thanks for everything!

-Kelly S.-

Wedding Planner
May 26, 2019

I wanted to reach out and personally say thank you for the incredible, jaw-dropping, show-stopping and all around mind-blowing performance that you and your team put together on Saturday night. Please know that I fully recognize that my request that you stick to predominantly Motown and funk was extremely constraining and unusual. The fact that you were able to nonetheless put together and execute a beautiful setlist despite that challenge speaks to the professionalism and skill that you and the rest of I Love This Band bring to the table. All of my friends and family have not stopped raving about I Love This Band. In particular, older family members have been praising the inter-generational song selection as it kept them on the dance floor late into the evening (including many who I have seen tap out much earlier at prior weddings). I’d be remiss if I did not relay how ecstatic my father and brother were to hear our collective favorite song, Sneakin’ Sally — thank you for taking the time to learn it. From the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful to you and the band for helping to make our wedding reception so special and memorable. If you’re ever in Brooklyn, Liz and I owe you a drink!

-Grant D.-

Apr 13, 2019

Thank you so much for your help this past weekend! I Love This Band was great, everyone enjoyed their performance.

-Keith H.-

Jan 12, 2019

I had never had I Love This Band before this weekend and they were AWESOME. I totally understand the name now, I caught myself saying it several times throughout the night. So professional, so great to work with, they looked sharp, had fun dances and of course sounded amazing. The Cangemi’s were thrilled with their choice. The dance floor stayed full throughout the night. So so so so good.

-Julia D.-

Wedding Planner
Nov 17, 2018

They were so great!!!! So easy to work with and sweet. Loved them and excited to be bringing them to Florida next month!!!

-Chelsea B.-

Wedding Planner
Oct 27, 2018

It just occurred to me that I never contacted you after Christina’s wedding to say how wonderful the band was. I love this band is so fabulous, I barely have the words to thank them and you for making our reception so special. All of Christina’s and Pierrick’s friends said it was the best dancing they have ever done at a wedding reception. Please send this on to the band because I want them and all of you at East coast entertainment to know how grateful we are and how special the night was Thank you thank you

-Drewry N.-

Aug 11, 2018

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and perfect delivery on Chris’ and Olivia’s wedding day! The family, and their guests, were THRILLED!! I received compliments all night about each of you! I enjoyed working with you as we helped celebrate Chris and Olivia and I look forward to working with you all again soon!

-Sara P.-

Wedding Planner
Apr 28, 2018

What an incredible night! Everyone can’t stop talking about the band. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future events. Thanks for making it a special evening for me and my family!

-Raymond B.-

Nov 03, 2017

Thank you SO MUCH for the most amazing wedding celebration!! It was all we could ask for and so special. THANK YOU!!

-Cameron W.-

Oct 21, 2017

Rebecca- thank you SO much for setting everything up--you were SO helpful throughout the process! Jevon- YOU GUYS ARE EFFING AWESOME! I literally had everyone tell me how amazing the band was and we could not be happier (especially my Dad, who is the toughest critic of all)! SO thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though it went by so fast, it was perfect! And thanks for letting my drunk a$$ dance on stage probably more than was deemed appropriate! If you ever need a referral, please don't hesitate to reach out!

-Ashley H.-

Oct 21, 2017

Just wanted to pass along how much our group loved the band last night!! They raved that they were the best we’ve had in five years! Appreciate you as always! See you next year!

-Katy K.-

Corporate Event
Oct 14, 2017

You guys were fabulous last night! I’ve heard so much positive feedback - everyone loved the band! Just wanted to say thank you for playing for the group. Thanks again!

-Susan R.-

Event Planner
Sep 24, 2017

Hi I Love This Band Crew! Y'all were INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for your hard work leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day! You all are such wonderful performers and made for a great GREAT party! It is always so great for a coordinator when we get to work with a fantastic band that is so professional, easy going and fun! Definitely recommending y'all to all my future brides!! Until the next one,

-Haylie J.-

Wedding Planner
Aug 19, 2017

I Love this Band was incredible! They are truly one of the best party bands I've heard (or anyone else has heard for that matter). We never sat down! I can't tell you how thrilled we were with their performance and the energy they infused into the room. My younger daughter Joanna was asked by my daughter Samantha and her fiance (now husband) to sing a Nora Jones song during the dinner hour; the band was very receptive to the request and super supportive. We also have some less talented family members (i.e. my sweet husband, Mark), who they graciously allowed to grace the stage and microphone with your extraordinary band members. We had the most fabulous night! Please share with I Love this Band how thrilled we were with their performance and the enormous contribution they made to what we considered a fabulously successful night of celebration. Thanks so much

-Susan B.-

Aug 12, 2017

Y'all were awesome! Clients were over the moon to say the least. We will definitely book you again...

-Lauren C.-

Wedding Planner
Aug 12, 2017

You guys were spot on. Thank you for making our reception absolutely fabulous. EVERYONE in Savannah knows who you are now!!!

-Alie H.-

Jul 22, 2017

The trio, band and DJ were all great. They hit it out of the park and everyone danced their feet off. Thanks very much and please pass my thanks along to everyone that participated.

-Chip R.-

Jul 08, 2017

THANK YOU to the entire team that made yesterday perfect for Rachel and Sam. Thank you for being flexible, working hard, and being part of making their day so beautiful. It was a pleasure working with each of you!


Wedding Planner
Jun 17, 2017

Just wanted to touch base quickly and say how much we LOVED(!!!!!!) I love this band!!! I didn't really have the opportunity to introduce myself to the group but they absolutely ROCKED it and made the party!!!! Best night of our lives!!! Please thank everyone for me and thank you for all of your help with organizing!!

-Caroline and Rory-

May 27, 2017

It was a pleasure to work with I Love this Band. They were Amazing!!! I can’t wait get another client so I can book them again.


Wedding Planner
May 27, 2017

The band was INCREDIBLE. Everyone was talking about them! So much energy and amazing voices! Thank you!!!


May 06, 2017

They are and continue to be unbelievable! So nice, accommodating, on time and so fun! Hope to work with them again soon!


Wedding Planner
Apr 29, 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed working with I Love This Band for the McCollum-Adams Wedding! We certainly hope to work with you all in the future!


Wedding Planner
Apr 08, 2017

To the entire ILTB Family... Words cannot describe what we witnessed Saturday evening in Durham, NC. The talent, passion and love that was on display was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. Little did I know that when I met Rick early Saturday afternoon that the performance to follow was going to be so incredible. From Alex, Dixon and the entire Jones family, I want to personally thank you for sharing your amazing talents and gifts of music with us. With warmest regards,


Corporate Event
Mar 18, 2017

Thank you so very much. The show was fantastic and you guys brought in immense energy to boost the night. I am in no hesitation that we will work again in the future. Thank you so much for your time and I have no hesitation to recommend you guys to any one.


NYE Party
Dec 31, 2016

I can’t say how much we enjoyed having you all at the clubhouse this past Saturday. We have gotten nothing but raving compliments on the performance, the music, and everything that you all did. 


Event Planner
Dec 10, 2016

Thank you so much! It was INCREDIBLE! Everyone killed it and not a single person sat down the whole night. It was absolutely perfect! 


Oct 22, 2016

THANK YOU!!! Y'all are amazing. Our wedding guests were on the dance floor the entire night and y'all played all our favorite music. I couldn't have asked for a better party!!! 

Thanks again for being apart of our special day. It was a blast!

-Kelly & Dylan-

Oct 15, 2016

I Love This Band was incredible!!! Everyone was talking about them. Totally the life of the party!!' Wouldn't change a thing!!


Oct 15, 2016

I Love This Band was absolutely fantastic.  They dance floor was full the entire time.  Several people commented that they were the best wedding band ever.  I will certainly recommend them to others.


Sep 24, 2016

I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys. I have never experienced anything like you all in my life and to have the blessing of it being during my own wedding is somewhat still hard believe. 

You guys should know that what you do, but more importantly, HOW you do it, is something to be commended. I have seen 30 plus wedding bands and ILTB is in a league of its own. Right off the bat, you all are a class act. The pride you guys take in your work, the energy you bring to each event, and the passion you have for music does more than you will ever know. This past Saturday was without a doubt a moment, not just in my life, but hundreds of people's lives that they will never forget and a huge part of that is YOU ALL! This is why you guys are better than anyone else and why Emily and I wanted you there. I literally think a deaf person (hopefully not offensive) would have a blast when y'all play because it's more than music with you. I could go on and on and on, but I will stop there. 

I really just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the other night. On behalf of me and my new bride, it literally wouldn't have been the same without you. 

Keep doing exactly what you are doing, because it makes you all the best there is!


Sep 10, 2016

They were GREAT, excellent loved the girl on guitar. The set up was clean- not a ton of cords everywhere. I really enjoyed them!!!!!


Event Coordinator
Aug 13, 2016

WE LOVED THIS BAND!!  You were absolutely fantastic. . . we thought you were awesome at Jenny's wedding (Oct 24, 2015 at Timuguana CC in JAX) but you blew it out of the water for Ray's wedding (July 23, 2016 at The Cloister at Sea Island).  People are still talking about your band so I hope you will have future bookings as a result.  I understand that you just played at the Skinner wedding in Jax at Timuquana and were a great hit.

I am happy to recommend you at any time and hope to use you for our next event. The young girl who was with you that night was spectacular.  I know we will be seeing great things from her.  Ya'll were so fun, great at getting the crowd excited  and were  great to work with.  I don't know how you did it but I appreciate every amount of energy and talent you put into that evening to make it beyond memorable.  Thank you for a fun-filled and spectacular evening.


Wedding Planner
Jul 23, 2016

I thought you were great.  As you know the dance floor was packed from your first song to your last which is the best indication of what people thought about your performance.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from many of our guests.  They loved the music and the choreography.  Thanks for helping to make a special night even better.  Hopefully we will cross paths again.


Father of the Bride
Jun 25, 2016

They were absolutely incredible!! We and everyone else loved them - I think they gave out every single one of their cards!  They made our wedding!!  Thank you for all of your help!  We definitely love that band!


May 21, 2016

You guys were SO AMAZING last night!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more weddings with you guys, because that was seriously the BEST I've ever heard.


Washington, DC
May 07, 2016

We were thrilled with "I Love This Band!"  Not only was the band amazing, they were easy and fun to work with! The couple and all the guests were blown away by how talented, energetic and fun the group was. They kept the dance floor packed and the guests wouldn't stop asking for more songs at the end of the night!

Thank you to Jevon and the entire band for an amazing night and for being so nice to work with. We will definitely spread the word in DC and bring "I Love This Band" back as soon as possible!

Thank you thank you thank you!!


Washington, DC
May 07, 2016

Thank you so much!! We just wanted to let you know that we are beyond happy with I Love This Band and how amazing you guys helped make our wedding night. We will never ever forget it!

-Judd and Caroline-

Bride and Groom
May 07, 2016

Y'all were awesome!!!!!

Thanks for a job well done and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Corporate Event
Piedmont Driving Club
Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 02, 2016

Everyone loved them! I would recommend them to anyone!


Houston, Texas
Mar 05, 2016

They were super!! Everyone loved their energy and the music was amazing!!  Really appreciate all your help with everything and will definitely call in the future.


NORSO Foundation Gala
Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 23, 2016

Band was great! the clients and guests loved them and the band members are all just so nice! I have really enjoyed working with them these past 2 initial events with them. They have been great with communication beforehand, remembering that communication, and easy to work with on the day of executing the itinerary and last minute ideas as well. And of course they sound great and put on a super entertaining performance! I and KTE in general looks forward to many more great events with them!


Event Planner
Houston Country Club
Houston, Texas
Jan 16, 2016

Hey, Rick! The band was incredible! Seriously one of my top 5 (and likely top 2) wedding bands ever! So easy to work with, extremely professional, and sooooo good!


Event Planner
Houston Country Club
Houston, Texas
Jan 16, 2016

Thanks Jevon.  You guys were awesome!  All the feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. 


Corporate Holiday Party
Houston, Texas
Dec 12, 2015

That's all there is to it-I LOVE THIS BAND! How in the world have we never worked with them before? We're obsessed. Put them at the top of our list from now on! 


Event Planner
Delta Plantation
Hardeeville, South Carolina
Nov 14, 2015

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous wedding reception. We had last night. The McGehees could not have been more thrilled with I Love This Band - they knocked it out of the park. The dance floor was jammed all night and everyone left talking about the band.

Thank you for sending to us!


Wedding Planner
Timuquana Country Club
Ponte Vedra, Florida
Oct 24, 2015

Hello !!  Louisville loves this band!!  We had so many accolades about the performance, every aspect.  Fabulous!!  Thanks so much and I hope your experience was as good as ours!!  You have a new fan base!!  I hope to see you again,


Louisville, Kentucky
Sep 12, 2015

The name "I Love This Band"  is certainly appropriate!!  We all do!!  Our expectations were met and exceeded in every way!!  Most importantly, the bride and groom were ecstatic!!  The guests were dancing and having a wonderful time as well.  The floor was filled the entire time.  It was a pleasure working with you as well as Jevon.  I feel sure you will be tops on the list for any future weddings!!


Louisville, Kentucky
Sep 12, 2015

 We just wanted to let you know how absolutely amazing I Love This Band was at Kim's 40th big birthday bash! What a talented group of musicians and singers in this band! The band certainly has the right title because everyone did love the band! They were so energetic and personable and had a lot of heart. Even if you didn't dance, you couldn't help but be entertained by the band's rhythm and moves. Our guests at the party are still talking about how great the band was and how much fun they had but most of all the birthday girl really loved the band and danced all night.

Thank you so much for your kindness to her with the beautiful tiara and picture frame and signed card from all the band members. It meant so much to her.

We will never forget that night or those moments. We will and have recommended this band to all our friends.

-Gary, Gail, and Kimberly-

40th Birthday Party
Boca Raton, Florida
Aug 01, 2015

They were FANTASTIC! I heard great feedback the entire night. They were energetic, great selection of songs, and very professional. We will hopefully have them again and I will be recommending them to others!


Social & Member Gala
Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 20, 2015