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Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind

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Come join the award winning Mentalist, & Entertainer Guy Bavli on a journey into the mysteries of the human mind. 

Bavli’s showmanship, originality and ability to connect to the audience is exceptional.

Guy Bavli has been featured in over 400 television shows, performed in 50 countries worldwide and headlined in some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including Carnegie hall in NY and  and more than 1200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. 

Recently Bavli was named “Super Human” by the History Channel TV show “Stan Lee’s Super Human.”

Moreover, he was awarded the prestigious Dunninger Award 2013 for the Best Show by the (PEA) Psychic Entertainers Association.  It is a lifetime achievement award comparable to receiving an “Oscar” in the field of Psychic Entertainment.   

You will experience an unforgettable evening of Mystery, Humor and Hidden Powers. 

Leave your Logic at the door… and take a walk on the MIND SIDE!

 “Blew my mind…” – Miami New Times

“Guy is a Master in Mind over Matter control…” – Uri Geller

“A Great night of Fun and Mystery…” – Entertainment Reviews.

“Bavli thrills and amazes crowed night after night” – Show Biz Magazine


Corporate Event
Guy Bavli’s corporate performance is guaranteed to inspire and motivate your guests and clients. From an after dinner show to a customize presentation with your product or message. Easy to work with, versatile and entertaining; Guy Bavli is a client’s dream. His distinct mixture of Mind Mysteries, Humor, Romance, Music, suspense and brilliant visuals set his corporate performances apart from all the rest. 

Casino & Performing art centers 

Performing arts centers, theaters and casinos are the perfect home for Guy Bavli’s Master of the Mind® Live show featuring a full evening spectacle that will be the endless talk of your venue. A 90 min show perfect for small and large theaters alike. Master of the Mind® Live is Funny, Visual, Original and Mind Provocative.


Private Parties and Intimate Affairs

See it. Feel it. Experience it… Up Close!  Give your guests a VIP experience with a personal performance by Guy Bavli.  With a frontal presentation or Walk around at your cocktail event, Bavli re-invents Psychic Entertainment. “Bavli Up Close” is where Mind Reading & Telekinesis are demonstrated just before your very eyes.


Motivational & Educational Program

Bavli makes an inspiring keynote speaker. His unique abilities and expertise allow him to inspire others and deliver a message that helps them improve their business skills and their personal lives. 

“Power of Hypnosis”:  Guy Bavli CCht (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) opens a door to our knowledge about Hypnosis.  

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to enrich your life. Guy explains and demonstrate  how hypnosis works; the myths and misconceptions; the different kinds of hypnosis; how hypnosis can benefit our lives; and the power it has to change life and business alike.

Guy uses interactive demonstrations in his program mixed with stories and videos from his personal experience. A life changing experience!

“Secrets of the Mind”:  What hidden powers exist within?

What is the sixth sense? Guy’s unique take on this subject will surprise you. Incorporating fun interactive demonstrations; explanation of subliminal messages, the power of suggestion, and body language; as well as, rare stories with pictures and video clips from his personal career. Guy also shares tips on how to enrich your communication, sales and relationship skills for everyday life and business..


Marketing and Publicity Stunts

Guy Bavli makes a unique and newsworthy marketing tool. His amazing feats will encourage buzz surrounding your product and create news you cannot match with regular marketing. Publicity Stunts are unique presentations with a “special edge” that will create a gossip and interest from both the public and the media alike. 

It is a one time performance that can be during an event, or even expanding over a weeks time. Something BIG, Something Unique and something that will promote your product without looking like you tried to sell it.

Guy Bavli, can drive your branded car blindfolded, make mind-boggling headline predictions of your local newspaper a week before publication while displaying a sealed envelope in public view hanging in your location.  

He can guarantee that no one can beat him in a Poker game or even stop his heart live on stage.

If you are looking to get your products noticed, grow your brand, and build your company’s reputation then Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind® is the marketing tool you have been looking for.

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