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The brainchild of #1 Billboard artist/producer Gabriel Bello, Groove Nation is a culturally diverse collective of professional musicians the likes of which is rarely seen in music today. Amongst its four-piece rhythm section, four-piece horn section, and four-member vocal team, Groove Nation includes members who have recorded on and released award-winning albums and toured all over the world with a range of acts and artists, and with this wealth of talent and experience, this band is capable of virtually any musical feat imaginable. Such a vast array of skills empowers Groove Nation to specialize in “keeping the groove going” with non-stop medleys and arrangements that ensure that the music keeps playing, the feet keep tapping, and the people keep dancing to every imaginable genre ranging from 40’s jazz to 60’s soul, from classic rock to disco and funk, and from 90’s chart toppers to the latest pop hits and more. Be sure to ask your entertainment consultant about ceremony and/or cocktail hour options!

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