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Giles McConkey is a funk and alternative rock jam band from Blacksburg, VA. After meeting freshman year of college in 2012, living in the same dorm, they quickly discovered their musical interests coincided and they began casually playing together. Over the two years that followed, the group got serious and began gigging at the local bars in Blacksburg. Stunning their fan base with funky jams and uplifting melodies, the band quickly gathered a local following.

During the summer of 2015, Giles McConkey recorded and released their first EP titled “The Inner Ear Sessions” which featured 5 originally written tracks. The band also played at the Untitled Music Festival in New Castle, VA that summer. That fall, the band expanded their range to Richmond, VA when it played a set at The National. For the future, the band hopes to expand their influence to other cities throughout the east coast, record their first full-length album and expand their sound and song repertoire.

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