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Size & Elements:

5 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, Drums/Male Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Keys. Available Add-Ons: Sax, Trumpet.

Additional Horn(s) Available

Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)

Ceremony Music

Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

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artist bio:

Fresh Take expertly performs a wide range of songs from every genre, at any type of private event, to make your party the most memorable night for you and your guests!

Fully customizing their setlist to include the Pop, Dance, Rock, Motown, and Jazz hits of every decade that you want to hear, Fresh Take is sure to fill the dance floor. From jazz to Journey, from Stevie Wonder to Stevie Ray Vaughan, from Whitney Houston to the Weeknd, and from elegant to euphoric, Fresh Take has you covered.

Just like Fresh Take’s hand-picked musicians out of Charlottesville, VA’s music-rich scene, their musical director and management are wedding and event specialists. They will work with your event coordinator on all of the pre-event details needed to keep your event running smoothly. Their team has provided music for hundreds of weddings, events, and national tours, but, on your special date, the only important event to them is yours!

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