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What you should know about me, DJ Chuck, is that when it comes to your event, it’s success means as much to me as it does to you! I take what I do very seriously and use my experience and abilities to make sure your event is exactly what you want it to be! I have never missed or even been late to an event. As an added precaution, my wife sits on standby until I arrive at each event. In case of an emergency, she is able to get in our spare vehicle (loaded with equipment) and come to the rescue. 

What kind of experience do you have? I am excited to say that in October of 2016, I was the DJ at my 1000th wedding, making that 1000 happy brides! Including club events, I have been the DJ at over 3,200 events over the course of my career. I have worked as a DJ for the past 25 years and have won several awards as a DJ, including Charlotte’s Best Club DJ (from Creative Loafing). My career began at the Roll-A-Bout skating center. After working there for six years I decided to move on and became a mobile and nightclub DJ. After winning a New Year’s Eve DJ competition at the University Place Hilton, I moved to Charlotte. Here I worked in some of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs, such as Club 2000, and hotels, such as the Marriott and the Adams Mark. I also worked for two of Charlotte’s FM radio stations. At 107.9 I was the retro show DJ and at KISS 95.1 I was the DJ for the Club KISS show on Friday and Saturday nights. 
What kind of events have you worked? I have worked all kinds of events including, but not limited to, weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, corporate events, proms, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, class reunions, fraternity/sorority parties, holiday parties and events, pool parties, and charity events. I have also served as the DJ for the Coors Light Party Deck at the NASCAR races, the Panthers Lair pregame parties, Blakeney Shopping Center’s summer concert series, and the Ritz Carlton’s New Year’s Eve parties. 
What kind of equipment and lighting do you have? I use top of the line professional components and make sure to update everything at least every two years. Reliability is key when it comes to your event so I make sure that I have the equipment that is going to give you and your guests the best experience possible. I use Pioneer CD players, JBL speakers, and Crown and Peavey amplifiers, as well as sound controlled, multicolored, LED flashing lights. I do bring a laptop that allows access to Wi-Fi and the Internet in the event that it is needed. My sound systems range in size to accommodate parties of all sizes. As an added precaution against equipment failure, I carry at least one extra of everything everywhere I go. 
Are you able to supply power? In my experience I have worked in locations where power was not available. I have several power options I can provide for your event should you need them. I have both gas powered generators and silent battery powered options if needed. 
Do you have a microphone/may we talk on it? I always have a microphone with me. How much I do or do not talk on it is up to you. I am always glad to make any announcements needed such as announcing the wedding party or special guests. You are more than welcome to use the microphone if needed. I also have additional microphones as well as a lapel mic should you require them for your event. 
What type of music and how much of it do you have? I have thousands of tracks in my collection, which I have both digitally and on CD. I also have the ability to play from the Internet if there is a song request that I do not have on hand. My collection includes music of all kinds-Big Band/swing, oldies, beach music, Motown, classic rock, soft rock, jazz, country, contemporary Christian, 70s disco, 80s and 90s dance and rock, and hip hop (both past and current). I also subscribe to a music service that sends me the most current songs out every month, usually ahead of the radio stations. 
Do you take requests? I take requests but at the discretion of the customer. Especially at wedding receptions, people can be very selective about their musical format. I will not play anything you specifically state that you do not want to hear. 
Will you meet with me/us in person prior to the event? I would be more than happy to arrange a meeting at your convenience. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have via email, text, phone, conference call, and Face Time. 
How do you prepare for wedding receptions? I understand the importance of a wedding reception to the bride and groom. Just like you, I put weeks of preparation into each one. I speak with the couple and gather as much information and as many details as I can, helping me to make your special day the best it can be. I make sure to have any special dance songs and versions of songs you ask for. I look at your request lists to get a feel for what you would like your event to be like. I review the event timeline and also research your location and consider what equipment will be needed and how it should be set up. 
Can you edit a song for us? I recently was asked by a bride and groom if for their first dance song I could use the first verse, chorus, and then cut to the last verse seamlessly cutting out everything in between. I was able to do that for them and after editing this song, I sent it to the bride and groom prior to their event for approval. I can edit your special dance songs to fit your needs. 
Can you DJ my ceremony as well as my reception? Yes I can. If your ceremony is in a location different from your reception, I will use an additional sound system for the ceremony so that there is a seamless transition between the ceremony and your reception. 
Do you coordinate with the other vendors? Absolutely! A wedding is a team effort between the planner, DJ, caterer, photographer, videographer, etc. I always make an effort to make sure we are all on the same page throughout the event and that nothing happens without everyone being made aware. For example, making sure the champagne is served before the toasts begin. 
I hope you have found this information helpful! I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you! DJ Chuck (Charles Hedrick)

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