Ben is wonderful. My guests were raving about him!!

-Jill P.-

Hyatt Centric SouthPark
Charlotte, NC
Mar 11, 2023

Ben is fabulous! He is professional, punctual, polite and an amazing DJ! He is easy to communicate with and created the perfect dance party at our home for my husband's birthday. We had 100 guests ranging from 26 to 82 and it was over-the-top fun for everyone. Can't wait to have him back!


Private Residence
Huntsville, AL
Jan 07, 2023

We loved it and had an awesome time and so did everyone else. Ben Felton delivered on an amazing set and can't thank him enough for doing such a great job! Will definitely be recommending him to anyone else!

-Finn G.-

Foundation for the Carolinas
Charlotte, NC
Dec 17, 2022

Ben Felton is an amazing Dj!! All my guests were giving me complements on the music. His announcement voice for the bridal party was amazing! He took my lists of songs and he knew how to play them. I gave him some last minute songs and there was no issue; he can handle a sudden change. You can tell he really loves what he does. He can feel the vibe of the wedding and really know how to get and keep the party going! If he is available BOOK HIM! You will not regret it!

-Julie L.-

Rumbling Bald
Lake Lure, NC
Sep 02, 2022

DJ Ben is by far the best DJ I have experienced. I was at a friend's wedding as the best man and the first person to introduce/slash help us was Ben. Thank God for that because he basically ran the wedding for us dur to the property staff failing to keep up. He was extremely patient with us and truly helped make a wonderful night. He had everything you could think of requesting and made the experience that much more fun by reading the room and playing the perfect music.


Quartet club
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2022

I could not have asked for a more professional. Completely.understanding. and organized DJ. Ben was the LIFESAVER pf my wedding. Without him I believe that my wedding would have fell apart. He went above and beyond making sure my husband and I were okay, filled us in on times and organization of events for my wedding. I seriously can't express my gratitude enough. I would recommend 100000x to ANYONE and everyone. Absolutely phenomenal experience. We owe you Ben! Thank you so much!

-Lauren M.-

Philadelphia Quartet Club
Philadelphia, PA
May 28, 2022

Ben was AMAZING! He was extremely friendly, personable and professional. It was a pleasure having him DJ the awards banquet and would love to see him again next year.

-Jennifer S.-

Riviera Theater @ Charleston Place
Mar 02, 2022

We had a GREAT time! DJ Ben was fantastic - kids and adults had a blast. The party motivator was also awesome. Highly recommend both of them!

-Bethany M.-

Bar Mitzvah
Byrons South End
Charlotte, NC
Feb 26, 2022

Ben was absolutely spectacular. Would love to use him again. The party was everything I imagined and more. Thank you so very much. Absolute memories for a life time.

-Andrea -

Surprise Birthday Party
Charleston Place
Charleston, SC
Jan 21, 2022

DJ Ben Felton was awesome!! He helped us ring in the New Year 2022 at Market Hall in Downtown Raleigh. My friends and family were telling me after the wedding how much fun the DJ was. Thank you, Ben! We had a great time with you. He ran with the music on his own, that was my favorite part. We gave him the processional songs and the first dance songs, but he created the playlist for the rest of the night. It was fantastic!

-Jessica & Zachary -

Market Hall
Raleigh, NC
Dec 31, 2021

Ben was so wonderful to work with! Definitely a seasoned pro in the wedding industry. We met a few times before to discuss details and pin down some details. Overall highly recommend- he knew the crowd on the dance floor and kept them dancing all night! Had so many compliments

-Thu Le-

1705 East
Oct 30, 2021

So amazing! Thanks so much!

-Megan T.-

Wesley Cadle Events
Oct 15, 2021

OMG- he was PHENOMENAL! I was nervous about having a DJ over a band but by the end of the night people were talking about how he was better than a band! I couldn't have asked for someone more perfect. He did an excellent job! He was flexible, helpful and made me feel calm and relaxed. Thank you so much! We hope to use him again the next time we have a big shindig!

-Melanie C. -

Oct 02, 2021

Ben Felton was absolutely wonderful. We had the time of our lives!! He played great jams and on top of that was just a super kind human. We enjoyed having him! Appreciate your help with this. Thank you again!

-Katie M. -

Jun 27, 2021

Ben exceeded our expectations and made it an unforgettable night for our family! Even with a small group of 35 we still danced the night away with Ben. He was professional, timely, and everyone told me how impressed they were. Would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for an amazing DJ and entertainer!


May 08, 2021

Ben was amazing! He was so great to work with and knew exactly what songs to play! He kept us on the dance floor all night! We would recommend him to any couples looking for a wedding DJ!


Charleston, South Carolina
Apr 24, 2021

It was fantastic.....and ....Ben was great.....the family exploded with the joy of the wedding and I think with pent up demand to party...thanks so much for your help in getting Ben to the party!


Dec 12, 2020

Ben was FANTASTIC AS ALWAYS! He really played the BEST stuff for this crowd. What a guy! Rachelle, the person in HR, hopes we can get him again next year. I'll keep you posted on a date.

-Margeaux -

Event Planner
Dec 19, 2019

Ben was great so easy to work with and very accommodating!! Having the DJ and the girls’ specified playlist really did help jump start the dance floor. Thank you Reid for all of your help!!! It was a really fun night for everyone!!!

-Ellen H-

Debutante Ball
Nov 29, 2019

The Ball went well. The music went well and there was no noticeable break in the activity. The transitions were smooth. We were concentrating on smooth transitions and keeping the party going. The party kept going until the very end. Mission accomplished. Ben was a pro. He worked in a very tight space with other performers' equipment and was unfazed. Thank you again for all

-Rocky T-

Debutante Ball
Nov 29, 2019

Ben is the best! Can't wait to work with him again!


Event Planner
Aug 01, 2019

Ben did an excellent job. Even when the crowd was a little slow, he kept going and got people to participate. Good job mixing the music up. Would definitely use him again.

-Cindy S.-

Event Planner
Jul 15, 2019

DJ Ben was outstanding. Very professional and personable. After talking with him briefly about what we were expecting at our event, he dialed-in just the right sonic backdrop we envisioned. It was perfect! We've already recommended him to someone else for their mitzvah party.

-David S.-

Private Party
May 25, 2019

Everything went GREAT! We absolutely loved Ben. He was so flexible and helpful and funny. He had perfect music for all ages and he transitioned nicely into younger music when the older people left. We loved him! Thank you so much

-Mallory S.-

Corporate Event
May 14, 2019

Ben was great! He did a wonderful job balancing the diverse age-ranges in attendees with music that was fun for everyone. He took requests, kept things lively, and his set gave great ambiance. I HIGHLY recommend!!


Event Planner
May 14, 2019

It is always a pleasure to work with DJ Ben Felton. He is incredibly professional and accountable. He is also a problem solver. He will always be a go to for events for us. Thank you ECE for connecting us with him!

-PRI Productions-

Corporate Event
May 05, 2019

Thanks Ben! The kids all had a blast and you did a great job of keeping the party rolling! I personally cannot remember but one or two actual songs played (the bride/groom /parents dances - and Cupid Shuffle!) BUT, I know your selection was spot on, as everyone danced - A LOT!! Thanks you - and it was a pleasure to meet you!

-Missy D.-

Apr 20, 2019

Braden and I just wanted to thank you one more time for doing such a fantastic job at the wedding and for being so helpful throughout the whole process. Our friends and family are still talking about how great the dance party was. If there is anywhere we could leave you a review, we would be happy to do so. Thanks again, and we hope your new year is off to a great start.

-Alex & Braden-

Bride & Groom
Dec 31, 2018

Ben and team were WONDERFUL! From the initial phone call, through the planning process, and on site at the event, Ben was a true professional who inspired confidence. He was professional, responsive, showed up early, and happily dealt with last minute requests. Plus he kept folks dancing all night long! Ben is five star!


Jun 16, 2018

Ben was fantastic!!!!! His set up was perfect. Such a good guy.


Apr 13, 2018

I can not begin to express my love and appreciation for Ben's talent on Saturday. I had so many people (literally everyone that talked about him) come up to me telling me he was amazing. Non-stop fun, excellent mixer, awesome DJ, and so much more. He was the absolute life of the party!!! He was beyond respectful, professional, friendly and I could not have imagined my wedding going any better. He was part of the glue that held my whole vision and dream in tact. I spent months looking and visualizing the vibe I wanted throughout the day and he not only fulfilled that vision he went above and beyond to make it even better then what I could have imagined. He personalized for me, he took into account what I wanted, his assistant helped and was absolutely seamless in transitions, he was quick on his feet to improvise and he did it all with a calm and respectful tone. I would recommend him in a heart beat to any of my friends in the future. I was so glad we were able to have him! I loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for guiding me to him!

-Sabrina B.-

Mar 17, 2018

Ben was phenomenal - he did a great job. He was a pleasure to work with, was very professional, and exceeded all expectations. Thanks again for referring him - everything was perfect. I will definitely let you know next time I need something in the area and pass your name along to anyone who asks that might need some help. The event was great. Thanks for everything!

-Tim B.-

Event Planner
Aug 26, 2017

Everything was perfect! Ben was such a gentleman! He required no assistance, and the music was great! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!

-Jerry W.-

Private Party
Jul 20, 2017

Ben was amazing on Saturday. I'm sure he'll tell you I was a pain but I was only trying to make the bride and groom happy. (And Geno, of course!) He was a wonderful announcer, DJ, and took everything in stride, which I really appreciated. I definitely want to use him in the future for DJ gigs. I'll let you know when the opportunity arises. (And I promise not to micro-manage). Thanks for the recommendation! He made the night extra special!


Wedding Planner
Jul 15, 2017

Words can not describe how pleased we were with the way our evening turned out thanks to your wonderful help.

I could not have planned your level of professionalism, accuracy in reading the crowd and keeping everyone in the highest spirits and on the dance floor way past your scheduled time. I made little to no contribution as far as song selections were concerned and you knew exactly what we wished to dance to, I asked for "some sort of light set up" and you made our house look in the most amazing way.

Thank you so very much. This was the party we will not forget and your tremendous contribution to the success of it was the key.

The question is not if, it is when, we need a DJ service again, we will not think for even a second to ask anyone else to help us. It will have to be you again!


Birthday Party
Oct 07, 2016

It was wonderful! Our group just raved about how much fun they all had.  They sang, danced and just had a ball.  Ben was WONDERFUL!! I would highly recommend and use his services again.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Thanks so much for your assistance!


Corporate Event
Jul 23, 2016

Ben was fabulous! He is personable and professional. Seriously, the best wedding DJ that I have heard play and believe me, i have been to numerous weddings to judge. Even my dad who has been in the entertainment business for over thirty plus years was beyond impressed. Terry Lee Evans, our quick and knowledgeable agent, said Ben was the best, and boy, he was not wrong! Even with rain tampering the start times of our wedding ceremony which Ben helped cue music transitions through, he stayed flexible and positive throughout it all. Ben kept music flowing perfectly from appetizers, to first dances, then to eating of the food. When it was time to dance, that dance floor was packed. It was not dead for 3 hours straight. Ben was able to do music transitions that i never heard of. There was never a time where there was no music. Ben is a perfect entertainment vendor!

-Samantha H.-

Charleston Wedding
Charleston, South Carolina
Jun 17, 2016

everything was great...thank you


Corporate Holiday Party
Rifle Club
Charleston, South Carolina
Dec 18, 2015

To answer your question, the entertainment was fantastic!  DJ Ben exceeded our expectations and we had an absolute blast at the wedding!  Everyone was talking to us afterwards about how great the music was and he had everyone out on the dance floor the entire night which is what we wanted.  He was a perfect match for us as we wanted an upbeat and fun atmosphere for our wedding and he helped us accomplish that.  I will highly recommend Ben and EastCoast Entertainment in the future.  

In addition to Ben, we really appreciate your assistance as well, Steve.  You were always very prompt in addressing our open items and were well organized and professional throughout the entire process.  So, thank you as well, Steve.


Pepper Plantation
Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct 18, 2015

Ben was an excellent choice to DJ our wedding. We kept going back and forth between having a DJ or a band and after working with Ben, we wouldn't have changed a thing. He was extremely friendly, easy to get in touch with and helpful during the planning process. We knew that we wanted to keep everyone in the dance floor during the reception and he provided us with great suggestions that worked perfectly and kept my mind at ease the entire evening! We continue to get pictures of people out on the dance floor and compliments on the dance music. Ben was more than willing to take song suggestions during the evening, he was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a dance party wedding reception!


Savannah, Georgia
Sep 06, 2015

Just wanted to thank DJ Ben F for such an amazing experience on our wedding day! Everything went perfectly and I can't tell you how many compliments we had on our wonderful DJ. Once the music started one left the dance floor! I will def give your name to others in the future!!!!

It was so nice to have such an amazing DJ that worked with us so well throughout the day. My wedding coordinator along with my mother and mother in law talked about how nice MY DJ was :) 

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 11, 2015


Thanks again for your help that you have provided for me. Without you this event wouldn't have been what it was. 

Now, regarding DJ Ben Felton, he was an awesome time! From the moment I walked into Ricks and saw everything he had set up I was already impressed. The music he played was on par with what everybody is enjoying in the modern day. I've gotten numerous "congratulations on a great event" and that "the DJ was awesome" so I know that everyone had a great time. From start to finish it was packed out and we are hoping to have him again around the same time next year. I would definitely recommend Ben to anybody who needs a fantastic DJ. After all ended, Ben and I had a casual conversation and he sounded just as excited as the people attending our Philanthropy event. Ben is a stand up guy and we are all glad he was able to come down to the great city of Starkvegas.


College Event
Starksville, Mississippi
Mar 21, 2015


Thank you again for introducing Ben to SunTrust, and to me personally.  He is absolutely fabulous.  Each of our rallies had its own personality and Ben was able to pick up on this and continue to entertain the crowd, no matter who was the audience.  His flexibility and willingness to please our crowd was amazing.  He is truly a rockstar!!!! 

I will gladly hire Ben to entertain our peeps again!!!

Thank you again for flawless execution, and a wonderful partnership.

Make it a great day!!!!

-Jo Ellen-

Corporate Event
Orlando, Florida
Feb 18, 2015

Ben was awesome! He exceeded all of my expectations. I was very impressed! We would love to hire him again in the future. The party was a huge success. He really did a great job of reading the room.


Corporate Holiday Party
Dec 20, 2014

Sorry for the long time to reply. We are back from our vacation and things are finally settling down and getting back to normal. Ben did a fantastic job and we really appreciated him working around some of the kinks and changes we had. Thank you both very much for helping make our day great!


Oct 11, 2014

Just wanted to send another BIG thank you for doing such an amazing job at the reception! I will be sure to recommend you as we have a friend of a friend who I think is planning a wedding in HH in OCT.

Thanks all for making it such an AMAZING wedding!


Jun 21, 2014

You completely changed my outlook on DJs. You were AWESOME!! Definitely looking forward to working with you again.


Wedding Planner
Jun 21, 2014

DJ Ben was absolutely fabulous. Couldn't ask for a better dj. Very professional and FUN. Thanks for everything.


May 24, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that I have received tons of compliments about you since the wedding. I really appreciate how responsive you were during the reception - you were really great. I had a wonderful time and all of the guests did as well.

Thanks again!


Apr 26, 2014

Just wanted to send a very heart felt thank you for the great work you did DJ-ing our wedding this past weekend. My guests were going on and on about how great of a job you did. We loved how you actually mixed songs instead of just playing them back to back. I can tell you really enjoy what you do.

Hopefully you could tell I was having a blast!! Thank you again!!

Carrie R. (March 22nd, 2014)
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Event


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Event
Mar 22, 2014

He was absolutely awesome and I couldn't possibly be more pleased!! Attentive, responsive, kept the party moving and made sure that our guests all had a good time!!



Bar Mitzvah
Mar 01, 2014

Just a quick response. Ben was absolutely wonderful! We will recommend him to everyone we know. He was professional, ready to please, and the set up was amazing. The children loved him and so did we.
We would give him a 10 out of 10.

Thanks for the great recommendation. We will be giving you all a call whenever we need someone to entertain us. (It might be a while, but you are the first to be called!!)


Bar Mitzvah
Dec 28, 2013

We are just getting back from the honeymoon and I just wanted to let you know it would have been a fraction of the celebration without you. When we wrote down our priorities for the wedding, having a packed dancefloor for the entire reception was #1 on our list. I knew when we heard you playing downtown 8 months ago that you were the man for the job, and you did not disappoint. Your song selection was great and every transition was seamless (very important to me). Once I looked your way to give a thumbs up but you were completely in the zone (I hope the photographer got some pics of this). One of Jen's favorite statements of the evening was when she walked up to the booth, and you responded "whatever it is, the answer is yes". I hope you had as much fun as we did and hope that we can work together again in the future.

Again, thank you for playing such a large role in making our big day unforgettable.

-Kellen and Jennifer-

Aug 31, 2013

The party Monday was a success! The clients were very happy with the event and DJ Ben did a great job. The dance floor was packed most of the evening. Thank you very much for your assistance and we hope to call you again soon for more events.


Kuoni Destination Management Event
Jan 01, 2013

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with Ben’s work at the Empire Room Friday night. The dance was a complete success — I mean the kids had a sensational time from start to finish — and although the Empire Room turned out to be a much better venue than I’d expected, it was really the music that made it so spectacularly successful. Ben was friendly, professional, and teenager-appropriate, and although we were always happy with Jeff Scott, Ben is, very honestly, much better! Just about every kid danced almost continuously all night—which definitely does not always happen.

David R.


High School Event
Jan 01, 2013

Ben was outstanding. Everything about the night was wonderful, and the music was no exception. Plus, Ben was so nice both before our wedding and the night of the reception. The dance floor was full all night long! Thank you


Oct 13, 2012

Ben was great to work with. He did bring the screens, and the kids loved it all. Also, Ben called me the week before the event, and we discussed all aspects. He was extremely flexible and accommodated our requests, for specific music, overall presentation, etc. The kids had a great time. It all worked perfectly. A great guy, and a perfect DJ for our event. I will recommend him to any upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah parents. - Thank you


Bar Mitzvah
Jun 18, 2011

I think things went very smoothly overall. The turnout was pretty good, and Ben really stole the show. I didn't hear anything but very positive comments about him. He played 70's music at the beginning just like we wanted and did a good job of mixing and matching and then late in the night he knew when to turn to some "skeezy" rap. I think everyone was really impressed and he was definitely worth the money. If we're in need of another DJ I'm sure the house would love to have him back. Thanks for your help. Thanks again.


College Event
Nov 15, 2008