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Who is Dindi? So rich is the sky, filled with millions of clouds wandering by… Where do they go? I don\’t know,… I don\’t know. The wind speaks to the leaves, telling stories which no one believes. Stories of love and light; belonging to you and to me. Dindi is the song of the wind, it\’s a dance with the trees. It is how a heart sings when you\’re with me, happy. Just like a river that constantly finds the deep blue sea. That would be we, Dindi !

Bringin\’ together peoples and music from all the world \’round, Dindi feels good and rocks positive vibrations since 2011. Won\’t find a nicer melody, nor a deeper pocket groove than it, no matter where ya look. Music is far da peoples, chile! Dindi is da peoples far da music.

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