We were extremely happy with the Band's performance. Numerous guests commented that DRB was the best band they have ever heard at a wedding! Each band member was extremely personable and professional and the music was awesome! They definitely understood the vibe we were going for and made our wedding day extremely memorable. Jim Arrendell was also incredibly easy to work with. Overall, we had a great experience with this company. I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you!!

-Morgan G.-

Weaver house
Weaverville, NC
Nov 13, 2021

The band definitely exceeded our expectations! They were great. We received several compliments on the band from our guests. The song list was perfect and the band members are very talented and friendly too! If ever again we need a live band, or if someone is looking for entertainment, we would be happy to recommend the Diamond River band.


The Farm
Candler , NC
Nov 12, 2021

Could not have asked for a better band for our wedding! Our families are dancers and they kept us on the floor all night! Dave was great to work with and seamlessly accommodated our special requests. Our guests could not stop raving about the band! Thank you all for sharing your talents to make our celebration so perfect!

-Spencer W.-

Knoxville, TN
Oct 16, 2021

Diamond River Band was beyond fantastic. Great musicians! They were delightful to deal with. Dave was meticulous in every detail to make sure everything during the night went off without a hitch. They did everything we asked of them and more, from the ceremony music, the cocktail hour music, and then rocking out on the dance floor for the rest of the night. Loved that they had an MC who guided the sequence of events of the evening. I wish I had another daughter, because I would have them play the wedding. All our guests couldn't stop talking about the band and the music, which was evidenced by the crowded dance floor all night long! 10 out of 10 stars for Dave and his band! Thank you so much!

-Amy T.-

Mother of the Bride
Sep 25, 2021

You guys were incredible. We can't thank you enough for making our wedding celebration... the absolute time of our life! We loved the energy, the exceptional talent, and the warm hearted joy that you guys brought. You guys are amazing and such incredible entertainers. We really can't thank you enough for being apart of our special day. Our guests are still talking about how amazing and talented you guys were.!! Exceptional night with an exceptional team!

-The Depasquales-

Aug 24, 2021

Thank you! Diamond River Band was awesome! Everybody had a wonderful time and we got many compliments on their performance. I would recommend them to anyone. I also want to mention how fantastic their rendition of ""These are the days"" was...they learned the song for our first dance and it was so so special.

-Kemper B.-

Jul 23, 2021

DRB was absolutely amazing! They can literally perform any genre or song! They have incredible range and played a really diverse set. Everyone young and old was out on the dance floor. They were the number one compliment we got about our wedding and were worth every penny! They also played a dinner set so played for over 3 hours. Can’t recommend them enough!!


Charlotte, North Carolina
Jun 12, 2021

Our guests could not stop raving about Diamond River Band! Their song selection was perfect, and I can't believe we actually worried about keeping guests on the dance floor...We definitely had to drag a few away at the end of the night. I'll be doing reviews later this week when I readjust to real life. Thank you so much for working with us; I am so glad we were able to make things work even with the COVID postponement.


May 01, 2021

The band was excellent, they were very easy to work with and had fantastic attitudes, we would use them again for sure!


Corporate Event
Mar 31, 2021

I cannot thank you enough. The band did an amazing job learning our songs. We received so many comments as to their talent. Guests noted at times they struggled with differentiating between the band and the recorded version because they did such a great job with each song. I could not have asked for a more fun and talented group. Having a covid wedding was challenging and having a group so professional and talented just helped make it all we could have wished for. Great energy and just an absolute great experience. I cannot thank them enough!

-Carolyn & Joe-

Nov 07, 2020

DRB played at our wedding on 3/14/20 and they were amazing. We were excited about them from their videos because they have both male and female vocalists but also the immense range of songs they cover. They were definitely the focal point as the dance floor was always packed. Our venue and stage/dance floor were slightly smaller but it had the feel of a live concert; I found myself stopping on the dance floor and just watching and listening to them almost as much as I was dancing. They can pretty much play anything and even learned a song for our first dance. They were extremely professional, polite, well-dressed, and easy to work with. Honestly, our only wedding regrets were not having a videographer and not having an extra venue hour so that we could have enjoyed the band and dance floor more! I will even say that they weren't our first choice just because we had local favorites we tried to get first and didn't know DRB/couldn't see them in person prior to booking, but that's not to take anything away from them because they were every bit as good as their reviews and music videos!


Mar 14, 2020

Your band was insanely good! Y’all did an amazing job and Josh takes back about your singing partner...her voice is incredible! Thank you so much for making the best day of our lives just perfect. We had friends from Los Angeles to Texas to Charleston, NYC and Boston and they all raved about the band and asking where you were from!!! Can’t thank y’all enough!

-Gannon & Josh-

Bride & Groom
Dec 14, 2019

The band was AMAZING!! Everyone was raving about how awesome they were and were shocked when I told them I had no involvement in their set list! They absolutely exceeded our expectations; I did not get to speak with them too much but Chad did, before hand, and he has not stopped talking about how personable and professional they all were! We will absolutely recommend Diamond River and ECE to anyone who ever asks! Thank you again for helping make our wedding day

-Bridget B-

Oct 26, 2019

Truly the best wedding band I've ever seen! We did not leave the dance floor the entire night and they really helped create a night we will never forget. Thanks for everything!

-Timothy D.-

Aug 17, 2019

Thank you so much for helping me find and secure Diamond River Band. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and they killed the performance. 5 stars all around. Thanks for making me look good ;)

-Gina M.-

Wedding Planner
Aug 04, 2019

AMAZING!!! The band had tight vocals and instruments, lots of energy, a perfect set list, a great ability to read the room, and they even looked really cool. Our friends had SO MUCH FUN!! I'd suggest a giant "Diamond River Band" banner behind them because everyone wanted to know who they were. No one was ready for the night to end. Also, many thanks to Dave for setting up sound for the wedding ceremony. It was exactly what we needed. The next time we need a band, we will look no further! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

-Robert B.-

Jun 01, 2019

I'm reaching out to tell you exactly how amazing y'all made our wedding day. (Ours was June 1st at The Farm.) When I first set out to choose a band, I watched about 800 promo videos, and they were all starting to blur together. When I saw y'all's, something clicked. I just had a really good feeling. I loved your sound. You were even better in person, and no one would stop talking about y'all for about two weeks. Robby and I were blown away, my parents were blown away, and every time I talked to my mom on the phone, she would bring up how so-and-so called her to say that they loved the wedding and WOW the band was just fantastic. There's just something unique about y'all's sound. Also! I literally broke my foot while dancing during one of the songs toward the end of the night. Snapped a metatarsal right in half. Needed surgery and everything. I kept dancing because I just couldn't stop. I've been on crutches all summer and it was completely worth it. Your music was so good that it became a medical issue. I just still can't get over how fantastic you were and want to tell everyone in America to book you. Thanks for all you do.

-Hannah B.-

Jun 01, 2019

Diamond River is very talented and experienced. They can perform a variety of music with professional skill. I would highly recommend them for your special event. They helped us with a charity fundraiser and it was smooth and very enjoyable. Want them to return next year.


Corporate Event
Apr 26, 2019

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Diamond River Band was awesome this past weekend! Really unique and were seriously the perfect match for this couple. Dave was a great contact beforehand and definitely he wanted to make sure he was prepared which I so appreciate! :)

-Sarah Beth T.-

Wedding Planner
Apr 20, 2019

RAVE! reviews of the band! Our Chairman and CEO LOOOVEEDDD them!!! Thank you guys so much!!!

-Ashley J.-

Corporate Event
Apr 13, 2019

We absolutely loved Diamond River Band. They mastered the classics, while still providing a unique and fresh sound. My husband and I (and our guests) didn't want to stop dancing. From working with Dave in the beginning to the last song of the wedding reception, it was a FIVE STAR experience, hands down. Thanks to Diamond River, we experienced an unforgettable reception with many memories on the dance floor. Thank you!!!

-Whitney & Robert J.-

Bride & Groom
Mar 02, 2019

The band was fabulous and easy to work with! They kept our only indoor party location packed all night!


New Years Eve Event
Dec 31, 2018

Oh my goodness - this band was INCREDIBLE! Every single one of our guests could not say enough about how amazing they were. They had so much energy - I don't think I've ever spent so much time on the dance floor at a wedding! Such a great experience - from booking them to the day of - Jim and the band were so easy to work with and so accommodating. Seriously, booking them was the best decision we made for our big day!

-Kelsey V.-

Dec 08, 2018

Thank you so much! We are so blessed to have so many people who care about us and who were there to celebrate with us. Diamond River Band was AWESOME. We had several compliments how it was the best wedding anyone has ever been to and it was definitely because of DRB! They found our mood and played along with it. It was awesome. They exceeded our expectations for sure. Take care and thank you so much for all that you have done to make our wedding the best it could ever be!

-Erica F.-

Nov 17, 2018

Diamond River Band is hands down the most amazing wedding band! And honestly just best band in general. They played at my wedding last month and they rocked the place! Our venue had to kick us out we wanted to keep partying with the band, there was even an encore! I cannot say enough good things about them! So amazing! Thank you guys for making my wedding awesome, we really appreciate you!

-Paige H.-

Sep 29, 2018

You guys were awesome! I'm so glad we picked you; having you play absolutely made the reception. People really got up and danced. Great voices, great music. I would recommend you highly and wish we could have another wedding soon so we could dance to your music again!

-William J.-

Aug 25, 2018

I am still smiling from my big party! It was a terrific evening - everything went perfectly. I can’t say enough positive things about Diamond River Band!!!!!!! The band was absolutely incredible - everyone was impressed with their vocals and the full sound. A number of guests have asked me for their - and your - contact information. Dave and the other band members couldn’t have been kinder and more celebratory with me. Really, I was so happy with them. I wish they could play in my backyard each month! Thank you for making this recommendation and for orchestrating the arrangements.

-Karen K.-

Private Party
Aug 18, 2018

You all did a fabulous job entertaining at my daughters wedding on Saturday. We could not have asked for any better! Each of you are so talented and professional. Thank you for your superb performance! Fred and Susan

-Fred A.-

Father Of The Bride
Jun 23, 2018

Diamond River Band was amazing! Not only were they extremely talented and played very well to our crowd, they were exceptional professionals on the business side as well. Everyone raved about how much fun they had at our event and I certainly attribute that feedback to the awesome Diamond River Band. I hope to work with them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Jun 22, 2018

They were friendly and professional! Their performance was awesome. All-around they were easy to work with and very “go with the flow”.

-Mary B.-

Wedding Planner
May 26, 2018

This band was AWESOME! They played a lot of crowd favorites and played them well. It's amazing how many different genres of music they could cover in one night and the music sounded clean and crisp. They were extremely professional and exciting to watch.

-Mike B.-

Asheville Concert Series
May 05, 2018