CBDB absolutely killed it this past Saturday evening. I had high expectations leading up to the event, as I'd both heard good things about the band, and checked out their music, and still they completely blew me away. Their high energy rock/jam performance was just what we needed and the crowd and dance floor stayed busy the entire evening. I still have people coming up to me to tell me how good the band was or to ask the name of the band so that they can continue to listen to their music.

In addition to the amazing amount of talent and energy the guys brought, they were also a pleasure to have and hang out with. Their impressive solos, be it on guitar, percussion, keyboard or the sax, will leave you wanting more and it was one of the better shows I've witnessed. In short, if you want to have a party you cannot go wrong with this group of guys, and I see big things in CBDB's future.


Greek Event
Mar 29, 2014