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One of the most popular bands to ever come out of the Carolinas, The Catalinas have enjoyed continued success for over 35 years. The band is known for their recordings, their thousands of live performances including many concerts, and the antics of their very lively shows.

An early recording success was You Haven’t The Right which was released in 1967 on Scepter Records. The year the public began associating The Catalinas with summertime and Myrtle Beach was 1975 when the group released the hit record Summertime’s Calling Me. It was 1980 before the band followed with the Summertime’s Calling Me album which included single releases of Dancin’ – Romancin’ and Facts of Love and a remake of You Haven’t The Right.

The Catalinas are managed internally by Gary Barker of Statesville, North Carolina, who has been in the band for over 30 years. Gary is the guitarist and does much of the vocals. The other members of The Catalinas are: Barry Duke, lead vocals and sax; Jeppy White, vocals and trombone; Bob Nantz, vocals and trumpet; Ronnie Gittens, vocals and keyboard; Bruce Flynn, drums; and Ed Mann, vocals and bass guitar.

The latest recording effort is the release of The Catalinas Anthology CD, which goes back to the beginning, with recordings from the band back in the early 1960’s up to present. If you like Beach Music – You’ll love this new CD!

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