From a planner perspective, they were great. A pleasure to work with and the dance floor was packed most of the evening! :)


The Line DC
Washington, DC
Aug 27, 2022

Broadsound was INCREDIBLE. We had so much fun and they kept the life of the party at 11 out of 10. A number of our guests said that they were the best band they’ve heard at any wedding. We thanked Aaron profusely at the end, it truly was an incredible night and we are so happy that Broadsound performed at our wedding.

-David & Anna-

Annapolis, MD
Jun 04, 2022

Everyone was blown away by the band, I mean I can't tell you how many people kept pulling me aside to comment on how amazing you all were. The band was super tight and the range of songs was great, nothing negative to say. The new singers were outstanding (I'm sorry I don't know their names) but they both brought a ton of energy and interacted well with the audience. The Jackson 5 and Whitney Houston songs were stand outs for me from them. I wish I could have seen more of the cocktail hour but I was running around working the party. Thanks for covering my request (including the multiple Prince songs), you all killed it. I'm not sure if you all could see to the back of the room, but when Jean Francis was singing AC/DC people were totally floored. I could call out everyone, but this could go on forever. But as a drummer (no where near Jon's talent) I wanted to say I always enjoy watching Jon work the kit. Thanks again!

-Bill Jensen, Motorola Solutions-

Corporate Event
MGM National Harbor
National Harbor, MD
Dec 10, 2021

We couldn’t say enough good things for Broadsound. They were PERFECT - so fun, really played to the crowd, and everything sounded great. Our friends and family were talking about them the whole night and next day. I would have given my life savings to have them play another 3 hours. Everyone was asking us how we found them, where they were from, etc. They really made the party. I would recommend them to all of our friends except we are pretty much the last wedding.


Aug 07, 2021

The wedding turned into a concert/dance party extravaganza. The entire group was on the dance floor singing along and enjoying the entertainment provided by this group. So many eclectic selections, there was something for everyone. We really were so very impressed - music makes every moment better, Broadsound makes it best!


Stevensville , Maryland
May 08, 2021

BroadSound was great and hit the mark spot on musically in every respect. I enjoyed working through everything with you and appreciate your positive approach. BroadSound has now performed at both of my daughter’s weddings, and I will highly recommend them to anyone.


Oct 11, 2020