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Size & Elements:

6 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, 2 Guitar/Lead Male Vocalists, Keys, Bass, Drums. Available Add-Ons: Violin/Fiddle.

Additional Instrument(s) Available

Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)

Ceremony Music

Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

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artist bio:

With incredible vocal harmonies, funky dance rhythms, and scorching guitar, Blaze the City captures audiences and sets the room on fire with their performance. Playing Pop, Funk, Top 40 Dance, Rock, Country, Blues, Motown, and everything in between, Blaze the City combines decades of performance, ability, and passion to provide the best entertainment for your next event. 

Offering a dynamic range of professional experience, Blaze the City’s musicians have showcased musical theatre productions and opened for major sporting events. All have enjoyed long careers as professional musicians and entertainers performing alongside a wide range of well-known artists and audiences that included international corporate heads, NFL owners, sports legends, and former US Presidents. 
Blaze the City delivers musicianship, song choice, and professionalism to provide a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. With Blaze the City, you guarantee your event’s success!

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