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5 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, Guitar/Male Vocals, Bass, Vocals/Keyboard, Drums

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A Marriage of Melody.

Blair’s West was formed out of love by husband and wife duo, Beau and Blair, and has grown into one of the top roots-rock party bands in the region.

Their formative years in Nashville were spent touring the world with country megastars and refining their craft in the Honkytonks of Broadway. The passion they put into playing covers for 8+ hours a day led to unique takes on classic songs and an unmatched energy and crowd interaction.

From The Beatles to the Eagles, Bon Jovi to Zac Brown, and Maren Morris to Merle Haggard, they fill the dance floor with their surprising sets of eclectic hits delivered with a touch of Tennessee twang and irresistible enthusiasm.

Whether it be a formal affair or a backyard party, Blair’s West has the sound and personality to turn a crowd into family.

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