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Size & Elements:

12 Piece: 5 Lead Vocalists (2 male, 3 female), Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Two Trumpets, Sax.

Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)
Ceremony Music
Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music
Offers Continuous Live Music

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artist bio:

As a 12-piece band with 5 incredible frontline singers, 3 vibrant horns, and a full rhythm section, The Black & Blue Experience dazzle on stage and keep everyone out of their seats all night long.

No matter the event, The Black & Blue Experience bring their elegant and sophisticated flair to a diverse list of songs including Motown, R&B, Soul, Dance, and Contemporary genres. Their song-to-song continuity and high-energy choreography keeps the crowd engaged from the first note to the last dance.

Friendly, courteous, and fun at all stages of your event planning, The Black and Blue experience is the right band for you!

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