Oh what a night! Biggest complaint we had was that everyone was sad when band had to stop. All I have heard is how FABULOUS they were and set the tone for an incredible night. The process from my end was so very supportive and professional. Atlanta Rhythm & Groove is 5stars!


Idle Hour Country Club
Macon, GA
Feb 24, 2023

They were amazing! Great to work with! Good communication, great performance. Thanks!

-Lauren P.-

Whitney Bowan Events
The Mill and Mine
Knoxville, TN
Jan 28, 2023

Rick, They were FABULOUS! Just the best! A crowd favorite always. The wedding was perfect!! Thank you for emailing me. Merry Christmas!

-Robin P.-

Mother of the Bride
Hargray Capitol Theatre
Macon, GA
Dec 17, 2022

Atlanta Rhythm & Groove is a FABULOUS party band! They are talented, fun, entertaining and a crowd favorite. We LOVED having them at my son's wedding five years ago and again for my daughter's wedding in December 2022! They play all the favorites and keep the party going. They are easy to work with; I highly recommend them for any wedding or party!

-Robin -

Dec 17, 2022

Lucky we found them! We were so blessed to find Willie Green and Atlanta Rhythm & Groove! We were in a pinch as our previously committed band decommitted. Willie made it happen and they were absolutely amazing. Personable, fun and had people dancing every time they played a note! We love these guys! Highly recommend.

-Brad W.-

Dec 10, 2022

You are the best there is! You played and performed for my daughter’s wedding at Old Edwards in Highlands NC and no one ever sat down again once you played the first song ! Blessed and grateful for ARG!

-Cathy M.-

Dec 03, 2022

AR&G was awesome! You hit another home run for us. Willie Green was great to work with and the band kept everyone on the dance floor (all night long…..as Lionel Richie would say). A great band makes a great party and AR&G checked that box.


Oct 28, 2022

Hey Steve, AR&G was awesome! You hit another home run for us. Willie Green was great to work with and the band kept everyone on the dance floor (all night long…..as Lionel Richie would say). A great band makes a great party and AR&G checked that box. Carrie and Baxley were very pleased. Thanks again, U R DA Man!


Augusta Country Club
Augusta, GA
Oct 22, 2022

They were awesome! Willie is a gem!!

-M Elizabeth Events-

Springhouse Restaurant
Alexander City, AL
May 07, 2022

Willie Green and his band could not have been more fun. This is the second time we have used them for our two daughter's weddings. They know their crowd and know just what to play for them Everyone danced all night!

-Isabel D.-

Lowndes Grove Plantation
Jan 08, 2022

"Fantastic! We could not be more pleased. Willie Green and his band were professional and yet personal throughout the day/night. All of our guests were impressed and had a great time. I feel like they were friends performing for us on our special occasion. They read the crowd perfectly and timed every song to enhance the mood. I feel like I should book another event just to see them perform. Our wedding planner told us afterward you were the best and easiest to work with band she had encountered. WIllie, if you ever need a reference feel free to contact me. Please pass along my thanks to all the members of your band. They were FANTASTIC. What a show!"

-Callie & Ben-

Greenville, SC
Oct 30, 2021

The band was fantastic!! Everyone loves them. I can’t wait to send you some pics... You know we will definitely recommend you and your entertainment company to friends. Atlanta Rhythm and Groove were absolutely the best. The dance floor stayed packed the whole evening.

-Peggie -

Mother of the Bride
Apr 17, 2021

The band was terrific! So many people told us it was the best wedding band they’d ever seen.

-Tyler B.-

Piedmont Driving Club
Atlanta, GA
Feb 26, 2021

My Clients were VERY VERY PLEASED with "Atlanta Rhythm & Groove's" recent performance at their Wedding Reception here in Atlanta on SAT, FEB 6th, 2021. Great Music, Energetic Show and lots of stage appeal. The Dance Floor was full all night. Everyone had a blast! Excellent Wedding Band!! Willie and ATLANTA RHYTHM & GROOVE did an excellent job! Good folks, too. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to create a totally memorable event, whether a Wedding Reception, Corporate or Private event. Bottom Line: ATLANTA RHYTHM & GROOVE does not Disappoint! Many thank you's and "thumbs up" for a sensational show!!


Feb 06, 2021

Thank you so much Willie and the rest of the band for everything at William and I's wedding on January 11, 2020! You all did a great job of getting everyone out on the dance floor and kept up the energy throughout the whole night! Could not have asked for a better band for our wedding! Thank you so much again for everything!

-Ruth I-

Jan 11, 2020

On behalf of all of the hosts, I thank you for a most entertaining evening!! Your professionalism during your set up, performance and break down were very much appreciated. You played everyone’s favorite songs and you kept the guests highly entertained for the entire evening. Bravo! It truly was a wonderful evening for everyone. We continue to receive inquiries regarding your band and we have gladly directed all interests in your direction. Compliments abound from both young and old. Thank you for helping to make our evening so special. We are happy to support the Atlanta Rhythm and Groove Band. Happy New Year and the best to you all in 2020!!

-Catherine M-

Debutante Party
Dec 20, 2019

They were perfect! Everyone had a wonderful night and we appreciated all of your efforts to make it such a special event. Thank you and take care


St. Simons Cotillion Club
Nov 30, 2019

We can’t begin to thank you enough for making the evening such a huge success. People are still talking about what an incredible time they had and how amazing y’all were! My father-in-law said, and I quote, “forget the wedding, I’d have come just to see the band play, they were so good!” 😂 Y’all were a huge hit and were so wonderful to work with - thank you so, SO much. We had an incredible evening and you all really set the tone for that. It’d be my pleasure to recommend you to any friends/ family (I’m sure they’ll be asking after having such an amazing time at our wedding)! Thank you again and please be sure to pass my note of thanks along to the rest of the band as well. Y’all are the very best!

-Breea S-

Oct 26, 2019

Great show band! The dance floor was filled all night. 10/10 review.

-Ed & Jane-

Bride & Groom
Oct 19, 2019

Atlanta Rhythm and Groove absolutely blew the roof off the house during our wedding. One of the things we were dead set on going into the wedding was having an awesome band that got the whole crowd dancing - and ARG nailed it. I can't say enough good things about ECE, ARG and providing input into all of the things we loved in a band. I still have friends and family asking for the band name and people interested for future weddings. Thank you so much - you truly made our big day that much more special by creating such a fun atmosphere and being easy to work with from the start!

-Caitlin & Patrick-

Bride & Groom
May 11, 2019

They were A plus! So professional! Everybody loved them! They never took a break! Crowds of people dancing for hours! I will always recommend! Thanks for working with us!

-Laura B.-

Cotillion Club
Apr 12, 2019

There aren’t enough words to describe how WONDERFUL the band was. Every single person couldn’t stop raving about them! We had an absolute blast and would hire them again if we had to. Seriously, so perfect!


Dec 15, 2018

I wanted to pass along to you what a fantastic night Saturday was. We expected a lot out of Atlanta Rhythm and Groove, but they somehow exceeded expectations! I can see them playing at a lot of future weddings and parties in Athens, Charlotte and everywhere else a guest may have been from. Certainly a night that we will never forget!

-Mark W.-

Father Of The Bride
Dec 15, 2018

We had a blast with them!! I want to iron out dates for next year but we definitely want to have them back if possible. They were a joy to work with.

-Tracie M.-

Corporate Event
Dec 08, 2018

We had an amazing reception in part because ARG was fabulous! We have had numerous complements and several guests with up coming weddings that wanted more information. We passed along ARG’s contact information and yours. Thank you for helping make Aubrey and Jeffrey’s night so special.

-Donna B.-

Mother of the Bride
Nov 17, 2018

I wanted you to know that we were blown away by your band. Literally you were the talk of the night. Soooooo many people came up to me, to Josie and to Matt to rave about the band. I heard people say that by far that was the best band they had heard in a wedding yet. I am so so thankful that I found you guys online. The energy you created in that room was amazing. You are a class A-1-A band and we will be eternally grateful for the memories we will make of that very special night. Again thank you and the entire band.

-Mercy L.-

May 26, 2018

There are no words to describe y’all other than amazing! You were exactly what we were looking for and went above and beyond! When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE was talking about the band and that you were the best band they have heard. If fact, a dear friend came and told me he had taken a poll – most beautiful wedding, excellent food and most reception w/ the BEST band ever! It has been texted around that the average recovery time from this wedding was 36 hrs!!! We have one more daughter, not dating anyone but pray y’all are still playing when her big day comes. And y’all blew away the guests by never stopping and rotating in the singers – that is just brilliant! And, everyone was so gracious in allowing us to take over your stage!!! Ferris was beyond pleased and excited and so were we.

-Becky K.-

Feb 17, 2018

Amazing!! Band was incredible and had everyone on the dance floor all night long. They made the wedding for sure. Highly, highly recommend!

-Kelsey D.-

Durham, North Carolina
Sep 30, 2017

Atlanta Rhythm and Groove is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING band!!! Bandleader, Willie Green, is so prompt and personal- from the minute you book the band Willie connects with you to make sure that he answers every question and commits to quality service. And the band delivers!! From playing your favorite songs to getting the crowd engaged in the music, the entire Atlanta Rhythm and Groove family is dedicated to make your event memorable. I can't say enough about how great it was to work with them. We had Atlanta Rhythm and Groove for 2 wedding receptions; they personalized each event and we are still receiving compliments about the band!


Aug 19, 2017

Atlanta Rhythm and Groove was AMAZING! We were so lucky to have them play at our wedding. All of our guests had an absolute blast!

-Abby B.-

Aug 19, 2017

Everything was perfect!! We got SO many compliments on the band. Everyone kept saying how it's the best wedding band they had ever seen. The Dance Floor was packed all night! You all made it such a memorable and special night for us. It was such high energy the whole night. Everything I imagined and more!! Thanks again for such a magical night!! You MADE our wedding!!

-Stephanie M.-

Jun 17, 2017

Our wedding was spectacular! I can't tell you how many of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed the band! The music was great and very upbeat. They kept the crowd dancing all night long! Erik and I barely left the dance floor ourselves. ARG was fantastic and I would absolutely recommend them so anyone looking for great live entertainment.

-Amanda H.-

Jan 14, 2017

No big surprise Terry, but ARG was unbelievable last Saturday night!  People kept saying what a great band they were.  As it turned out we really didn’t need tables and chairs because the band had people on their feet all night!  Not only are they great musicians but also great at getting the crowd involved.  Thank you so much for working with me on what turned out to be a celebration memory that we will never forget! 

Thanks for passing my heartfelt gratitude on to all the band members.


Capital City Club
Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 07, 2015

If you are wanting to have an all out Dance party for your reception then you need to hire Atlanta Rhythm & Groove. They had the whole dance floor packed from start to finish!!! Every guest I have seen since the wedding has raved on and on about how this was the best party band they have ever heard. From the songs they played to their incredible performance they blew away all my expectations. Can not wait to see them at another event! thank you for such an awesome time that I will always remember!


Asheville, North Carolina
Sep 26, 2015

Ted the entire evening was blessed and magical. They were wonderful. I will forward photographers blog which gives great kudos toECE and the band. It is always so great to work with you! Love and hugs


Member's Gala
Charlotte, North Carolina
Jul 18, 2015

I can't tell you enough how much fun the wedding was, and it was because of you guys You guys played the first dances SO well, and had my dad in tears! Thank you for fulfilling my unique requests!!!!!!!My husband LOVED Whatta Man too! HA!!Every time I hear Uptown Funk I have to change the radio because it makes me sad because it's over! Everyone had a blast and I hope to celebrate with you guys again soon! I will tag my friends on FB! Thank you!


Greenville, South Carolina
Jun 27, 2015

Thank you, Rick! The band was fantastic and we enjoyed them very much. They are all professional and Willie is such a gentleman. Our party was a huge success thanks to them. Hope your holidays are all happy and safe!


Corporate Holiday Party
Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 13, 2014

Rick, I was going to email you today to tell you what a great job the band did Saturday night! Macon absolutely loved them so thank Willie, Raney and the entire band for me.

When my daughter gets engaged, I will be calling you to line them up for the wedding!


Hospital Fundraiser
Macon, Georgia
Nov 15, 2014

We are definitely still recovering from Saturday night. I believe all of our guests from Macon and Atlanta are still recovering. They can definitely party! What a wonderful night! We hope you all had as much fun as we did, and we both so thoroughly appreciate you playing for our wedding. It was an absolutely perfect night, and everyone commented on how much fun the reception was, largely due to the incredible band! I have loved looking at the pictures on Facebook and will start tagging our family and friends. I will also make sure to write a review on Wedding Wire!

Thank you again for a wonderful evening, and we look forward to hearing you again very soon!

-Meg & Ben-

Bride & Groom
Jul 12, 2014

The party was fantastic! We received rave reviews on the band, and everyone really loved the old movies – thank you for all of your help!


Corporate Holiday Party
Dec 06, 2013

They were incredible!!! Will and I had so much fun at our reception and a large part of that was due to the band! I'm pretty sure they kept the dance floor more than packed the whole night. Will and I are not the type to dance on stage and we were probably up there more than we weren't bc they are so fun. After the wedding one of my friends told me she is 100% getting them for her wedding one day. Anyways I could go on and on and on about how fun they were.Also thank you for all your help during this process. You were so helpful and responsive and I can't tell you how much I appreciated that.


Nov 16, 2013

Thank you so much for everything, the band was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a strong feeling you all will get a few more bookings as everyone loved them :). I will be sure to pass along your information specifically as well- we’re still a tad bit on the early side of our friends to get married but it’s certainly starting to snowball so I can only assume you’ll get some business from it ;)


Nov 09, 2013

Thanks so much for leading us to AR&G. They were fantastic, they made the wedding reception. We are still getting voice mails and emails thanking us for providing such a wonderful band. Our guests loved them. I know a lot of weddings in our group of friends are still to come, so we will be sure and send them your way for AR&G.

-Susan & Lee-

Bride & Groom
Sep 14, 2013

Just wanted to send a huge thank you to every member of the band!!! You all were AMAZING last Saturday and made our wedding so much fun!!! You all are so super talented! Everything was perfect and we will tell everyone we know to book you all ASAP!

-Elizabeth & Chad-

Bride & Groom
Aug 17, 2013

That reception was a BLAST! Everyone that I heard from loved it. The videographer said it was the best party he had filmed and someone at the Chatham Club said it was the most fun reception that they had there. You guys were awesome!

I will be sure to recommend you to any friends.


Wedding Reception
Jun 29, 2013

Your band was AWESOME and truly made the evening. They were the best band in every way!! You all were a pleasure to work with. Many many thanks!!


Mother of the Bride
Jun 08, 2013

Absolutely awesome! Fantastic song list, energy through the roof, professional, and so accommodating - in fact, we got a late start and so they agreed just to play straight through without taking a single break. Honestly I couldn't be happier that we picked them... the kids, my friends, my parents friends, everyone loved them. It was an amazing night and they were a huge contributor.

I will recommend them to friends.


May 18, 2013

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing time we had at Julianna and Spencer's wedding reception with Atlanta Rhythm and Groove! They were INCREDIBLE!!!!!! The singers were cute ~ according to all the men at the wedding ~ and talented! The guys on all of the various instruments were fabulous! People told us they had never danced so much at a wedding! The wedding coordinator at Capital City Club said that she had never seen so many people start dancing at the very beginning of the reception and dance until the last song! Thank you so much for recommending them to me. I can't wait until we have another Rue child getting married so we can use Atlanta Rhythm and Groove again.


Mother of the Bride
Jan 01, 2013

What a fabulous Band!!! Candler and I want to thank you all for performing at our wedding reception. You were great! Everyone had so much fun, especially Candler and me. We danced the night away, and everyone was dancing, young and old! I had guests coming up to me all night asking me how I found the band. Choosing a band was very important to us, since we felt that the band helps determine how much fun guests have at the reception. I saw lots of bands before deciding on Atlanta Rhythm & Groove. Friends and family in Savannah, Atlanta, and all over are still telling us what a great time they had. We highly recommend Atlanta Rhythm & Groove. They were so easy to work with, very professional, and looked and sounded great! I loved the zebra hat! Thank you again for making our reception extra special.

-Kathleen and Candler-

Bride & Groom
Jan 01, 2013

They were awesome! Everyone was so thrilled. I heard from many guests that they were the "best band they'd heard in a long time." Thank you. I thought they were fantastic. They were engaging and played for the crowd, which was exactly what we hoped for! Thanks for everything!


Wedding Reception
Jan 01, 2013

Rad! I give 'em a nine, great party.


Fraternity Party
Jan 01, 2013

I can pretty much sum it up by saying they were absolutely spectacular. They did a great job and we had TONS of comments from our guests about how good they were. The small size of the Mountain City Club actually worked as a bonus--everything was tightly packed (including the dance floor the whole night) with great energy/atmosphere wall to wall. Please pass along the good word to Willie and the rest of his band--they rocked and really helped us put together a kick-ass reception.


Wedding Client
Jan 01, 2013

The band was truly amazing. I had to deal with my difficult ex wife, relatives I had not seen in ages and the staggering cost of the wedding. The band made all that go away for me and, more importantly, my daughter and my new son in law had a wonderful time. Thank you.


Father of the Bride
Jan 01, 2013

Atlanta Rhythm and Groove were a great band and performed well during our daughter's wedding on 12/15. Everyone had a great time! I would recommend them to anyone. 


Father of the Bride
Dec 15, 2012

AR&G were GREAT! They are all very talented. Everyone loved them; they made the party a big success. We have never had so many people on the dance floor. They were great at getting everyone out there and they were helpful with our drawings and making announcements. We told them Saturday night how much we enjoyed their performance but please tell them again! I hope they enjoyed it too; we hope we can get them for next year's party!


Corporate Event
Dec 01, 2012

Thank you for everything last night! We had the best time and as you could tell everyone else did too. We needed a bigger dance floor!


Aug 18, 2012

I just wanted you to know that we were all very happy w/ ARG last night and they were a terrific hit! They show such enthusiasm for the music they create and each of them project such a personable style! We may ask you about coming to Chicago someday. Thank you again for all your help!


Apr 20, 2012

What an amazing band you recommended!!! Willie Green was a jewel to work with, and what a stage of talent enjoyed by everyone!!! Singers and musicians were splendid!! A great indicator was the dance floor was full when the floor was opened up to Earth, Wind, and Fire's, "Let's Groove Tonight"....They were amazing and wonderful to work with......so accommodating and kind. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! With only 1 break, the places rocked the whole evening with incredible sounds and talent from the fabulous Atlanta and Groove Band......so aptly named! We will definitely see them again.......and I'm missing Willie already!


Apr 07, 2012

AR&G is our #1 choice for party/wedding band! We have booked them before and they did not disappoint! Easy to work with, great musicality and excellent in getting and keeping the party going. Hands Down would use again!

-Margaret H.-

Amazing Band!