Ascension was absolutely amazing!!! It's so hard to tell how a band is going to be through a few YouTube clips, but they absolutely were above and beyond what we expected!! My guests raved about how great the band was and so many people said the band made the night! I loved the crowd interaction & how they joined us on the dance floor & let us join them on stage... The band can make or break a wedding and Ascension absolutely MADE our wedding night!! I appreciated the song list beforehand and how they learned some new songs for our first dance / father daughter dance. Those little details go a long way!!! Everyone needs to hire Ascension!!!!

-Lauren W.-

Ocean Course
Kiawah Island, SC
Dec 03, 2022

I thought they did a GREAT job!! Loved their music!! They were so easy to work with. I also thought it was great that they didn’t take a break. They also gave 110% even when they were only six people or so on the floor dancing! Had a lot of people ask the name of the band, too!! I love how they came out onto the dance floor to interact with a crowd!

-Robbin D.-

Event Coordinator
Augusta Country Club
Augusta, GA
Dec 02, 2022

Ascension was a great band all around. They were easy to work with off stage and provided a great performance. We look forward to having them back at Boone Hall.

-Natalie Knox-

Boone Hall
Mount Pleasant, SC
Sep 17, 2022

We were indeed delighted by all the music. . .it could not have been any better. The variety throughout the weekend was wonderful, and your outstanding musicians delivered exactly as we had hoped. You were great to work with as well. Thank you for asking.

-Arabelle F.-

Claxton Farm
Weaverville, NC
Sep 10, 2022

I am Randy Roper the wedding planner for this wedding The band was absolutely incredible had the guests on their feet the entire time. A huge positive was every member of the band was so incredibly nice and very easy to work with !!!! I am using them again in 2023!

-Hannah C.-

Huntsville Botanical Gardens
Huntsville, AL
Jul 30, 2022

I am the wedding planner for this wedding! The band was absolutely incredible had the guests on their feet the entire time. A huge positive was every member of the band was so incredibly nice and very easy to work with!!! I am using them again in 2023

-Randy R.-

Huntsville Botanical Gardens
Huntsville, AL
Jul 30, 2022

A very special "Thank you" to Tim and Cherie for knocking out of the park - as Ascension always does. When you move clients to tears you know you have done something incredibly well. THANK YOU!!!!

-Travis D.-

Jun 04, 2022

THEY WERE THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!! They were very interactive with the crowd, they kept everyone INCLUDING my 76-year-old grandmother dancing! I literally couldn't sleep on my wedding night because their performance kept running through my head LOL Couldn't recommend them enough!!

-Mariah R.-

Castleton Farms
Loudon, TN
Apr 23, 2022

Ascension - you all were just amazing! You were so good and so fun and got all of our guests out on the dance floor (even in the freezing cold) having the best time! The bride and groom had such a fun time dancing with their friends and family! It was the highlight of the wedding reception! I will recommend you 100% for anyone looking for a fun and energetic band for any type of party! You sound great and really get the crowd going! I had the best time and 2 days later my back and hips still hurt from dancing so much! (LOL - I'm old!!) Thank you! It was so cold at Vulcan that night but I hope we were able to keep you all warm! Jill Edwards - a very happy mother of the bride!!

-Jill E.-

Vulcan Park and Museum
Birmingham, AL
Mar 12, 2022

Thank you for the follow up Rick. The band could not have been better. Ascension literally made the wedding one of the best anyone has attended. 100% professional, on time, friendly, and above all, created a serious party for everyone. The dance floor was packed the entire time...cannot speak highly enough.

-Bruce S.-

The Meadows at Mossy Creek
Cleveland, GA
Nov 13, 2021

It was great! Rob was an excellent MC and the band was a ton of fun. We have had a lot of people compliment them since the wedding!

-Stanton C.-

Sep 11, 2021

They were great, the guests loved them and kept them dancing all night! Thank you!

-Kadie H.-

Wedding Planner
Aug 21, 2021

Chase and I (and all our guests) were BLOWN AWAY by Ascension! They were everything we wanted and more. From the start to the end, they never stopped playing. They were incredibly talented and got the party going! I'm not sure if you heard from them, but the air conditioning was struggling that night (the hottest day of the year), but they were amazing sports. They never complained or acted like they were affected at all!! Anyway, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about each and every member. Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect band!

-Ellen & Chase B.-

Jul 31, 2021

I simply cannot say enough good things about the band this weekend. Easy to work with and so talented. Please share with them that I cannot wait to work with them again.


Wedding Planner
Apr 17, 2021

They did an Awesome job!!! The Bus worked out great. Everyone at Sage said this is one of be best party bands they have hosted. If you need a referral please let me know. They were fantastic to work with!


Jan 09, 2021

They were fantastic. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen them perform and we knew they would deliver! And they sure knocked it out of the park. Have gotten a ton of compliments about them, they really made the night!


Oct 31, 2020

The band was amazing and we received many compliments! They were GREAT! Thank you!


Aug 15, 2020

I can’t tell you the number of people that have come up to me at the wedding and in the last month to say what an AWESOME band we had at our daughter’s reception. Everyone danced…the floor was packed with grandparents to little bitty flower girls and everyone in between. The bride had to put her hair up she danced so much! One of the flowers girls (age 4) danced down the hallway of her hotel singing “We are family!” while the other one remarked she thought her legs were broken the next day because she danced so much! The breaks were short and when the brother of the bride requested Frozen’s “Let it go” - which was definitely an-odd request, the band found it and played it for the bride and her sister to do an entire dance routine to it, but quickly had everyone back dancing as soon as they were done performing. Even our neighbors across the lake said the band was wonderful and enjoyed the music. The groom is a musician - plays any and all string instruments and he complimented them on their expertise often! True musicians, true entertainers…we LOVED them! They had a dedicated generator for their equipment and we are thinking their power lines weren’t strong enough because the power tripped several times…but even when that happened they kept the party going. If anyone wants a recommendation, they are welcome to call me!!

-Ashley B.-

Mother of the Bride
Sep 07, 2019

Positive is just too mild for the extraordinary performance all of the wedding guests enjoyed on Saturday night. You all have been delightful to work with and every requests was honored. Ascension was truly a hit with all and we are so happy the trailer breakdown did not delay time too long!! Love them and look forward to having a reason to book them again. Thanks to everyone at East Coast Entertainment!!

-Susan F.-

Jul 20, 2019

Had the best time, so many complements on the band! Thank you for a fun night.

-Sarah H.-

Jun 01, 2019

The band was phenomenal. We could not have been happier with them and the whole event. Thank you for everything.

-Tim S.-

Father of the Bride
May 25, 2019

They were amazing. So good. Dance Floor stayed full and they were very interactive. I would love to book them again for future events. Such a great experience.

-Clay S.-

Wedding Planner
May 25, 2019

The band was amazing last night! So kind and easy to work with and just excellent! Love them! Thank you!

-Cheryl-Anne K.-

Wedding Planner
May 04, 2019

Bride & Groom and several guest didn't eat because the dance floor was so fun they didn't want to leave!

-Hadley T.-

Mar 02, 2019

The band was terrific! Everyone was so complimentary of them. Thanks for your help!

-Rachel H.-

Corporate Event
Feb 09, 2019

Everything was outstanding! I enjoyed sitting down with the band after they got their equipment set up and talking music, especially the "beach music" that I grew up on! My son the doctor played "My Old Kentucky Home" with them on his violin in honor of his new brother-in-law. They even let my daughter's new 11 year old nephew play drums with them as they sang and he tore up Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Great interaction with audience on dance floor, song selection, performance time, and ease of cooperation!!!!!!! Classy from the word go! Thanks a bunch for all your help. Best of luck.

-Richard W.-

Nov 10, 2018

I can't say enough good things about Ascension!!! They are an absolutely amazing and talented group. Their energy and vibe is wonderful. Every age group loved them and I had guests saying they would go and pay to see them! Such a fun positive group! You cannot go wrong with this band!!!!

-Laura E.-

Oct 27, 2018

They are AMAZING! Seriously, so good. The dance floor was packed the whole night! Thank you for all of your help! I hope they had a fun time themselves!

-Tyler H.-

Jun 09, 2018

Ascension was INCREDIBLE. I have been to a lot of live band receptions and I can say that Ascension was one of the best I’ve ever experienced. The band was so nice and accommodating. All of our 300 guests had a BLAST. Thank you for all of your help during this process. It was the wedding of our dreams! And we couldn’t have done it without you and Ascension!

-Angela M.-

May 05, 2018

Greetings! I just wanted to let you know how incredible Ascension was on Saturday. We loved them. Everyone had a fabulous time dancing for three hours straight! I mean that. We didn't have any announcements or introductions so they literally played for three full hours and their transitions just continued without any stopping. There were so many people out on the dance floor the whole time. We have had so many compliments on our band choice. I think things on their end went really smoothly. They certainly did for us. Thank you again for your assistance in making Megan and Fletcher's wedding reception so great.

-Liz G.-

Mar 10, 2018

They were so great! We had such a great time with them and hope to hire them again in the future.

-Brittany D.-

Event Planner
Mar 03, 2018

They were fantastic and we got TONS of compliments from our guests on how great they were, their music selection and that they interacted with the crowd! They were better than I remembered them from the last wedding we attended that had them.

-Christine A.-

Aug 19, 2017

As a wedding planner, I see and interact with a lot of different bands. And right now, Ascension is at the top of my list! I've already had them twice and have them lined up for two more clients this year. Their showstopping talent and performance is incredible and so high energy and they are the utmost professionals, too. I seriously LOVE this band!

-Courtney W.-

Wedding Planner
Jul 15, 2017

I do not have the adequate words to describe Ascension ! They were the biggest hit of the night! So great! Thank you for all your help. Wonderful night!!

-Missy B.-

Mother of the Bride
May 13, 2017

Ascension was absolutely fabulous. We were so happy with the band! And everyone later commented to us about how great the band was, even people who don’t dance loved them. They were wonderful interacting with our guests and getting everyone involved. The bride and bridegroom loved Ascension, it was all they were hoping for. We cannot thank you enough,

-Patricia & David -

Parents of the Bride
May 06, 2017

5 Stars*****

Ascension is an over-the-top, energetic band proficient in maintaining a jam-packed dance floor. The saxophonist and female lead singer periodically interacted with the dancers generating a spectacular affair. The highlight of the evening was the unrehearsed transition Ascension created when they joined with the Plantation Singers as they lead the guests to the reception area. While many of our guests raved over Ascension, the behind the scenes amiability of the band made the evening a joy for the event planners. The group was open to suggestions and even learned a new song for the mother-son dance and the vocals were spectacular. The saxophone player even led our guests on the trek across the plantation to the parking lot to see the newlyweds to their get-a-way vehicle and on their journey. Doug Baker from East Coast Entertainment recommended Ascension, and I am glad I took his advice because the website video does not do the band justice. We could not have chosen more outstanding entertainment.

-Avery B.-

Edisto Island, South Carolina
Apr 29, 2017

I just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you how much we enjoyed the band Ascension at my daughter’s wedding in Birmingham, Alabama at The Club this past weekend. They were fabulous! The dance floor was full the whole night! The energy in the room was amazing! No one wanted to leave and because no one wanted to leave we had one of the biggest send offs I have ever seen at a wedding!! They were so wonderful and very accommodating , they played anything Nan wanted and adapted the first dance songs for them perfectly. I spoke to the three lead singers after it was over and told them how much we appreciated them and what a fabulous job they did. The were so very nice and said that they were so glad to be there and that showed the entire evening! In Nan’s top 3 most important things for her wedding was the band for the reception and Ascension nailed that wish for her. Please pass along to all the band our sincere gratitude! We will definitely recommend them and East Coast Entertainment as well. Thank you again


Mother of the Bride
Mar 04, 2017

Ascension was absolutely wonderful!! They far exceeded my expectations! As the bride, I had prepared myself to not have that much fun at the wedding since I expected to be busy talking to guests, but I was wrong- I am positive that I had the most fun I've ever had, and that was largely thanks to the band. Ascension was so lively and interactive with the crowd. We got many compliments on Ascension throughout the night and even had a guest tell me they were going to book them for their wedding next! EastCoast Entertainment has been very easy to work with and extremely delightful, not to mention how professional they were. Rick was very quick to respond and extremely accommodating with my song requests. I love that the band asks for a list of songs you want and don't want- and they really did stick to my requests! I can't thank Ascension and EastCoast Entertainment enough for playing such a huge role in making this the best night of my life!

-Mary Margaret-

Birmingham, Alabama
Feb 18, 2017

Ascension was absolutely wonderful!!!! They far exceeded my expectations! I wasn't expecting to have nearly as much fun as I did! The band truly made it the most fun night I've ever had. They were so interactive which made me feel so special (I had no idea I loved the spotlight so much!!)! We got a lot of compliments on Ascension and I even think one of my bridesmaids might book them for her upcoming wedding (her fiancé really loved them as well). Y'all have been so easy to work with and so accommodating. Thank you so much for making this the best night of our lives!

-Mary Margaret-

Feb 18, 2017

Last night was a dream thanks to Ascension Band!!! It was truly more of a party than we could have ever imagined and you all kept it going all night!!! The music, singing and dancing were all beyond incredible!!! Everyone raved about the band all night long! We will be recommending you all to anyone we know who's planning their big day, or next big function. Thank you, thank you!!!!!! The most fun night EVER!!!! Hope we meet again soon.


Company Party
Dec 10, 2016

They were AMAZING!!!!!!  We all had the best time, the employees said this year has been their favorite so far.  We were really impressed with them!!  Thank you for following up and I’m sure we will be in touch again for future events.


Corporate Event for Behr Paints / Home Depot
Dec 03, 2016

Everything was simply fantastic! It was a perfect night and a full dance floor up to the last song. 

The crowd loved the play list and all ages danced the night away. We could not have asked for a better time for our guests. The stage elevated the band and I do think that always makes a big difference. So much fun! I know you will be getting inquiries from some of our friends who are planning weddings in the near future. 


Jun 25, 2016

ASCENSION was the best part of my wedding (besides the marriage part obviously). Every guest was raving about them. They interacted with all of the guests, were so flexible with my song requests/changes, absolutely listened to the style of music we wanted, and created some of the best memories of my life. East Coast Entertainment was very easy to deal with throughout the booking/planning process as well. 


May 21, 2016

Tim and Cherie were wonderful to work with as always! I appreciate their flexibility!


Event Planner
Oilfield Plantation
Okatie, South Carolina
Apr 02, 2016

The band was a great hit with the members, some said the best band in years! Also, they were very professional from beginning to end and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for your help,


Social Gala
Country Club of Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas
Dec 04, 2015

I just want to thank you guys for a GREAT JOB at my daughter’s wedding!   The performance was incredible and everyone had a fantastic time, especially the bride and groom!  Ashley & Anthony can’t stop talking about how much fun they had!


Mother of the Bride
Savannah, Georgia
Oct 10, 2015

The ASCENSION band was OUTSTANDING!! We loved working with them leading up to the wedding and during the wedding they kept everyone dancing with unbelievable energy and voices!! We couldn't have been happier on how everything went! Thank you so much for you help-it was a pleasure!

Can't wait to reach out again soon!


Raleigh, North Carolina
Sep 26, 2015

Thank you for such an amazing show on Sat night.  The crowd was so happy and had a blast.  You were phenomenal to work with and your quality of sound and stage presence lived up to my hopes (which isn’t an easy thing). Like I said at the close of the evening, I give you guys an A+ and don’t hand those out often (Ellie can vouch for that, haha).

You yourself were so easy and organized to work with.  The band was friendly, on time, ready, and you guys even started playing early on your own choosing.  The emcee was such a smooth and confident speaker.  You fooled everyone when the power went out, so much so, that I just thought it was a percussion interlude! I would hope that we can work together again ~ it would be a treat...

THANKS AGAIN and please pass along my praise to everyone there that night.


Event Planner
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Aug 08, 2015

We had a great weekend.

We could not have asked for a better band. To say Ascension was fantastic is an understatement. We were on the dance floor from the time they started playing until their very last song. They kept everyone engaged and having fun. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received over the past couple of days, including "this is the best band I've ever seen" and "I am going to hire them for my wedding." They were absolutely incredible and made our night perfect!


Newnan, Georgia
Apr 25, 2015

I can't even begin to find words to describe how overwhelmed we all were with the impeccable job you all did on Saturday! I was told that I had hired the "A" team and that was an understatement. Thank you each and everyone for exceeding our expectations! It was a pleasure to work with you all and we can't wait to recommend you to others!

Amanda, your gentle guidance and sweet personality helped set the tone! Billy, thank you for putting all of the plans into place! Gregg, what can I say? The flowers were unbelievably gorgeous! Kathy, not only was the cake delicious, but it was beautiful, everything I had wished it would be. Lindsay, you are incredible. I cannot wait to see the photos because I know how special they will be. And Tim, not but last least! WOW! How much fun your band was! My only regret was that you couldn't keep playing for hours!!!! I wish I could relive the entire night over and over! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Greenville, South Carolina
Mar 28, 2015

They were AMAZING!!!

High energy, did not take a break, everyone was raving about them!!!

Thanks so much!!!


Private Event
Jackson, Mississippi
Mar 21, 2015

They were a terrific band, kept our crowd dancing, played extra Songs, acted like they didn't t want to stop and exceeded all expectations!! We will give them the HIGHEST marks on their evaluation!! Thanks for your recommendation! 


Mother of the Bride
May 31, 2014

Ascension band redefined our expectations of a party band's professionalism. In particular their coordinator, Karen was impressively accommodating, attentive, and polished in her professionalism from start to finish. A hard working, almost always available professional such as Karen could work on the White House Event coordinating staff-no kidding-she attended to our every need and anticipated many requests before they even came up! She also followed through to the finish, even helping to track down a lost sport jacket, which naturally had to be shed due to the HOT performance that the band put on!!

As to the band, these guys aren't just talented performers. Ascension band isn't just going to get your guests on the dance floor. They don't settle for merely blowing your mind. True-They do all of these things. But they were also a joy to work with. They played for our rehearsal party and really set the stage for an incredible wedding. We cannot say enough about their ability to perform and impress. Everyone raved about the quality of the music. Their medleys were phenomenal. I would give this band my very highest recommendation. As a footnote, they put on this spectacular performance on almost zero sleep because we asked them to play in a location more than 10 hours from their hometown. Talk about professionals!! Amazing!!!


Mother of the Bride
Feb 28, 2014

Everyone was raving about the band! From the amazing set list, to the band energy, and encouraged crowd participation I couldn't haven't dreamt of better entertainment. The night would definitely not have been as much fun without all the music and dancing! Thanks again!


Private Party
Oct 26, 2013

Every one at our wedding reception thoroughly enjoyed the music "Ascension" played. From Grandmothers to Toddlers, the crowd got down when the band swung into one Rock and Roll classic after another. They not only played and sang, but their interaction with our guests made for a FANTASTIC night. Super sound, super show. Over and over since the wedding we have heard the same line: "Had a great time, and that band was FANTASTIC!"
Thanks again for making our daughters reception such a "hit!!!"

-Kim and Gordon-

Parents of the Bride
Sep 14, 2013

Just getting back and settled from our Honeymoon! Thank you for recommending such and AWESOME band! Ascension definitely exceeded my expectations and truly rocked the reception! The dance floor was packed from the start of our reception to the very end! We had the best time! If I have heard it once I have heard it 50 times from our wedding guests that the band was the "best they have ever seen at a wedding". After being quite the wedding pro myself(bridesmaid 13x) and not just because it was my wedding, I can truly say their performance and professionalism is the best I have ever seen- way above the rest! 


Sep 14, 2013

The band was absolutely amazing! Everyone had the best time dancing and all of our guests are still raving about how great they were. Thank you so much and please share our thanks with them as well. They really are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!

Patrick and I had actually been to a wedding several months ago where they played at the reception and we had the best time dancing and knew that we wanted them at our wedding too! They are the best band we've ever seen and they really engaged with the crowd - which we loved. There was not a minute where people weren't dancing (even during dinner). I hope the band enjoyed themselves as well and we thank them so much for being a part of our special day. We will never forget it!

-Kristin and Patrick-

Bride & Groom
Sep 07, 2013

Thanks! We were BLOWN AWAY by the band. They put on an incredible show and kept the dance floor full for the entire performance. They had a great song selection and were superb musicians, but what really set them apart from any other band I've seen was their incredible energy level and the sense that they were having as much fun as we were. I've been to a good number of receptions with bands, and I know I'm biased, but I'm sure ours was the best. Quite a few of our guests have told us that they thought Ascension was the best band they've ever seen as well. We also found them easy to work with and willing to take our song requests even though I didn't get them in until a few days before the wedding. We couldn't be happier with picking Ascension.


Jul 20, 2013

I have just returned home to Baton Rouge from the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons meeting in Bonita Springs Florida. I am the immediate Past President and had selected Ascension for our black tie event.
I left the party early as I was exhausted so did not have the opportunity to tell the band that they were FANTASTIC and and really made our event so special.
They dinner set selected was perfect and so was the after dinner upbeat set.


Corporate Event
Bonita Springs, FL
Jun 04, 2013

I was thrilled when you got on stage! You were all over it! Where'd you learn to play like that? The pleasure was felt all around. Also: I loved the band. You guys were tight and understood how to read the audience, preform dynamically, and manage volume. Truly impressive. If you ever need a guitarist in a pinch, I'd play just for kicks. I recommended the band to the wedding coordinator at Cherokee. In my personal opinion, your band is on a different level when compared to the regulars there.


Jun 01, 2013

Let me put it this way....they Rocked the house!!!I When the crowd doesn't leave the dance floor and sings Proud Mary in mass for 10 minutes once the band quits it makes a statement.. And when the band takes pictures of the says it all. My 86 year old mother is ready to go on tour with them!! My phone has rung for several days and many of the comments were tell me about your band.
However, my favorite moment was on the way to the church. The bus with the bride and all the bridesmaids stopped at the Piedmont Club so my daughter could see everything, the rooms, the cake etc. The band was playing and it just was a memorable moment for all of us. The energy was amazing...all the bridesmaids ran to the dance floor and I was worried I wasn't going to get them back on the bus to go to the church!!!

The lead singers, and the female sax ....were awesome....the whole experience was everything we could have asked for!!!The CROWD involvement and the chemistry of the band was electric!!!!

Thank-you ...thank-you!!!


Mother of the Bride
May 25, 2013

We were absolutely blown away by Ascension. They were perfectly polite, respectful and had the best personalities for our membership. I don't think anyone was ready to go home that evening. I hope they enjoyed coming to see us just as much!


Country Club Event
Chattanooga, TN
May 24, 2013

In one word: Fabulous!!! I've already recommended them to a friend getting married in Atlanta. It was non-stop dancing!


May 04, 2013

Ascension did a fantastic job!!! They played exactly what we asked them too...which was our main request! So many bands play what they want to play (and we were very specific with the genre of music that we wanted) so we really appreciated this! Also, we picked a song for our first dance that was not on their song list. However, they said it was not a problem and took the time to learn the song for us. I thought this was so nice of them to go the extra mile! I would DEFINITELY recommend Ascension to future customers!!!!


Mar 16, 2013

Oh my gosh!!! They were fabulous!!!  I will highly recommend them to anyone!! The Country Club and my wedding planner said they had never seen so many people stay until the very end like they did for our reception because they enjoyed dancing so much! We could not be more pleased!!!

Joan B. (1/26/13)
Bride, Georgia


Jan 26, 2013

We thoroughly enjoyed having Ascension perform at our son's wedding reception. This is the second time we have had them and we have not been disappointed. Everyone at the reception thought they were fantastic and our guests covered a range of ages--from 3 months old to 89 years old. We have always had a pleasant experience booking this group. The attention to details is efficient and the process runs smoothly. The members of the group are fun and delightful. Thank you for making this such a memorable event for us.


Mother of the Groom
Jan 19, 2013

The band was awesome and very professional but easy to work with. The kids love them and danced the night away. I think the band enjoyed the spirited kids as well!!! I have heard lots of complements!!!


Debutante Ball
Nov 23, 2012

Everything was wonderful! We had so many compliments on the band, people loved them! In fact, my uncle used to run a golf course in Alpharetta and did weddings years ago and recognized a few band members and raved about them. They were incredible!


Nov 17, 2012

The band was amazing! So many people commented that they had never seen that many people on the dance floor at a wedding before. One of my perfect memories I'll cherish forever is at one point we were all dancing and I looked down and I was surrounded by every single little girl that came to the wedding - all 8 girls, aged between 4 and 12, just jamming out in a circle around me! I hope there is a picture of it somewhere! All because of that amazing band. I've already given your contact info to two other people who are friends with my friends who are getting married. They were really professional, they clearly knew what they were doing! THANK YOU!!! for helping us find such a great band! And married life is amazing! Who knew?


May 19, 2012

Ascension did a great job at Christ the King School's Gala on March 24. They were very professional and the crowd danced all night. I will certainly recommend that we use EastCoast Entertainment for our school's function next year.


School Gala
Mar 24, 2012

My husband and I got married on April 2, 2011. We hired Ascension as our band and they did a phenomenal job! We first heard Ascension at a local jazz bar in Atlanta, GA and due to their high energy and fun music selection, we knew they would be a great fit for our wedding. Tim Anderson of Ascension was extremely proactive and reached out to us multiple times before the event to discuss the logistics and our special requests. Additionally, we talked over our music selections and came up with a playlist for the event. Mr. Anderson and his band were so accommodating and easy to work with. In addition to playing music, they assisted with setting up and playing the music on our iPod during the cocktail hour, formal dinner, and the band's breaks. Ascension took away so much of the stress of planning a wedding. During the event, Ascension did an amazing job keeping our guests dancing and having fun. The band played all of the songs we requested and was the highlight of the event. Many of our guests raved about the band and their musical talents. We highly recommend the use of Ascension for weddings and other special events, and we are so pleased with the service we received. Thank you to Ascension for making our event so memorable.

-Paige & Brandon-

Bride & Groom
Apr 02, 2011

They were incredible. Thank you so much!!