While using both hands and multiple brushes, Elliott begins an explosive performance – throwing paint, challenging the audience, sometimes carefully painting red lips on the canvas, or rapidly making a blue and purple background to finish a painting.

Elliott’s paintings of famous rock icons, public figures, celebrities, and commissioned portraits are choreographed to a musical experience. The paintings are created on a 4 foot by 5 foot black canvas, taking the audience through an exciting musical journey, and finally creating a likeness of the subject in a matter of minutes.

Elliott has taken performance art and made it his own with a unique musical, visual and painting style, unveiling the energy and passion of his subjects. Elliott conveys one compelling message to his audiences.

“Everything is possible when you paint out of the box, especially with your hands!" - Elliott From International expressionist speed painter Elliott From of Artbeat Live brings a new look and feel to live performance painting. Elliott has gained world wide attention in February while performing his show at the 2010 Winter Olympics at the infamous Club Bud parties by Budweiser. Also this past year in January two of his paintings raised a total of $23,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Atlanta. And in May of 2010 Artbeat Live! raised over $30K to help raise money for CAPE during the celebration of the 125 year anniversary of Cretors in Chicago.

Elliott was born and raised in the Chicago area and his artwork is owned by famous Chicago legends such as Mike Ditka, and Alfonso Soriano. Hotel Intercontinental Ohare has three of his original pieces in their private collection, as well as the Chicago Police Department proudly displays a painting he created of the Chicago police badge. WGN Radio owns 4 Artbeat Live! sports paintings that hang on their corporate walls at the WGN radio station

Artbeat Live! can help you in the following areas:
1. Corporate logos
2. Themed paintings that help convey your corporate message (or custom built shows instead of themed paintings)
3. Unique, creative and colorful entertainment that can energize your corporate meeting or event.
4. Delivering a powerful performance that can work within tight time and space constraints.
5. Low maintenance, easy to manage production with minimal requirements.

This is how Artbeat Live! can help you achieve your fundraising goal at your next gala.
Live Auction—An Artbeat Live! painting raised $22,000 during a live raffle
Silent Auction—Have your guest bid on a painting of your choice
Cocktail Hour Artbeat Live! will keep your guests active as they mingle during the cocktail hour, and get excited with this new form of entertainment.
Have Artbeat Live! kick off and end your live auction portion of your event

Through research, we have noticed that an Artbeat Live! painting sold during a live auction will more than double your dollar amount over a painting sold at a silent auction table. When guests witness the excitement and creative energy that is involved with creating an original Artbeat Live! painting, the demand becomes very high during a live auction.
New this year! Artbeat Live! introduces Price Matching during live auctions! Double or triple your money being raised with an original Artbeat Live! painting.

Sample of price matching:

Artbeat Live! performed only two paintings at a local charity event. After the auctioneer used Price Matching during a live auction, a total of 9 paintings were sold and over $30,000 dollars was raised that night with the sale of an original Artbeat Live! painting.