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Amir Hasan

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Amir Hasan, a dynamic force in the world of DJing, boasts over a decade of experience that
has seen him rise to prominence in both his hometown of Richmond, VA, and the vibrant scene
of San Diego. Recognized as one of Richmond’s top DJs by “Style Weekly” in 2016, Amir
Hasan’s journey has been marked by his unwavering commitment to delivering unforgettable
musical experiences.
Having cultivated his craft through numerous residency gigs at popular venues in Richmond,
Amir’s talent caught the eye of both critics and music enthusiasts alike. In late 2019, he took
his skills to the West Coast, where he swiftly became a local favorite in San Diego. His
magnetic presence behind the turntables at Spin Nightclub and his regular appearances at the
iconic “Booty Basement” underscored his ability to captivate diverse audiences.
Amir Hasan stands apart for his genre-defying sets that seamlessly blend fun, energetic hip
hop, dance music, throwbacks, and crowd favorites. His versatility ensures that there’s
something for everyone, appealing to a broad demographic while particularly resonating with
the millennial crowd. A master at reading the room, Amir has an innate sense of when to drop
the perfect track, creating an electrifying atmosphere and taking the audience on a thrilling
musical journey.
With a career that extends beyond the traditional club scene, Amir has honed his skills playing
at countless weddings, private events, and exclusive parties. His professionalism, attention to
detail, and ability to curate the perfect playlist for any occasion have solidified his reputation as
a sought-after DJ. Amir Hasan is most comfortable when entrusted with the responsibility of
playing for a diverse audience who appreciate his expertise and rely on his experience to
curate an unforgettable sonic experience.

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