Richmond, Virginia-born and raised, DJ/Producer MTK settles for nothing less than perfection. Never taking things lightly, he has always been one to see the bigger picture. MTK meticulously masters one thing to the next, bending the tools he finds to his grand purpose, to fit his ever-evolving taste and vision.

Inspired by the mega DJ/Producer multi media masterminds, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, MTK has created a mind blowing visual experience that leaves any audience stunned by its level of extreme detail and professionalism.

MTK has worked tirelessly to achieve a unique live visual experience for the audience, by creating his own custom control system that ensures that his audio visual elements are always behaving in a new combination of ways that never seen before. "Quality sound and visuals are a requirement for any artist that wants create a mind blowing experience for their audience,"- MTK

With a huge respect for sound quality, MTK makes sure that every show he plays is representing the music as it should be - Full sounding. He always prepared to roll in with his trailer full of 1000's of watts of beautiful sound, which will give any spot the perfect touch of Bass and Clarity.

MTK soon found that traditional DJ’ing came up short from meeting his higher aspirations of control over the music and visuals. Finding Ableton Live has blown open the floodgates of MTK’s visions and talents, which have now grown into this insane audio-visual monster.

Building his live templates like Dr Frankenstein from all the Ableton Guru’s of our time, perfecting them to his will, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible even further.

Now on the life path of the producer, MTK is discovering the solutions to his production mysteries, and working to create his own unique music.