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Size & Elements:

5 Piece: Banjo, Bass, Fiddle/Mandolin, Guitar, Drums/Harmonica. *All Members Sing* Available Add-Ons: Keys, Horns, Steel Guitar, Singers.

Additional Musicians Available
Ceremony Music
Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

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artist bio:

AUTHENTIC VOCALS, AUTHENTIC MUSIC, and an AUTHENTIC BAND. America’s #1 Zac Brown Tribute Band, 20 RIDE, is American Country/Folk music at its finest. As the first tribute of it’s kind, they are taking audiences by storm.

From traditional country, to Caribbean rhythm, to sultry bedroom ballads, 20 RIDE brings all the best Zac has to offer. Pushing the limits of what their talents offer, there is something for everyone at a 20 RIDE show. Whether you love Zac Brown’s mega hits like “Chicken Fried,” “Colder Weather,” “Free,” “Toes,” and “Highway 20 Ride,” or the deep cuts, 20 RIDE will play all of your favorites.

Great harmonies and tight musicianship make 20 RIDE perfect for outdoor festivals, cool rehearsal dinner parties, killer clubs, rockin’ pool parties, or anywhere people love to have fun!

Inquire today to celebrate at your next event with 20 RIDE!

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