They were GREAT! Best band we’ve ever used for our event. Thanks for everything.

-Angie A.-

Event Coordinator


It went great. They put on an awesome show and were super easy to work with as well.

-Eddie M.-

Corporate Event


It is hard for me to put in to words how AWESOME the night was , thanks to THE MAXX. We were expecting awesome, but the night was so far beyond that!!! We had so, so,so many compliments. The night was a dream come true for Jenna and Andrew for sure!

-Sherri L.-

Mother of the Bride


Everything went great! They were a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to working with you again soon!

-Jen L.-

Wedding Planner


Fantastic as always. Thanks for a great event!

-Keslie W.-

Les Danseuse Dance Club


Our daughter, Molly got married in November. You were kind enough to get us set up with The Maxx. What an incredible and unforgettable day/night we had and The Maxx was a big part of making it such a great memory. They were even better than we remembered from prior events. We couldn’t get Molly off of the dance floor the entire evening (while there are more “fun” photos of Molly dancing with The Maxx, none is more special than the one attached below)! Thank you so much. Again, thank you

-Phil M-

Father Of The Bride


The Maxx is uncomparable to any other band. Their ability to keep the crowd amp'd and energized is insane. I have worked with them several times and each time is a joy. Easy to communicate with, easy to give direction on site (although it's never needed since they are so organized and on top of it) and truly so easy to work with. They would do anything to make their bride and groom's happy. The positivity, kindness and warmth is evident before they even arrive. I am very thankful for so many successful weekends spent together and so so many happy brides and grooms with their band. Thank you the Maxx for making my job a delight! Cheers!

-Candace L.-

Wedding Planner


After almost fifteen months of preparation for our daughter's wedding at Pinehurst Resort, it became obvious within the first thirty minutes of the reception that THE BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT decision we made was to contract with The Maxx Band! From the minute they hit the stage, our guests of ALL ages were raving on HOW did we find them, WHERE were they from and HOW fantastically talented they were ... not to mention their incredible play list! I've always felt the key to any successful party is found in GOOD music and lots of young people. Luckily, we had both. After hearing The Maxx Band's video package online, I submitted theirs, with three other bands and secretly prayed our daughter and fiancé would pick them. Thankfully, they responded immediately that their choice HAD to be The Maxx. Any time a band can thrill an age group ranging from 20 to 80 years old, I'd say they certainly hold the formula for success. I wish them all the very best life has to offer and hope to see and hear them again in the near future. My husband, Jim, and I will gladly recommend them for any wedding reception or event as they are talented musicians, conduct themselves professionally and are, hands down, THE BEST!!!!

-Marianne C.-

Mother of the Bride


The Maxx band was fabulous!! All our guests raved about how good the band was. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a band. Buddy Brooks was at the wedding/reception and on the dance floor enjoying The Maxx. Thanks again for recommending them.

-Jim C.-

Father of The Bride


2005 was so long ago that I had the pleasure to work with The Maxx that I was so so excited to work with them again after I fell in love with them back then. But man oh man!!! They far exceeded every expectation and memory I had of them. Without a doubt. Hands down. The classiest - nicest group of entertainers EVER. If I could work with them at every wedding for the rest of my life I would. They were that amazing. The most entertaining band for sure! Fun to dance to as well as fun to watch! Electrifying truly! Rod was perfection. The kindest gentleman one would ever meet. Most importantly the client was THRILLED! They kept saying thank you thank you thank you to "me" for recommending the band to them! I was happy but to see them happy was wonderful. The Maxx is the best in the biz for sure. If you could clone them that would be great but they are one of a kind for sure!! Thanks for everything!

-Mackenzie S.-

Wedding Planner


The casino was a huge hit and so was The Maxx. It was a really fun evening with so many doctors saying it was the best one of the four years running-the martini bar might have had something to do with it as well! Thank you for pulling it together.

-Michelle M.-

Corporate Event


I am sure that it comes as no surprise to you that the Maxx was simply amazing. The men and women of the Maxx put on a tremendous show while engaging the crowd at the wedding reception. They performed a variety of music and dance tunes. The band organized few dance “events” that energized the crowd and kept the party rocking. They brought the house down with Sweet Home Alabama, Hello and Don’t Stop believing. They closed the show by inviting the bride and groom to sing. It was truly fabulous and a magical evening. Additionally, the feedback from our family and friends has been overwhelming positive. We enjoyed every single moment we could not be more pleased Overall the MAXX ROCKS !!! We all loved them and hope to see them again!!!

-Trisha L.-



The band was absolutely fantastic! People are still talking about it! They were flexible and definitely kept the party going! Send them my best.




They were really good! We would have them back in a heartbeat! Great performance and value!

-Steve J.-

Corporate Event


As the Mother of the Bride, I can tell you we could not have been more pleased. Our friends danced and danced and wanted to know where we found the band. MANY positive comments about the quality of the band and how they interacted with our guests. They made the reception what it was and that was FUN! And the female vocalist is amazing. Wow! Sebrell or Righton (the Bride) may have other feedback, but ours is nothing but positive. Thank you

-Kathryn J.-

Mother of the Bride


The Maxx was so so incredible!!!! They were so nice and soooo much fun! All of our guests at the wedding kept raving about them and asking who they were. My whole family was on stage by the end dancing and singing with them, and they were such good sports about it. I have always thought that a band could make or break a wedding reception, and the Maxx definitely helped make ours more than I ever could have imagined. Seriously, and I mean this truly, they are the best wedding band I have ever experienced! 




They were absolutely fantastic!! Great selection of music and they kept the wedding reception rocking  the entire  night. Loved, loved, loved them! Our guests all raved about the band. I would hire them again in a minute!

Thank you to the, awesome band!!!




The Maxx was absolutely fantastic, and we continue to receive compliments with our selection—and indeed everyone had a blast.


This was the most engaging band for this type event I have ever witnessed, starting with the very first song. You typically don’t see a crowd on the dance floor for that first dance, but we certainly did.

Having The Maxx basically manage the bouquet throw, garter, etc was exactly the right decision—easy to tell this wasn’t their first rodeo. Also, how we planned the Bride/Groom first dance and then allow the Band to take a break while attendees made it through the buffet line was great planning as well and allowed them to achieve the two long sets.

Joining the crowd on the floor with several numbers just kept things hopping. The group maintained their high level of energy throughout the evening. And having the Bride/Groom join them on stage for “Don’t Stop Believing” was a pretty cool approach for that last song before the “second line”.

Taking the time to learn that “second line” number was special for the Bride/Groom and our Family. As the line left the hall, the music faded, which I figured was just the distance from the second floor to the hotel lobby. But little did I realize the horns made it down to the lobby in record time to continue that song until the Couple departed.

The voices were just wonderful. I caught up with the guys before the night began just to introduce myself, and passed the female vocalist’s room and listened as she warmed her voice—at that point I knew we had picked a winner.

One of our Guests hosted a Mardi Gras ball party the next week, and his quick comment was the band he had was no comparison to The Maxx.

I appreciated the professionalism shown by each of the members, which means quite a lot in our day.


We did share the business cards from the Band, and I sincerely hope there will be some traction in the future. 




The Maxx did a fantastic job. Very energetic, well choreographed and professional. The dance floor was full for their entire set. Lots of very posit comments from Carrousel members. We would definitely use them again.


Social Gala


One word...AMAZING!!! Best Cotillion party EVER! They had everyone up and dancing and no one was ready for them to leave. Please pass along my appreciation to the band...they really did an outstanding job!


Cotillion Club


Hi Rick and Tony, 

The Maxx Band was AWESOME, per usual. They got everyone on the dance floor and we heard nothing but great things about their high energy and great music. Martha and I are very appreciative of their fabulous work this year, and would love to hear any feedbacks they might have from the entire event. She and I will be getting together with the committee soon and would love to add comments on what worked and how you think we can improve for next year. We look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you again!


Charity Fundraiser


Thank you so much for being the BEST wedding band! Zach and I were honored to have such a talented and energetic band for our special day. You all made the night! Not only did Zach and I boggy-on-down with the awesome playlist and dancing you all did, but the guests had a blast! We received numerous compliments on you all, more than anything else! "That was the most fun wedding", "Where did you find this band?" and "These guys are awesome!" was just some of the comments...

Thank you for helping us make the night effortless, special, emotional, and happy. Everyone could just feel the positive energy and happy atmosphere in the room. I have never seen a wedding reception so happy and everyone on the dance floor all night! It truly was a night we will never forget and we are thrilled you all were apart of it.

Thank you again for all your hard work!

-Alyssa and Zach-



The best...everyone is raving about the band.  Amazing, talented, professional, dynamic..all of the above.  Can't wait to use them again one day.


Event Planner


Once again the Maxx was FABULOUS!  Everyone had a great time, and we loved the way the band engaged all of our guests.  My 86 year old mother said when your wonderful vocalist started with “At Last” for the bride and groom’s first dance, she had never heard such a beautiful voice and she loved the memory from her “era.”  Then when the band started with more current songs, she was out on the dance floor too!

Most of all the bride and groom were overjoyed with the evening, and said it was the happiest night of their lives.

We are honored to have had the Maxx at two daughters’ weddings! 

Thank you, thank you!  I couldn’t have been better!


Mother of the Bride


Everything was fantastic! Everyone absolutely loved The Maxx! I can't even tell you how much we loved them! They were so professional and great to work with. Please please tell them how much we loved them! They are such a talented group of people! Thank you again for everything!




Thanks Steve! They were great!! Such a great performance and song choices. Nothing bad to report. 

Our group loves them and would love to work with them again next year!


Corporate Event




Ocean Reef Yacht Club Event


Steve the band was fantastic for our event at SC Governor's Conference!  As always they kept the crowd engaged and on the dance floor!   I look forward to my next opportunity to book this fantastic group!!!!


South Carolina Governor's Conference


Everyone did a fantastic job. Everyone was dancing the whole night. Super professional, really great! Thanks!


Wedding Planner


OMG!!! I am just getting my feet back on after Saturday night....I left my soles on the hardwood!!!

Steve-  every- EVERY-thing about The MAXX is wonderful.

Easy setting up, gracious personalities, complimentary costumes, choreography we were all dying for, and the sound- OMG...the voices and instrumentation was more than we had imagined.

I was the first and last on the dance floor-  my guests asked over and over "who are they" "where did they come from"?  The song selections and presentation perfection!

My guests were from NYC, NY state, San Francisco Bay area, West Indies, Minnesota, Boston etc. and each and everyone LOVED the music and the entertainment!

Thank each of the band members for me. We are so appreciative of their talent and performance style.


Private Party


Hi there Rick – Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chime in and respond to your note yesterday.  I just want to let you know how much everyone absolutely LOVED The Maxx!!  Personally, I did not have the pleasure of seeing them perform prior to this event but I can tell you I was BLOWN away!!  In 25+ years of planning special events in the ATL, I can honestly tell you they were one of the best live ‘entertainment’ band that I’ve ever hired!

So please know they get huge kudos from the entire planning team for an outstanding performance!! 

They were just fantastic and really entertained the crowds!!   Please relay to them how pleased we were and I will definitely be hiring them again for other events!

Thanks again, Rick!  On behalf of the entire Hope Flies: Catch the Cure team – we could not have been more pleased with The Maxx and their performance!!


Event Planner


Best night EVER. Best band EVER. Could not have been happier with them. They nailed it and were out of this world. Better than I remember. Our crowd was nuts. 2 ambulances cause they were having a blast. 1 broken bone and 14 stitches later. We are waiting for our plane in Charlotte to head out on our honeymoon and are still getting emails and texts about that band. People wanting information. Please relay our sincerest thank you's!!!! Love them!




The MAXX were wonderful, very professional and had the crowd jammin from start to finish and asking for more. You can be sure you will hear from me for my next daughters wedding.


Father of the Bride


They were FABULOUS!! . What a fantastic performance!! Everyone loved them as I knew they would.They made it a very special night for my daughter. Many of the guests said they were the best band they had ever heard. One of our wedding planners said they were her favorite band of any she had heard. I'm sure I will be asked how to get in touch with them in the future. Many of the guests have daughters the same age. I personally will be in touch if the need arises.

I thanked them afterwards but please be sure and pass this along to them and thank them again my wife(June), and I and especially our daughter (Maisie).


Father of the Bride


The Maxx was actually awesome! There was never a time where there weren't people on the dance floor. My client actually said that she would fly them to Long Beach for our next conference (although I'm sure she didn't consider the cost to fly their gear :-p ).

This is our third year doing a dinner with dancing and this was the best yet.


Charity Event


The wedding reception with The Maxx was perfect! From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed! Thank you for all of your help in booking this great band.


Wedding Planner


The Maxx was AMAZING the dance floor was full the entire night. We loved them!


Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament


They were out of this world good! Everybody, and I mean everybody, loved them!


Savannah Telfair Gala


Words can not express how pleased we were with The Maxx Band. They were Fabulous!! I got so many compliments and many people said they were the best band we've ever had at Cotillion. I can tell you we are a tough crowd to please - but they stepped up. They engaged the crowd and had a extensive repertoire of songs. The showmanship (and womanship) was awesome. I saw people dancing that have rarely danced to even the slow songs in the past. We were all so happy with their performance and I hope to hear them again soon. I would have them every year if possible. They will definitely be a hard act to follow! Thank you, thank you, thank you- our night was so special because of those hard working artists and we appreciate it. The lead vocalists-oh WOW! But really all of the vocals were so good. They have a fan club in Washington. They were all very professional and courteous. 


Washington Cotillion Club


They were awesome!! Rave reviews from everyone. I've put your contact info along with The Maxx name in the Chairman's book for the group next year. They wouldn't be disappointed!


Atlanta Debutante Club


There are absolutely NO words to describe the job The Maxx did at Ellie and Alex's reception on Saturday night. They were positively unbelievable!!! There was one point during the reception when EVERYONE was on the dance floor!! Please, please, please pass the kudos on to whoever needs to get them! They were fabulous!! And if you, or The Maxx need me to write anything confirming all of this, or pass on a recommendation, I am MORE than happy to do so!!

Thanks for all of your help!!


Mother of the Bride


The Maxx were everything we expected them to be!! Everyone LOVED them and they really involved the very enthusiastic crowd! Couldn't have been more pleased! Everyone wanted to know who the band was! Met a bride here at sea island today who has booked them for Nov wedding in our same venue! Will recommend them to anyone!


Event Planner


The band was stupendous. We couldn't have asked for more. The dance floor was filled the entire three hours plus that the band played. There were no lulls except for the intermission - and even during that time period the floor was filled with salsa dancers. Nina's father (who is from Venezuela) had brought his Ipod filled with salsa music which the band agreed to put on his its sound system during the break so the music continued to flow even then. The band interacted with the guests on a number of occasions doing sets that involved active audience participation by guests on the dance floor. Richard and Nina danced a time or two on stage. At least two other guests went on stage and sung along on microphone. Nina sang on stage as well; I'm not sure she ever left the dance floor!. It was all very collaborative which made it all the more fun. The band sang at least one encore which was much appreciated. The only bad thing all night was that, as always, the party had to end. I think Richard and Nina's young friends could have kept going another hour or two.

Tony was very easy to work with and very responsive to all our questions. I would not hesitate to recommend this band for any event...

I'd also be happy to talk to anyone who is considering hiring The Maxx and wants to know more about them.


Mother of the Groom


The band was absolutely perfect. I've had many people approach me to say how much they enjoyed the band, and a few who asked where we found them and how they could book them for their own events (I've of course been directing people your way). They really know how to put on a great show. The turnout for the Ball exceeded our expectations, we sold out the event with 700 tickets (first time selling out, and twice as many people as last year), and the event as a whole made around $10k. 


UVA Fundraiser


My apologies for not emailing you after we spoke the other day. The MAXX was incredible! We were so happy with the whole night from beginning to end. They were a blast and truly professionals at what they do. Everyone at the party had a blast and are STILL raving about the band, and I'm constantly being asked who we used. It didn't hurt that we had a great crowd to help them along, but I'll never forget cutting the cake at 9:15pm and looking into the back of the tent and people were dancing as if it was 11pm haha! What a great night and I hope they enjoyed themselves as well!




The band was incredible.I agree.The guys--and girl--were real cool about everything, and they put on a great show.Thanks again for all your help. By the way, I have already been asked when we are going to get The Maxx back. I don't know what the band thought about the show, but we'd love to get them again fall term next year


College Event


Hi Tony, We JUST finished our Homes for the Holidays event at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Beaufort, SC, and I want to go ahead and book The Maxx for next year's event.

EVERYONE loved the band and I had people all night long asking me to reserve them for next year.

Take care. Mary C. (November 21st, 2013)
Charity Event


Charity Event


We could not have been more pleased with The Maxx. I had never heard The Maxx and picked them based on a friends advice and a little internet research. As you would expect, I had very high expectation for their performance. Although their price was higher than I would have liked to have spent, The Maxx exceeded my expectations and they were simple fantastic. Their performance could not have been any better and they were worth every penny! I have already received several comments about how terrific the band was. My other two daughters have already requested that we use The Maxx for their weddings. Ted, I am very grateful for all of your help and assistance. You were excellent as well. You can gladly provide my contact information to anyone you think I can help with either you or The Maxx.

I am one happy customer!

-David -

Father of the Bride


Truth is... The Maxx was the best band I have seen or heard in my 23 years at Linville Ridge. They were on time, very personable, great stage presence, great musicians, great female vocalist and our members totally enjoyed their performance. They went with our schedule and were a great big part of a very successful party. Thank you so much!

We will definitely hire again!


Social Gala


The Maxx on Friday might were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! Everyone at the wedding were crazy bout them! The lead singer gave a great show out on the pool covering and it was just a magical night! We could not have asked for a better band! We had 80% New Yorkers and lots of guests from Rhode Island and they all wanted to know the name of the band!


Rehearsal Dinner


The Maxx was absolutely incredible. They provided an amazing performance that received rave reviews. People are still talking about them and our party! We could not have been more pleased with their professionalism.

The Maxx performance was absolutely everything we could have wished for our party and party guests!
We would be thrilled to hire them next year. We are choosing next year's party date this coming Thursday, and then I would love to email and see if they are available! I know everyone would be excited to see and hear them again!

Many thanks!


Charity Event


The Maxx was incredible! They played the perfect mix of oldies and more modern music and their energy set the tone for a wonderful prom. I've had several people come up to me today and tell me what great time they had and asked who the band was. Their choreography and horn section were a big hit. We loved every minute! Please pass this thank you and praise onto the band. They truly were magnificent! 




The MAXX did a phenomenal job!! They kept the dance floor packed the whole night!! Our President said it was the best Faculty Dinner Dance of his tenure. The performers were extremely nice and accommodating to work with too! Please forward my sincere thanks! 


Christmas Party


The Maxx played at my wedding reception almost 20 years ago!!! (July 19, 1997) I was watching my wedding DVD and remembered what an incredible band they were and loved seeing everyone having so much fun dancing and interacting with the band members as they played!!! I'm so happy to see that they are still going strong 20 years after they played my wedding reception!!! They are an amazing band and I'm so glad we chose them!

-Katie T.-