The Root Doctors did an amazing job last weekend! They were a hit and so great to work with

-Erin D.-

Event Planner


The Root Doctors were awesome! They peformed our first dance selection, Coming Home by Leon Bridges. The wedding director , Kelly Jones at Debordieu said they were the best band to play this year at the club and all the guests danced and enjoyed their show. Thoroughly satisfied with them.

-Danny S.-



Sadly, our wedding is over but it was the most fun I've ever had and didn't want the reception to end! There are no words to even begin to express my happiness with choosing the Root Doctors for our reception! I know I felt very confident in my decision when we first spoke and emailed, I had my heart set on the Root Doctors. Initially I know you were slightly skeptical most likely due to my being younger, but I knew what I wanted and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. I recall when it was final and you email me stating "you did GOOD!" And thank you for that and for your support along the made me even more excited to have the Root Doctors as our wedding band. I know of at least two people that either got cards or took down the Root Doctors information, which is so awesome and made me excited for the band. Everyone young, middle-aged, and older had the best time at our reception. Everyone was on their feet until the very end which wouldn't have been possible without the Root Doctors. Our wedding was on Feb 10th and our families and my husband and I are still receiving so many compliments on how much they loved the band. I have to say, the online promo video and their YouTube videos don't even do them justice for how amazing they are and how interactive they were with us and our guests. You were right in saying they are a class act. One of my bridesmaids that is getting married over the summer even asked me on the dance floor if I thought she should change her band and instead get the Root Doctors! I hope the band had as much fun as we did because they rocked the house! We loved every minute of them and wish we could go back in time and relive our reception! Thank you, so VERY much. The band and their energy made the reception absolutely perfect! At the end of the reception I talked with the saxophonist and Kyle and assured them I would definitely be providing feedback for how happy we were to have them as our band. I hope the band took some photos or videos from our reception! We did not have a videographer, but I would be happy to share some photos from our photographer once they are available if you'll let me know? Please do pass along our thanks and happiness with the band!

-Sara E.-



They were absolutely AMAZING!! Out of all the feedback we have received on the wedding, we have received the most comments about how awesome our band was. And, (our little secret...) we didn't have to blow our budget to get it. Please tell them that we cannot thank them enough for making the night so fun. It would not have been the same without them. We have a friend getting married in NYC in December that attended our wedding and expressed interest in hiring the root doctors.

-Carol W.-



They were absolutely amazing-- everyone was dancing all night long!! Thank y'all so much!

-Maggie H.-



There were great!! Would definitely recommend or use again! Thank you for everything!




The Root Doctors were AMAZING! We could not have been happier with them- we are still getting compliments on them! Wish we could rewind and do it all over again. Such a wonderful night and so much fun! Thank you for the perfect recommendation!

-Pamela T.-

Wedding Planner


Everything was great. We really enjoyed them.


School Event


The Root Doctors delivered and were amazing! Everyone was blown away by them and hadn't ever heard of them but they won't forget them either! Great job and enjoyed chatting with the band members over late night hot dogs!




Wow, what an amazing night!  The surprise party for my husband Casey was spectacular, with the Root Doctors being the 2nd of the surprises!  


Once again, they exceeded all expectations!  They are such a personable group of people, to boot - so easy and ready to talk with.  I really feel they were enjoying the spectacle as much as all of us!  I think my little 2 year old granddaughter and I stayed up on stage almost the entire time.  I know I was shocked when it was suddenly 10:30 and time to wrap up!

We just have to keep the RDs in the family, and keep having parties so we can have them play!  They may just become the extended family go-to band for weddings too!

Thank you again for all of your help, and your always quick response to my calls and questions!  


Surprise Birthday Party


The Root Doctors were phenomenal!  As a matter of fact, can you check the calendar, we may want to use them for out dental reunion.


Medical College of South Carolina Event


I had high hopes after listening to their samples, but the Root Doctors blew my expectations out of the water. They had great energy and were absolutely fabulous. We had the best time and our guests did as well. Our guests were chanting for an encore at the end of the night!! They are a talented group and I hope I have another chance to see them! Do yourself a favor and book them ASAP!


Best band ever!


We had the best time!  I wish we could do it all again!  The Root Doctors were fantastic and our first dance song was perfect! -Kathryn C.