The Midnight Movers played at our wedding in Annapolis, Maryland. We are writing you this letter to let you know that the performance that we received that evening and the professionalism that we had leading up to our wedding was outstanding. Curtis Pope was available when we had questions for him, he always returned our phone calls or emails timely, and was extremely pleasant and personable. The night of our wedding, the Midnight Movers were amazing. They had every wedding guest on the dance floor from the minute they started playing music. The music was exactly what we loved and wanted to be played. It was a special night for us. We are so happy that the Midnight Movers were a part of it. We would recommend them for any couple who desires a fun and memorable evening. Thank you very much.

-Ryan and Kelly-

Bride & Groom
Jan 01, 2013

The band was fantastic and we have received tons of compliments. I would recommend them to anyone. Curtis Pope was a tremendously nice guy and easy to work with. He talked with me multiple times over the week before the wedding just to make sure we were comfortable and that he had all the details right. On the day of the wedding, he showed up when he said he would and they rocked the house!!


Jan 01, 2013

The Midnight Movers were the best band in the universe! EVERYONE, and I mean everyone loved them. My father in law and his college buddy even got up with them and did a rendition of Wilson Pickett "In the Midnight Hour," it was fabulous. When they left at 130am no one wanted to leave so my cousin started playing Billy Joel and Lady Gaga on the piano and we sang until 2am in the club lounge until our parents kicked us out. BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!


May 28, 2011

Thank you again for a great night on Saturday. I have gotten nothing but compliments on the band- great dancing music. I also must add that you were very professional to work with and all of the band members seemed to want to make sure everyone had a good time. A band can make or break a party like that, and the The Midnight Movers were very good and made the party. Your horn play in particular was terrific. Best regards,


Special Event
Jan 10, 2011

The band was THE BEST EVER. Literally. I've had innumerable emails from guests telling me it was the "best wedding band they have ever heard." People were on the dance floor all night. They were courteous. They were on time. They were easy to work with. They learned our songs perfectly, and the addition of the female singer was a definite win. She really put them over the top. They were so good, in fact, that if there is anything I can to do help you by way of referrals or writing up a review or, really, anything at all, let me know. We just fell in love with them. Now we're just trying to convince our friends to pool $ to get them to play for a Christmas party! :) Thanks so much for all of the help with everything. We were just dead on in our decision, so it was all worth it!



Jun 01, 2010

I want you to know that The Midnight Movers did a great job for my client in Williamsburg, VA on June 5, 2009. This was an upscale but fun party and they fit the bill perfectly. Curtis Pope advanced the date thoroughly, arrived to set up on time, and had the dance floor full from the first song. The band had to face tough traffic jams en route to the party and had to react to a very heavy rain storm at the event. Curtis and band remained professional throughout all of the adversity delivering a wonderful performance and creating a satisfied client. I will be glad to book them again and will be happy to offer a recommendation whenever needed. Thanks a million to you, Curtis and the band.


Event Coordinator
Jun 05, 2009

Chris will probably want to add to this, but just got your email and wanted to respond to say that the Movers were awesome! They played everything we wanted them to play and were so flexible and generous to let me- and our friends- get up onstage to sing and play drums. We couldn't have been more pleased. Everyone loved them! We highly recommend to others. Feel free to quote me on all of this on the eastcoast website :) A HUGE thanks again to you for helping us book them, also for coordinating everything and helping it to run so smoothly on the wedding weekend.


Jan 03, 2009