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From Virginia Beach, Virginia, BILL DEAL and the RHONDELS are a Beach Music tradition who have performed their hit recordings in almost every major city in the United States. In 1969, Bill began a recording career that would include five hit singles in a 24 month whirlwind. First was "MAY I", followed by "I'VE BEEN HURT" and "WHAT KIND OF FOOL DO YOU THINK I AM?."

With these three hits charting the top 10, Bill traveled coast to coast as the eight piece ensemble BILL DEAL and the RHONDELS. Displaying outstanding choreography, vocals and lots of brass, their hits went to NUMBER ONE in countries such as Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Mexico where "HE HERIDO" ("I've Been Hurt") was nominated Song of the Year. Bill recorded the organ solo on Jimmy Soul's "If You Wanna Be Happy" at the age of 16, which has been featured in movie sound tracks such as "Good Will Hunting", "Grumpy Old Men", "Mask" and others. After years on the road, Bill decided to retire and spend time closer to home.

Over the years, Beach music and certain vintage music had grown in popularity with such magnitude that Bill decided to respond to demand and perform a one night only engagement at Fat Roger's Beach Club in Virginia Beach.

What was designed as an evening of fun and reminiscing with a few friends turned out to be an instant sell-out, a magical event televised by news media. There were more friends and fans OUTSIDE than INSIDE the standing-room only concert. It would prove to be an evening of some of the best music these gentlemen had ever created. There have been many encores ever since.

Fifteen years later with five new CDs & tapes to their credit, Bill Deal's Original Rhondels appear in areas such as Orlando & Tampa, FL, Charleston & Myrtle Beach, SC, Montgomery, AL and Washington, DC. The Original Rhondels repeatedly return to crowds of THOUSANDS at various annual Beach Music Festivals, college events and concerts throughout VA and the Carolinas. A tape that accompanies Pat Conroy's novel BEACH MUSIC which debuted at #1 on the NY Best Seller List, features Bill Deal's biggest hit "What Kind of Fool".

"I've Been Hurt" & "What Kind Of Fool" are featured on the sondtrack of the film FARGO and the producer's film TREE'S LOUNGE, available in all video stores and shown on HBO. These songs are also included in Pat Conroy's BEACH MUSIC.

The unexpected passing of BILL DEAL in December of 2003 was a great loss to the music industry. The ORIGINAL RHONDELS are committed to keeping alive the great music that Bill's fans have grown to love over the years.

With Brian Bleakley on vocals and trumpet, Peter Pope on keys & vocals, Steve Ambrose on sax and vocals, Wayne Kessinger on bari sax & vocals, Dean Englert on trombone and vocals, Gary Hardy and Rollie Ligart on trumpet and vocals, Bruce Harlowe on guitar & vocals, and Sonny Morris on drums and vocals, the Original Rhondels are stronger than ever, performing hits from their newest CD, "Spinnin 'Round".