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Misdirected by her charm and beauty, audiences often underestimate the abilities of this petite performer.

Born in Vietnam and raised in Southern California, Ava Do was surrounded by grifters of a third-world country at a young age. Starting her life on stage as a performance artist at the age of 16, Ava has used her multi-cultural background and exposure to con-artists to her advantage.

After receiving a degree in Psychobiology from UCLA and working as a professional therapist, Ava immersed herself in learning mentalism, a branch of magic she found to be closely related to her expertise in mind study. As a result, she now combines her education in psychology, knowledge of mentalism, and understanding of con-artistry to turn deception into a unique brand of entertainment.

While initially guests are drawn to the novelty of seeing a female magician, they soon realize she has the skill and charm of a gifted deceptionist. Currently, Ava can be seen at corporate events worldwide performing her highly interactive shows that can happen anywhere from a tradeshow floor, a banquet dinner, to a theatre stage.

Together with Apollo Robbins, she also performs a two-person act that presents fraudulent mind-reading with an identity theft premise.

A delightful and persuasive performer, Ava's client list includes Bank of America, Tiffany & Co, Verisign, Sprint, AT & T, Phoenix Suns, Bellagio, Tru TV, TNT and many more.