Anita & Party Life was honestly the best decision we made for our wedding! The dance floor was full from the moment they started playing until the end of the night and our guests are still calling us to say how much they loved the band. My coordinator also said they were awesome to work with during set up. I've had many people ask about the band and I have told them all how easy the process was through you all. Thank you so much for all of your help!

-Vaneese C.-



Anita and Party Life was amazing. They exceeded our expectations. Very nice too. They really got the party going and kept it going until the end. Exactly what we were hoping for.

-Erik D.-



The night was fabulous! Anita and Party Life were awesome!!!! We danced the night away! The music and singing was incredible. And they were so engaged with the audience. Everyone I've talked to said "Where did you find that band? They were amazing!! " And I have a niece getting married and her mother is sad that she already booked another band. . . . All that being said, they made it a magical and fun night!!! Please tell them how happy Danny and I were that they came to play for us.

-Patricia G.-



Anita and her band are AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about them. We are already talking about when we can have them back! You have been great to work with and I look forward to doing it again soon

-Pat G.-

Fourth of July Concert


Anita was amazing.  We could not have chosen a more perfect band for the reception.  Everyone, young and old enjoyed their music.  I kept hearing that they were just as good if not better than the artist and song they were singing. And she was so very very nice.  They got the party started and kept it going.  Just what we were hoping for.  Thank you so much for the recommendation and thanks to you and Anita for being so easy to work with.  




We certainly got lucky with our weather on Saturday night . Anita did a great job and from what we all saw - the dance floor stayed busy - it was a party !!! 

Many thanks for all you did to assist - always a pleasure to work with you


Wedding Planner


Anita was incredible!  The band truly made the party, with a little help from flashing tambourines. It was wonderful dealing with your professional group!




All we can say is fabulous fabulous fabulous. Gib has already written a thank you note to Anita thanking her. We had a wonderful wedding without a hitch. A few guest were interested in hiring her!!  Thank you Ted for all your great help!




They were great! Anita was very accommodating and looked to me for timeline and approval.  I really appreciate that!  It's definitely better for all involved when we can all work together and do what's best for the bride and groom and their guests to make the night as fun and smooth as possible!  I know the bride was very happy with Anita and the band, as well as her parents.  They were very impressed with her performance and timing at the ceremony.  At the end of the night, the guests wanted them to keep playing so the band did a few more songs!  They were very professional.


Private Party


Anita was fabulous.  They provided great music and broke just for the cutting of the cakes.  It was a fabulous reception...thanks to a  band that was extremely talented and "high energy."  EVERYONE was dancing.




Anita was AWESOME!!!  Our small town hasn't seen a band like that ever!  They were fantastic and our friends who were invited to the party couldn't stop talking about them.

We're just glad our local police wasn't called because they could be heard all over town!  One friend who couldn't make it, said he was in his backyard and heard David (the birthday boy) singing On the Dock of the Bay with the band.  This friend lives 7 blocks away and a mile inland!!  There was a heavy fog that night so we imagine that the sound traveled further because of it.

The next time we have a big shindig, I'll certainly call on you again.  Until then, we'll continue to enjoy  the top notch entertainment at Mountaintop Golf Club!

Happy New Year!


Country Club Event


I heard a lot about Anita and how perfect and great they were!  They really got the crowd going and their music was perfect for our class reunion! I just wished I’d been able to be there too.   Many thanks for your help.


Event Planner


We just got our photos from our May 31 wedding and had the best time re-living the memories. I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING Anita and her band was. From the first song they played, til the last, everyone was up and dancing on the dance floor! We had so many compliments and I just wanted to tell you personally how much we enjoyed having them be a part of our day. We got an awesome picture with all of them at the end, they are too fun!!! Thanks again for all your help, it was truly a pleasure to work with Anita and EastCoast Entertainment.




The band was AWESOME! I've never had that many people on the dance floor at the end of the night before, at any party or wedding. The crowd loved them, they were easy to work with, and SUPER fun and talented. I can't wait to recommend them again!! Does that convey my overall LOVE of Anita?? I hope so - she was a total pro.


Event Planner


I just wanted to write and say thanks for being so great! Everyone LOVED you guys. We had so many people tell us that our band was the best band they have ever heard. Thank you so much! Everyone had a fantastic time including Payne and I!




Anita was great, members loved them. Thank you.


Social Club Event


I cannot tell you what a phenomenal performance ANITA presented for our special reception last evening celebrating the grand opening of the new 18 Hole Greg Norman Golf course. Greg Norman was in attendance for the festivities. The band Members were such professionals and gave 150% to create a perfect evening. I truly believe that you will receive referrals from this evening. I was personally pleased and of course was happy to assume full credit for their discovery with our owners and partners, Medallist Developments, Greg Norman's company. I enjoy spending some brief one on one time with both Anita and Cornell. They all exceeded our expectations! Best to you.


Special Reception


Let me sum it up like this. All night, people kept coming up to us to tell us "best wedding band ever". They absolutely rocked and had that dance floor jumping all night long. We couldn't have been happier. I would recommend Anita any day of the week.




Thanks for a great job with the Sands wedding! We love to see a full dance floor! You all were wonderful, and we appreciate your help in ensuring that everything ran so smoothly! We hope to work with you again soon. Many thanks!

-Barb and Katie-

Event Planners


My advice to everyone for the perfect wedding is to have the perfect band. Anita was so beyond anything we could have hoped for. I can't believe we had such luck on a cancellation. In addition to being so immensely talented on so many levels (I come from a family of musicians including a mother that is a voice coach) what I loved was the sense of family and how kind and interested they were in pleasing the whole crowd. They were the perfect mix of corny and cool and knew exactly how to play for the mood of the wedding. Obviously, with 7 sons, I can never be sure what will happen! My boys love to dance and are so wild, but we also had a 4 star Admiral and a Marine General as guests, so we needed to appeal to a diverse crowd. My father , a strict Baptist has never danced with my mother and didn't dance with me at my wedding, and he was on the floor for the first time. Obviously, Anita will always be special to my family! We are still getting calls and letters with compliments and inquiries about where we found the band. My next 4 son's weddings will have to work around the availability of Anita.




They were great entertainment for the new mayor's inauguration gala! It seems as though everyone had a really good time.


Deb party planner


I cannot believe I have waited so long to tell you how wonderful Anita was at our party in Miami! They were incredible!!!! seriously, the dance floor was full from the first song to the last!! I loved Cornell, Anita, and the whole band! I could not have ever found anyone or any band that would have been as professional, talented and fun to work with! They made the reception!!! Special thanks to them for letting our good friend Syd play Monkey Time! It made his day!! My only regret is that we cannot go back and recreate that night. It was magical and it flew by! I would certainly recommend Anita and ECE whenever I get the chance, and I hope to see them somewhere again soon.


Wedding, Miami FL


We loved them. They were fabulous, fun and so pleasant. I cannot say enough great things about Anita. I would highly recommend them. They kept our party going strong.


Party Planner


Anita and her group were wonderful. The guests had a blast and one girl said Anita's version of the chair up in the air dance was the finest she had ever experienced. She said it was like Marvin Gaye doing Hava Nagila. Cornell was very attentive making sure we were keeping the sound at a decibel level low enough to keep the neighbors and cops at bay but loud enough to keep it rocking. They were great about shutting down exactly on time with a great rendition of Last Dance. Their Shout was totally fun. They worked so hard to get the stage moved from the wedding sight to become the dancing sight. They pulled it off without a hitch. Thank you to you and to them for a wonderful music ending to our wonderful wedding night.


Jewish Wedding


A night to remember! All of my 400 guests were simply charmed by Anita and her band. They worked very carefully on the planning and made the night a huge success!




Thank you all so much for all of your help to make our wedding day so special. Your band was sensational, we just loved you all. Everyone had an absolute ball and cannot stop talking about ANITA!

-Hilary & Andrew-

Bride and Groom


They were great entertainment for the new mayor's inauguration gala! It seems as though everyone had a really good time. Thanks!


Mayoral Inauguration Gala


Anita kicked "tail". They were very interactive with the crowd and played a wide-variety of music. They were well worth the money. I will be happy to recommend/refer them to anyone else interested.




Anita was fabulous. We were so pleased with her band, they performed beautifully and exactly as we requested!! They made the reception so much fun!!




Anita put on an unbelievable show at our wedding on December 3, 2005. I honestly was speechless when I looked up and saw family members in their 80's dancing on the STAGE! And we (the wedding party) had just arrived at the reception- it wasn't even 9:30 yet! I couldn't believe it. I've never seen a dance floor so packed. People were actually dancing OFF the dance floor and over by the buffet stations! So many of the guests came up to us all throughout the evening asking "WHERE did you find this fabulous band?!?!". Even my 75 year old aunt with crippling arthritis was burning up the dance floor. They truly made the evening a total blast and every person that I have talked to since was just blown away by their talent and range of music that they performed.


Bride & Groom