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Paula’s fascination with music started in her toddler days… stopping in the middle of department stores, movie theaters, baseball stadiums, or wherever she heard music just to get her groove on. Through her middle school and high school years she became the kid burning everyone CDs, playing music at high school pep rallies and tailgates, and truly having an ear for music.

By the time she went to Christopher Newport University, majoring in Communication – it was no surprise Paula became a professional DJ and started working in radio. Upon graduation, Paula moved back to Richmond to continue her radio career in their promotions department as well as turning her DJ hobby into a successful and growing business. She became the resident DJ at one of Richmond’s top nightlife bars and a huge player in the wedding and corporate market.

Paula landed a job with ECE in 2017 as the Special Projects Coordinator, where she says she “wears many different hats”. Through her entrepreneurial spirit, love for music and communicative personality Paula continues to shine at ECE, guiding her clients to the perfect entertainment.

In her spare time Paula enjoys going to music festivals, seeing movies, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers with her family, and anything spontaneous!

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