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Berkley Sickler is a native of Orlando, Fl., and has a strong passion for music and live entertainment. From a very early age, she went to shows, concerts and festivals every chance she could. She fell in love with how events and live shows had the ability to connect people and found that there is magic in live entertainment.

In 2018, she earned a degree in event management from the University of Central Florida and after graduation, became an event manager for a local venue/event designer in Central Florida. Working with live entertainment was still her ultimate goal though, so after hearing about an opportunity to work for ECE and move to Raleigh, NC, she immediately knew that is what she had to do.

Now she calls Raleigh home, and she brought her knowledge and experience in the event industry with her. When she is not in the office, you can either find her with her two dogs, listening to music, or planning the next concert or show she wants to go to (most likely it being DMB). She is excited about her future with ECE and knows that she has the ability to make events memorable by finding the perfect entertainment.

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